• Decorate walls with a DIY photo gallery

    Tips for a Decorative Photo Gallery

    Create a Photo Wall in No Time

    Display Your Photos in a New Light

    How many photos have you taken and then completely forgot, leaving them lying around on your computer or phone? You don’t need a special occasion to finally print them out – select a few and decorate your walls with special moments and unforgettable memories! This DIY wall decoration is an easy way to brighten up any blank white wall in a few simple steps.

    An Original Way to Display Your Photos

    You don’t need a picture frame to show off your best photos. Even without a frame your photos will look amazing displayed in your own personal photo gallery. To make one you will need your photos printed out and a few supplies you can easily find in craft shops.

    Choosing the Right Photos

    When it comes to choosing which photos you want to use for your photo gallery, you can be as creative as you want. You can decide to use bright colour photos or elegant black and white photos or even a mix of both: put a few photos in black and white as a feature among your colour photos.

    Idea 1: A Photo Gallery on a String

    In very few steps you can create a photo gallery on a string! Simply take some string or thick thread, a few nails and some small pegs. Place the nails on the wall according to how you want to display your photos: whether in parallel or asymmetrical lines, place the nails on your wall and hang the string onto them. You can also attach the string to things already on the wall, like a shelf for example. Then all you have to do is to hang the photos on the string with the pegs and you’re done!

    DIY photo gallery on a string

    If you want your photos to really stand out on a white wall, use a white or beige string. You can also use colourful string to give a splash of colour or to create a link between the photos. Really think about the colour of your walls beforehand – which one will really make your photos stand out?

    Personalise your wall hangings with a photo gallery

    Idea 2: Easy Photo Gallery with Decorative Tape

    An easier way to display your photos is to attach them on the wall with colourful tape. Use deco tape with a geometrical or swirly pattern, with for example washi tape, the Japanese tape which is very popular among craft lovers. While you chose your tape, check that it is made of plant fibres as to make it easier take it off if you ever want to rearrange your gallery. Cut or tear off small pieces of tape and stick your photos to the wall.

    To create your display, you can arrange your photos in straight lines or in a scattered-out manner. You could also arrange your photos in a square or a heart shape and use different types of tape to make it more interesting. The modern square prints will look great whatever the design, whether simple or more fun.

    Arrange your photos on the wall easily with decorative tape

    Photo Gallery with Fairy Lights

    Create a romantic atmosphere for your photo gallery with the soft and warm light of fairy lights. Hang a thin indoor string of lights on the wall with a few nails. Arrange it in a straight line or a fun pattern. Then you can add your photos to the chain with some small pegs. Even better, find some fairy lights that already have pegs for photos and simply clip your photos to them. This could make assembling your photo gallery that much easier.

    Let Your Creativity Flow

    Make home decoration a fun experience: use colourful thread, shoelaces, small pins, pretty tape – whatever comes to mind, the sky is the limit! Turn your empty white wall into your own homemade photo gallery that will surely catch the eye!

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