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    Carry your most beautiful memories always with you

    In no other season than summer there are so many unique moments to experience and capture with family, friends or loved pets. Whether during a holiday on the beach, in the mountains or on the balcony - we will show you a simple crafting idea with ifolor photo stickers that can transform your personal memories into a brilliant eye-catcher for at home and on the road throughout the year.

    Crafting material needed for the photo keychain

    Photo keychains with ifolor photo stickers

    Keychains are not only functional everyday objects, but can also be given a very personal and stylish touch. Carry your favourite memories with you every day or give away your little summer happiness!

    Here’s what you need for a DIY keychain:

    • round photo stickers
    • wooden discs with a diameter of at least 4 cm and a hole in the upper third (bought or self-sawn)
    • key rings and carabiners
    • transparent glue (Mod Podge) for sealing
    • brush (broad)
    • additional ornaments as desired, for example:
      • pens for labeling
      • tassels
      • decorative stones 
      • acrylic colors
      • possibly scissors and glue

    Design the photo stickers online at ifolor and stick them on the wooden disc on one or both sides. If the sticker covers the hole, pierce with a needle and carefully extend the hole. Decorate the pendant according to your wishes. Use, for example, decorative stones, washi-tape or labels – there are no limits to your creativity!

    Now you have to seal your keychain with glue. Using a broad brush, apply an evenly thin layer of Mod Podge on the entire surface of the keychain and let everything dry well. Finally, attach the key ring and carabiner to the hole. Here, again you can add decorations such as tassels that match in color, as shown in our example.


    Order each motive twice if you want to make the front and back the same or give a keychain to your loved ones!

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