• Summer photo canvas as original key boards

    DIY key board from a photo canvas

    Simply make your custom key board yourself

    Everyone has them, everyone needs them and many look for them regularly: car keys, basement keys, mailbox keys, front door keys and so on. A keyboard is a great thing for having your keys at home always close at hand. As an original gift idea or for your own home - we show you how you can create your own personal keyboard out of a photo canvas.

    Crafting tools for a DIY key board

    You need: 

    • ifolor photo canvas
    • Screw hook
    • Paint colours (e.g. nail polish)
    • Ruler
    • Pencil
    • Cordless screwdriver

    Creating a photo canvas

    First, create a photo canvas that will later serve as a key board. Select a suitable format depending on how much space you have to hang up the key holder or how many keys you want to hang. It is best to use a landscape format (e.g. 20x30 cm) or a square version (e.g. 30x30 cm).

    In addition, you can choose from a variety of design templates and create a full screen or a pretty collage for your photo canvas. Beautiful family photos or a souvenir photo of the last holiday would be suitable for this.


    If you have the ifolor Designer, with the help of placeholders you can use any desired photos and text as well as clip art and frames for the design of your canvas. Thus, you have the full flexibility in the arrangement of your images.

    Converting a photo canvas to a key board

    If you ordered your photo canvas, it will arrive at your home within a few working days. Meanwhile, you can get and prepare the remaining materials.


    Use nail polish, for example, to give the screw hook a little colour. Use a matching color for the designed wall decoration or paint the hooks in different colors to give each family member a color for their key hook.

    Tightening the screw hooks into pre-drilled holes in the wooden frame.

    Now you can attach the decorated screw hooks. First, draw the drilling holes with a pencil on the bottom of the canvas stretcher. The hooks should be equally spaced and not too close together. Leave a space of at least 4 - 5 cm between each hook. It is best to use a ruler for drawing. Also, make sure that the mark is in the center of the wood so that the frame does not break when drilling.

    Then you can carefully drill the marked holes with the cordless screwdriver and a thin drill bit. Finally, all you have to do is tighten the hooks into the pre-drilled holes and your personal DIY key board is done.

    DIY Idea: Photo canvas as an original key board

    With the help of the included wall bracket, you can hang the converted photo canvas at the desired location in your home - best right next to the front door or the wardrobe.

    Have fun trying it out!

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