• Create your own designs with the help of graphics programmes

    Create wall decorations using your own designs

    Homemade works of art for your home

    Designing your own home is a very individual thing. You want to feel comfortable and secure within your own four walls and express your personality. Using homemade art and photos, there are no limits to how you can design your home. There are many easy-to-use apps and tools with which you can design and create collages quickly and without any previous experience. And with ifolor Designer, you can turn your pieces of art into photo products in no time at all.

    We will give you an overview of some of the tools you can use to turn your ideas into reality. We'll introduce you to two apps and two websites for creating your own graphics. You can show off your favourite quotes with your own pictures with the ‘Polish’ app. ‘PicsArt’ allows you to create collages of your favourite moments. In addition, you can get creative on the websites Canva.com and Fotor.com without needing any previous experience.

    Preparing your artwork

    There are some things you need to consider before you start creating your own designs.

    It is important that your image has the highest possible resolution so that you can print them in the highest quality. This is really important for large canvases or photo posters. For example, if you are creating a quote with your own picture in the background, it is best if it was taken with a camera or a good mobile phone. The larger you want your print to be, the higher the resolution should be.

    Create your own designs for your home.


    Message platforms such as Whatsapp will compress your images to save storage and data for sharing, but they are not good for high-quality printing. You can send pictures in the original quality by e-mail or on the iPhone via iMessage.

    When using photo editing tools, save your designs in JPG format. Then you can upload them to the ifolor online editor or ifolor Designer and create your photo product there.

    Create personalised designs using your mobile phone

    Create collages with your mobile phone

    A collage combines several of your favourite photos in one work of art. For example, you can display several experiences from a holiday at once. We offer many collage templates in the product creation within our app.

    Use PicsArt on your mobile to create collages

    The PicsArt app offers a free and comprehensive collage creation function. You can choose between many different templates under the ‘grid’ and then adjust, position, and post-process your photos. You can also use the ‘freeform’ function to move your images freely and arrange the images exactly how you like.


    When creating a collage, you should make sure that the pictures are well coordinated. Use images with similar colours and a common visual language. This will make your design a high-quality work of art.

    Collages turn several pictures into a single work of art.

    Design with quotes using your mobile phone

    A cool film quote or part of your favourite poem on your wall will spark up conversations with your friends and guests. The ‘Polish’ app, also found in the App Store as a ‘Photo Editor - Edit Pictures’, you can show off your favourite quote with your pictures. The application comes with a range of fonts and lots of customisation options. You can also choose and change patterns, colour gradients, and borders of the fonts to create a unique font which, together with a picture, makes your home beautiful.

    Add quotes and sayings to pictures with the Polish mobile app

    Add your design directly onto a photo product from your mobile phone

    Once you have finished your design on your mobile phone, you can upload it directly to the ifolor app. First, select your photo product in the size and shape you want. Then, simply select your design from your photo gallery, load it into the app and place your order.

    Design your own artwork on the computer

    Free tools like Canva or Fotor allow you to quickly and easily create unique designs via your browser and there is no need to download or install any programmes.

    Canva offers a huge range of free templates for collages and quotes that give you great creative freedom. From the home page go to ‘Create design’ you can create photo collages under the tab ‘Private’. In the editor window that opens, you can browse through the templates until you find one that suits you. You can also change the layout of the collages and adapt them to your own wishes.

    Create your own designs with Canva

    Under the menu item ‘Photos’ you can choose between millions of free pictures or upload your own photos (you must register first). The photo editor is free and you can choose to pay for some premium features if you want more advanced tools.

    In addition to the many collage templates and fonts, Canva offers hundreds of stickers, shapes, and borders for you to use. Click through all the categories at the beginning of your project to get a good overview of what’s there. When your creation is complete, you can download your design using the button in the upper right area of the page.

    Design your home using hundreds of design templates and your own pictures

    The tool Fotor also offers many design options. It is similar to Canva but has fewer collage templates. On the other hand, the editor is a bit better for quotes and editing images. An example of this is, a separate ‘beauty’ tab that automatically optimises your images and blemishes or red eyes are easy to remove. Under the menu item ‘Effects’ you will find many filters. We recommend the ‘Tilt-Shift’ effect, blurs the background image and makes the quote stand out even more.

    With Fotor, too, the best way is to ’learn by doing’. Take some time and familiarise yourself with the many functions. Both the websites and mobile apps are very user-friendly and have lots of interactive tips to help you.

    Editing pictures and creating designs with Fotor

    Turn your designs into products with ifolor

    Once you are happy with your designs, you can order your photo product direct from ifolor. Whether photo cushions, photo coasters, canvas or posters – there is plenty of choice of items to print your work of art on to.

    You can use the ifolor online editor directly from your browser. Directly upload your creations and order them. You can choose the format and then fine-tune it to create exactly the look you want.

    Download winter designs

    Are you looking for winter designs that will give your home a seasonal feel? You can download illustrations with pictures and sayings to use for your wall decoration.

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