• A photo display showcasing a menu of the candy “bar” at a wedding - modern style

    Decorate Your Candy “Bar” with Photo Products

    Brilliant Ideas for Buffets at Weddings and Other Celebrations

    Putting together a sweet-filled buffet is a must for any wedding or family celebration - whether as a supplement to the classic afternoon teatime, as a dessert table after dinner, as a so-called candy “bar”, or even to serve midnight snacks. A trend that originated in the U.S.A., the candy bar is becoming more and more popular at weddings. All it entails is a beautifully decorated table topped with candies, chocolates, and other sweets. You can make such a buffet more personalised and stylish by placing a photo display or digital photo in a beautiful frame next to all the delectable sweets.

    You can display a beautiful photo of the wedding couple at their wedding celebration, a wedding photo of the grandparents when celebrating their golden wedding anniversary, a photo of the whole family at a birthday celebration, or just simply the menu. Make use of our various design templates to really let your creativity run wild.

    Classic Elegance with a Photo Display

    When the other decorations of your celebration have an overall modern and clean-cut look, a photo display works perfectly. Unlike traditional picture frames, the photo display showcases a photo printed directly on a UV-resistant wooden panel and is protected by a glass plate. The surface is coated with a scratch-resistant layer of synthetic material that gives it a special feel. The sturdy stand ensures the display rests firmly on any buffet.

    Perfect for your candy bar:

    • Many various tasty treats such as cupcakes, bonbons, macaroons, and pralines
    • Bowls, containers, and plates in various shapes and sizes – give your candy bar a bit of a playful look
    • Candies in a wide array of different colours or a colour scheme that goes well with your other decorations
    • Small signs for labelling the treats

    The photo display is available in the sizes 13x18 cm or 20x25 cm or also in a panoramic format of 13x29 cm. Simply choose the size that goes best with your buffet.

    Our various designs, focusing on the theme “Love” for instance, offer you various designing possibilities: plain and simple as a full-surface photo, playful with colourful figures, classic with a colourful border, with added text, hearts, and much more.

    A candy “bar” featuring delectable morsels, wedding cake, and a photo display showcasing a portrait of the bridal couple

    Playful Style with an Old Picture Frame and Digital Photo

    If your overall decorative style is playful and romantic and you like antique picture frames or perhaps you would like to craft your own picture frame, you can check out our blog Fotos fürs Leben and get some ideas on how to make your own beautiful picture frames (only available in German).

    A beautiful picture frame sitting on a cake buffet displaying a digital photo of the bridal couple

    Search for a nice frame and print out your favourite picture or perhaps the menu card as a digital photo. We offer photo prints on premium photo paper in the formats 9, 10, 11, 13, and 20cm. They are of the upmost quality, can easily be ordered online with just a few clicks, and will be around for years to come. Depending on the size of the frame and the photo, there might be enough room left over for a passe-partout.

    Discover our new formats for your photo prints and order your digital photos as trendy retro or square prints.

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