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holiday at home

Day trip destinations in Switzerland – a holiday at home

Photo-worthy excursion destinations for the whole family

Beach holidays or city trips are great, but holidays at home can have just as much charm. It is not for nothing that Switzerland is considered one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. It offers wonderful excursion destinations for all ages and I’m going to show you some of these places today. Just between us: Postcards don't always have to come from the beach! And they're much more beautiful anyway if they’re personalised.

holiday at home

For nature lovers

Lake Partnun

Lake Partnun is located in the Partnun valley of the same name in the Grisons. The lake is pleasantly cooling on hot days. Whether as a hike or as a mountain bike tour, there is something for everyone. The valley can even be wonderfully explored with off-road pushchairs. The lake can be reached from the mountain houses in Partnun in about 25 minutes, and for the hungry among you there are also several places to build fires on the way, because the hike can be extended up to 2 hours, if you like.

More information can be found here.

On the road in Switzerland’s sun lounge

Monte Brè in Lugano is considered to be Switzerland's sunniest mountain. A cable car takes you from the outskirts of Lugano up the mountain with its panoramic views. Once you reach the summit, two restaurants with sun terraces invite you to enjoy the wonderful view. But also the walk down to the lake or Lugano pleases every nature and also art lover, as the picturesque village of Brè, which is about 20 minutes from the top station, was the residence of numerous artists like the painter Wilhelm Schmid, the sculptor Marco Prati or the Hungarian painter Joseph Birò.

Other great destinations here.

holiday at home
holiday at home

For active people

Hiking is great, but some need a little more action during their holidays. Switzerland also has a lot to offer for daredevils!

Have you ever been kayaking or canoeing? Because this sport is not just for experts. Meanwhile there are enough providers who also have tours or short basic courses in stock and kayaking is therefore also ideal and safe for children. Whether you are paddling leisurely down the Aare or at the picturesque Stein am Rhein – fun is guaranteed!

If you prefer to play it safe when it comes to action, visit a rope park. Thrills and fun are guaranteed, but thanks to the different levels and safety measures it’s suitable for the little ones too. You will often be rewarded with fabulous views in the great outdoors. It is also usually pleasantly cool and there is less risk of sunburn between the trees!

Swiss rope parks:

- Adventure Park at the Rhine Falls

- Fräckmüntegg rope park

- ROPETECH adventure park Berne

- Balmberg rope park

- Arosa rope park


Bad weather options

Even if the weather is not that great, you can still enjoy your holiday not far from home!

Escape rooms are all the rage right now. Immerse yourself in a new world and master tasks that you can only solve as a team. Various missions and puzzles lead to the goal, boosting the brain cells through play.

You can find an overview of the Escape Rooms at www.swissescape.ch


You will probably only find a greater learning effect in the Technorama – a classic Swiss excursion destination! The Technorama provides experiences with innumerable phenomena from nature and technology. It’s not just the little ones who will learn new things from everyday life, but adults will also experience one or two WOW moments. And unlike in other places, touching, playing and experimenting is a must in the Technorama!

holiday at home
holiday at home
Single greeting card with envelope

Share the fun with family and friends

During their holidays, people like to send postcards to friends and family and later they put together a great photo book from the most beautiful snapshots. Just because you’re staying at home doesn't mean you have to do without this.

And anyway: personalised greeting cards are usually much nicer than purchased ones! The funniest snapshots of the family for the grandparents or the most beautiful view for your friends. Memories are there to be shared and to spread joy.

Even a photo book can be created with the best snapshots. Collect the best, most beautiful and funniest photos all summer long and create a photo book as a memento for your kids. Or do you already have enough photos from your last day trip to fill an entire book? Then you can start right away and get creative!

holiday at home
Retro Prints with designer box

If you would like to have something different from the classic photo book, then Retro Prints are just right for you. The photos with a nostalgic frame can be designed as a cool wall collage or embellish the fridge or even flower pots! Your memory as an eye-catcher in the apartment!

holiday at home
holiday at home

Are you inspired? Then start your unforgettable holiday at home now! And by the way: thanks to our new app, designing is now even easier.


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