• Halloween decoration you can make yourself very easily

    Halloween Party

    Tips and DIY ideas for a scarily beautiful party

    October is here with its time of horror and fright. A Halloween party brings the month perfectly to an end and is the scarily beautiful highlight in autumn. To make your spooky party a complete success, the decoration should be right. We have put together a few DIY ideas for you so you can make the Halloween decoration yourself. Then you will be able to give your party an eerie charm.

    The perfect invitation

    The preparations for your perfect Halloween party already start at the location. Depending on the weather, you can either have a scary ghost party at home or a fun pumpkin party in the garden. In any case, the invitation should suit your party. With the ifolor greeting cards, you can quickly design a classy invitation card yourself. Use your own photos and get inspiration from our templates. Send the invitations in time so that each guest has enough time to find a scary costume.


    In your invitation, motivate your guests to come disguised by announcing a little surprise for each costume. The surprise could be, for example, a spooky drink or home-baked pumpkin cookies.

    Make the Halloween decoration yourself

    A fitting, scary Halloween decoration will bring the right atmosphere to your party. Here, we have put together some Halloween crafting ideas ranging from light to table decoration:

    Light – DIY ghost light chains

    To create a creepy atmosphere, you should dim the lights and hang light chains. You can clip atmospheric and scary photos onto these lights cover the cables. The trendy Square Prints are especially decorative and work perfectly for this. Even lanterns with spooky motives are suitable as a decoration and as a light source. To cover up the light bulbs of the LED light chain, you can make little ghosts out of handkerchiefs. To do this, unfold the handkerchief and cut out a hole. Now put the hole over the little lamp and paint a ghost face on the handkerchief.especially decorative and work perfectly for this

    The pumpkin – the classic of every Halloween party

    There’s no limit to your creativity when it comes to the table decoration for your Halloween party. An intricately carved pumpkin is of course part of the classic Halloween decoration. It does not always have to be a carved, scary face – even a cat or a bat can look good.

    Scary table bouquet – a highlight on the dining table

    Another decoration option is a scary table. For an especially spooky effect, it’s best to use bare branches that branch out multiple times. These can be decorated with cut-out bats, spiders, pumpkin faces, and ghosts. Then, make the bouquet stand out by putting it in a white, black or orange vase. If bare branches look too colourless to you, then add rosehip branches or willow catkins and cover them with spider webs (cotton wool).

    Halloween decoration crafting – a table bouquet with bats and spiders

    DIY decoration for glasses and tea lights

    The glasses on the table as well as tea light glasses can also be adapted to the “Halloween” theme. To do this, take a gauze bandage and wrap it messily around the glass. Make it stick to the glass with a few thin strips of double-sided adhesive tape. Now only a few eyes are missing and the mummy glass is ready! You can mark the glasses for your guests with scary photo stickers. Different, scary motives can be used here.

    Photo Coasters as table decoration or place cards

    Create ghostly Photo Coasters to add the finishing touch to your Halloween party table decoration. Use different spooky images or add your guests’ names on them to make unique place cards. Your guests can take home the custom coaster as a great reminder of the party.

    Scary buffet – recipe ideas for your party

    In this evening, even the food should be tuned to the spooky party. This is how you can stimulate the appetite of your guests and prove at the same time your attention to detail.

    Stuffed pumpkin bell peppers

    For this recipe, pick orange bell peppers and carve a scary pumpkin face. Carefully cut off the upper part of the pepper and remove the seed. Then you can cut in the face with a sharp knife. After that, fill the peppers with ground meat or a vegetarian rice-vegetable filling. Depending on the recipe, bake the peppers in the oven.

    Skewered pumpkin

    Make your carved pumpkin not only a decorative highlight, but include it in the menu. Prick your favourite fruits and vegetables on long shashlik skewers. Then stick these delicious appetizers into the pumpkin. This is how the decoration becomes a snack holder.

    Halloween crafting – even the food can look creepy

    Ghost cupcakes

    Every menu needs a sweet end. The Halloween ghost cupcakes are a perfect dessert. For this, bake your favourite chocolate muffins in a fitting muffin tin. When these are cool, place a marshmallow on the muffin and pour a little icing over it. In this way, the marshmallow will stick to the muffin. When everything has dried well, paint a small face on the ghost with liquid chocolate.

    With the right Halloween decoration and a spooky buffet, nothing stands in the way of your Halloween party.

    Have fun trying out these crafting ideas!

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