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  • Create unique engagement cards

    We’re getting married – How to create individual engagement cards

    Share the great news with your loved ones with personalised Photo greeting cards

    She said yes! Whether it's a romantic proposal or a joint decision - an engagement is an emotional and great milestone in every relationship. Many couples would like to shout it out all over the world and let all their loved ones take part in their happiness. You can do this in a wonderfully personal way with homemade engagement cards. We'll show you five ideas on how to creatively share your engagement with friends and family.


    In addition to announcing your engagement, you can also provide details about the proposal and indicate the approximate time frame of the planned wedding. If you also want to organise an engagement party, then design the engagement cards as invitations with the date and location of the party. Discover our article on the perfect party decorations. There you will find decoration ideas for a summer party.

    Individually designed engagement photos

    Idea 1: Create personal engagement cards with a collage

    Use your favourite photos of the two of you to design the engagement cards and create a whole collage that shows your love in pictures. Discover the ifolor Photo greeting cards in various formats and designs. Here you will find layouts for collages in different styles ranging from simple and modern to playful and fresh. Simply select the design you want, upload the pictures and design your very own engagement cards.


    You don’t have to design and label all of your engagement cards individually because there are many variants in a practical set of 10 including matching envelops. Write the text for the card only once, have it printed on the inside or back of the cards and personalise your engagement cards later by hand. In the ifolor folding cards, you can use both inside pages for your text which gives you plenty of space for your words.

    Creative engagement cards with DIY pendants made from Photo stickers

    Idea 2: Creative engagement cards with DIY pendants

    Combine your homemade Photo cards with a chic pendant as a romantic ornament for your engagement cards. The set of 10 simple Greeting cards or postcards 10 are best for this. Design the front of the card with a nice picture of yourself. Ideally, place the image to the left or right rather than the centre. In this way, the pendant does not cover any important details of the picture later. The same applies to the text on the back of the card: Depending on where you want to place the pendant later, it shouldn't cover the text either.

    You can easily make the pendant for the creative engagement cards with Photo stickers from ifolor. Simply design a round or rectangular Photo sticker with pictures, later stick it on nice paper (e.g. Kraft paper), then cut it out and attach it to the card with a decorative ribbon. You can also add writing to your photos using image editing tools, for example, Canva, Simply save your work as a JPG and order it as a Photo sticker.


    Do you need some inspiration for unforgettable engagement pictures? It doesn’t matter whether you will have a professional engagement shoot with a photographer or do some spontaneous snapshots yourself– here are some creative ideas for photo designs you can use to announce your engagement:

    • Before the proposal by the groom: a funny picture of hiding the ring, a photo of the purchase of the ring
    • Emotional snapshot of the proposal (best is to organise some help beforehand)
    • Funny selfie right after the proposal
    • Pictures of the ring, of putting on the ring
    • The newly engaged couple hold up a sign: “We are getting married”
    • “I Said Yes” on your hand or under a shoe
    Engagement cards with ifolor Designer: Backgrounds, clipart, text and freely placeable placeholders

    Idea 3: Create individual engagement cards with ifolor Designer

    If you want to create your own design for the engagement cards, you can download the ifolor Designer app for free and get started right away. Select your desired card model, upload your pictures and create your own layout with freely placeable picture and text placeholders, clipart, frames and backgrounds! The Designer offers you a variety of design options with which you can add that extra portion of personal charm to your engagement cards.

    Engagement cards with a photo of the proposal in various designs ranging from simple and elegant to natural and stylish.

    Idea 4: Use templates from the Online Editor

    If you want to design your engagement cards with a single photo, there are numerous designs available in the Online-Editor: simple frames and lines, floral patterns, designs with and without a text field and much more. If you can't decide, just draft two or three different cards. With your engagement picture and your text, then compare them together. If the decision is still difficult, you can simply order several designs. Depending on how many engagement cards you want to send, you can either order your designs as a set of 10 or you can opt for individual Greeting cards, the order quantity of which you can easily adjust later in the shopping cart.


    Do you want to really surprise your bride with your proposal? We have collected a few creative ideas for the Perfect Marriage Proposal.

    Pictures of the engagement shoot as Booklet for the family and closest friends.

    Idea 5: A different kind of announcement – Booklet with beautiful engagement pictures

    An especially creative idea to announce your engagement is to create a small Booklet of your engagement pictures. If the proposal was captured in pictures or if you did a small engagement shoot, the Booklet is the ideal way to preserve these unforgettable moments and share them with your loved ones. The Booklet is created in no time with the help of the ifolor app: simply download the app, place 20 photos or more in the mini Photo book and your engagement Booklet is ready to be given to friends and family as a gift.

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