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  • Individuelle Foto-Weihnachtsgeschenke fĂĽr den Partner

    Surprising Christmas photo gifts
    for your partner

    Give your loved ones a treat this Christmas!

    As the temperatures drop outside, the annual question of Christmas gifts also creeps up on us, slowly but surely. It's particularly important to put something personal and unique under the Christmas tree for your partner.

    Here are some photo gift ideas that will definitely surprise your partner this year!

    Personalised photo calendar for spending time together

    Planning dates might not sound very romantic at first, but with a family calendar from ifolor, you can combine useful information with beautiful family photos and shared memories – making planning much more fun! There are five columns where you can enter appointments for all the different family members and always have an overview of what's coming up. Each month offers the opportunity to add three great snapshots. There are also seven different templates to choose from that you can customise with your own photos to make it an even more personalised Christmas gift.

    Or you can choose your 12 highlights of the year and use them to create a great photo calendar. That way, you will be able to see your best moments together month after month! The monthly calendar is not only available in several formats, but also leaves room for a personalised cover page with a small dedication.

    ifolor Smartphone Cover

    Mobile phone cover with photo

    According to studies, we reach for our mobile phones almost 100 times a day. And your partner will think about you just as often if you give them a personalised smartphone case for Christmas.

    Just select the model you want – the mobile phone cover is available for all popular iPhones or Samsung smartphones. Now choose a template and arrange your favourite photos on the case. There are various design options, and you can even choose whether the cover should be matt or glossy. Be inspired and choose a photo of you, the two of you as a couple, or a Christmas theme!

    Great photo puzzle for colder days

    When the days get colder, you usually feel less like going outside. We have the ideal gift to make sure that it doesn't get boring at home! Our photo puzzle is a fun idea for a creative and playful gift. You can use various design templates to create your own personalised puzzle with 50, 196, 500, 1000 or 1500 pieces. To make doing the puzzle even more fun, you can hide the picture template so that your partner only sees at the end which beautiful, great or funny moment you have chosen as a motif! A little tip: the larger puzzles also look great framed on the wall.

    Booklet with shared experiences

    We take thousands of snaps on our smartphones over the year. Whenever we have funny, social or romantic moments, we grab our camera phone to capture the memory. Before those photo gems disappear into oblivion, you can create a booklet directly on your smartphone. Just choose your favourite images in the app and have them printed as this little Christmas gift. Here are detailed instructions.

    You can design the booklet easily as a review of the year, creating a colourful mix of photos and moments that you can keep forever. Or you can choose a theme – for example, your wedding anniversary or a great holiday together!

    And the best thing is that the ifolor booklet will already be sent to you in a neat gift box. All you have to do is put it under the Christmas tree for your partner!

    If you'd like to take a little more time to create a more extensive photo book, or if you have experienced something very special this year, such as a long trip, then it is definitely worth creating an ifolor photo book. Whether you opt for the deluxe version or the photo book with premium photo paper, ifolor offers countless options for creating your personalised photo book.


    Would you like to make it a very special gift this year? Create new memories together with a couple's photo shoot and then create your photo book!

    Give a photo blanket as a gift

    Obviously, you will want your home to be decorated appropriately. So, it makes sense to try something new! Why not give your partner a cuddly photo blanket for Christmas? The microfibre fleece blanket is fully printable, machine washable and will look eye-catching on any sofa or bed.

    Not only can you choose from three convenient sizes, you can also select several of your best snapshots to create a cool collage. Ideal for cuddling up and drinking tea on those cold winter days!


    For that special cuddle factor, you can also design a cool photo cushion to match the photo blanket! Printable on both sides, it is suitable for adding a picture AND a sweet message to your partner.

    Wall decoration as an eye-catching feature in your home

    If you need a nice picture in your home, we recommend a nice photo for the wall as a cool eye-catching feature. The material you choose is a matter of personal taste, and obviously also depends on the decorations you already have.

    Your photos will look very classy as a Gallery Print. The combination of aluminium and acrylic glass makes the colours appear particularly intense.

    Or you can choose the HD metal print. The high-resolution printing process will make your images look particularly sharp on the thin metal plate.

    Whatever material you finally decide on, your partner is certain to be delighted to have a shared photo as a wall decoration at Christmas!

    Photo tin for Christmas cookies

    Christmas is the classic time to bake delicious Christmas cookies. All the better then to already have suitable storage for them! Round, square, or even heart-shaped – we have every shape you could wish for! The lid can be printed with your favourite photo, and this multi-purpose storage container will also, of course, be a practical companion in your home after the Christmas season. Your partner will be even happier if you have already filled the tin with delicious homemade cookies!

    With so many great options, you’re now spoilt for choice. So, what are you going to get your partner for Christmas this year?

    And if you still haven’t found what you’re looking for: have a look at our gift guide and be inspired by our other ideas!

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