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    A “Happy Birthday” with a difference!

    Usually, a birthday card is the cherry on top of every birthday gift – we use them not only to wish our loved ones all the best but also to look back on a shared memory together and remind people why they are an important part of our lives. But sometimes a picture says more than words ever can. Design an entirely personal birthday card for your loved ones featuring your most cherished memoriestoday!

    ifolor birthday card

    Today I’ll show you how you can design a personal and individual birthday card with the help of the ifolor Editor. This method is not only fast and easy; it also saves you the time that you would have spent searching for the perfect design – since you create it yourself!

    Finding that special memory

    Pick out the right photos! Holiday snaps, childhood memories and just anything that means something to you and the person celebrating their birthday.From the “Photo greeting cards” tab on ifolor, you can pick out the product that suits you best.

    My recommendation:

    I personally always choose the folded maxicard. The size of this is ideal and offers plenty of space for your design. Once folded out, it measures 42x29.7 cm and therefore has enough space for you to write down everything you want to say to your loved ones.

    ifolor birthday card

    Then select a landscape or portrait orientation and the layout type that you want. One of my favourites is the variable collage layout! The images are randomly placed in different sizes and shapes, so that the card has a cool collage look.

    Customising your card

    The ifolor Editor is easy to use. You can upload your photos and add them to the layout at the click of a button. In the variable collage layout, the photos are arranged randomly, but you can also swap the photos around just as you like.

    ifolor Editor
    ifolor Editor

    The best thing to do is simply try it out for yourself! And a little tip: if you don’t like the randomly generated layout, simply click on “Shuffle” at the top of the page to create a new one.

    ifolor Editor

    In addition to photos that evoke a memory, I often also use photos with a birthday greeting or funny birthday-related design to give the whole thing a more celebratory feel. All four pages can be designed as you like, but I like to leave one or two out so that I can add a handwritten message later – or even stick on a small memento such as concert tickets or something like that!

    ifolor birthday card
    ifolor birthday card

    Writing and sending your card

    Whether it’s a personal story, a poem or just a simple “All the best” – writing a handwritten greeting gives every card a much more personal touch.

    And this is not only the case for birthday cards! Why not pass on a sweet greeting card to celebrate Easter? Or how about for Christmas? You could also simply design a card just to make your loved ones happy and show them how much they mean to you.

    ifolor greeting cards can also be ordered at the last minute! After you’ve designed and ordered your card, it will be delivered within two to three days – saving you from having to trudge round the shops to look for one.

    Samira Hammami

    Samira Hammami

    Samira is actually an art history student, but she has always had a passion for writing. It all started with small blog articles about her biggest hobby: traveling.
    Now she writes about all sorts of creative aspects of life, and for some time she has also been supporting ifolor with her articles. Because she is most drawn towards reporting she is especially happy to be starting a master degree course in Cultural Journalism in September.

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