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  • Create a photo book with the ‘best of’ family pictures of the year

    ‘Best of’ Family Moments

    The photo book with your family memories from the past year!

    The days are getting shorter, outside it's getting colder, the year is slowly but surely coming to an end. It’s time to make yourself cozy at home! Surely many great family moments have accumulated over the year, which you could capture in snapshots. Present them in a family album and create your personal photo book with the "Best of Moments" of your year today!

    Preserve memories in your photo book: father and child reding a book together

    Experiencing new things every day – see the year through your children's eyes

    A year can be a long time, especially for a growing child. As parents you try to capture all the moments you have in your life in order to review them at the end of the year or in 20 years' time.
    The first time skiing, the first holiday on the beach or the new class after the summer holidays – many new impressions and memories, which are also shaped by family members. Everyday situations are also worth remembering, such as reading a story in the evening or baking biscuits for grandparents. In retrospect, it is precisely these moments that are worth capturing and maybe even immortalising as a photo book.

    Memories: Having fun climbing a tree during a walk

    ‘Best of’ Family Moments - your personal highlights of the year

    Instead of your children’s first times, why not capturing your personal favourite moments or the shared highlights of your family in the photo book? Birthdays, weddings, concerts, school graduations or your first day at work are typical milestones that should be added to the best of family moments.

    To include every small and very personal highlight, involve the whole family in collecting all experiences and photos. Simply ask each family member what they think should be included in the photo book. Decide together which moments are worth remembering. What may seem trivial to some, such as photos of Sunday afternoon walk, may be important to others.

    But all options are also open in terms of design too. However, it is often worth building up the "best of" chronologically, especially as one can, for example, record a child’s development during the course of the year. Maybe your child didn't dare go into the water before the summer and is now a total water baby? Or your offspring had the jitters before their first day of school but has now made many new friends? You usually don’t notice these kinds of key moments until much later.

    The perfect photo book for your ‘Best of’ Family Moments

    Thanks to ifolor, you can choose between different versions and formats for your very special photo book. Whether you choose Photo Book Deluxe or Premium Paper, both options are perfect for your ‘Best of the year’. You can choose between different formats and decide on the finish too (premium photo paper, matt or glossy). The Photo Book Deluxe can have up to 132 and the Premium paper up to 120 with plenty of space for all your special moments and little anecdotes of your experiences.

    Memories: having fun baking cookies with dad

    And the best thing? Both can be ordered in an optional high-quality gift box! You either already have a great ready-to-go Christmas present for grandparents or family members, or you can use the box as storage for your ‘best of’ family photo album. And who knows, one day you might have your own little family library made up from of personal photo books.

    Did you know?

    You can easily design your ifolor products using the ifolor app now and order them right away! Create in no time a booklet of your favourite moments of the year. Simply download the iforlor app, load your photos and place them automatically or manually in the mini photo book. It`s easy and super fast!

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