• Visualize business ideas with the self-adhesive photo poster

    Use the Adhesive Photo Poster in Your Job

    Visualizing Your Ideas

    Amidst the hectic of everyday work, the adhesive poster is just the right thing for you! Support your talks and meetings with graphics, or design menus, motivational sayings or feel-good posters. In no time you will have all the important information ready and be able to convince your clients and colleagues with your visual impressions. Let yourself be surprised by the multitude of possible uses and designs.

    You can visualize your idea with the ifolor Designer within a few minutes. The poster can be designed and ordered as a business poster in no time. All you have to do is upload your graphics, insert text elements and place them using drag and drop – then your adhesive photo poster is ready!

    Various applications for the adhesive photo poster

    The adhesive photo poster made of recycled polyester is very convincing because of its practical application and flexible reusability.

    • sticks to almost any surface
    • can be attached without nails or magnets
    • can be removed without any residue
    • can be used multiple times
    • high print quality with a convincing colour experience

    It’s perfect for graphically illustrating on your poster what is important for your business or your job.

    Visual support for meetings and presentations

    No more annoying magnetic boards or flipcharts: Using an adhesive poster, you can make an impression at meetings, presentations or seminars. Convince your colleagues by showing a graphic illustration of your ideas or goals. Text elements as well as graphics can be placed on the poster with the ifolor Designer in no time and thus will highlight your talk. You can also use speech bubbles or clip arts to loosen things up. Once you’ve finished your presentation, you can remove the poster in no time and reuse it for the next presentation.

    Here are some ideas for what items you can visualize graphically on your poster:

     quarterly figures

    • company goals
    • concepts
    • project planning (time line, budget plan, resource plan)

    Presenting your works in an exhibition

    Artists and photographers have to present their works constantly to get attention. Whether you’re at an exhibition or a vernissage – on a self-adhesive photo poster you can display your works in high print and colour quality and thus convince your clients. Whether you’re using graphic design or photo shoots – the poster works great for all picture motifs and is available in different formats. The organizer will also be delighted with your practical exhibits: a time-consuming installation is not necessary for your adhesive poster.

    A self-adhesive photo poster is great as a quickly replaceable menu

    Designing an individual menu or special-deal menu

    If you want to present recurring or seasonal special-deal offers in your restaurant or café, you can make use of the adhesive photo poster. You can have your menu printed on the recycled photo poster in high print quality, and mount it to the walls of your restaurant or café in no time – and also easily replace it if your menu changes. Make sure that the font is legible and large enough so people can read it from a distance.

    Visualize your company goals with the adhesive photo poster

    Visualizing the company principles

    Use the photo poster to motivate your employees and to visualize the company principles. What is your company committed to? Whether you are committed to sustainability or diversity in your company – many elements of your company’s Corporate Social Responsibility are perfect for illustration. In this way, the employees will get to know the company philosophy and will be motivated to also work for it.

    If you want to visualize more concrete company goals for the quarter or year, these should of course not be visible to every customer in the hallway – but for the employees. If mounted in the right place, they can ensure a higher level of motivation and an increased team spirit.

    A self-adhesive motivational poster for your sports club or association

    Motivating your members in the sports club

    Couch potatoes need motivation. Design a stylish motivational poster for your sports club. You can mount this directly at the entrance or on the walls of the training rooms. Motivational sayings in particular give your members the kick to persevere and outgrow themselves. The walls of your sports club will remain undamaged and just feel free to decorate the facilities with inspirational motifs.

    Presentation and information at trade fairs

    Things must be done quickly at trade fair and information booths: It would be practical if you could put up and remove your information material in a matter of seconds. The adhesive photo poster will support your planning as you will be saving time while assembling and dismantling. You can reuse the poster several times for the next trade fairs. Whether you’re at a job or a trade fair – displaying a beautifully designed poster, you will be drawing trade fair visitors’ attention to you and thus will stay in their memory.


    Be sure to place the company name and contact info on the poster in such a way that they come out large enough so they can be recognized and photographed from a distance.

    The adhesive photo poster in the office

    Both new and long-term employees are not always clear about the responsibilities of their colleagues. How about portraying them on the adhesive poster using an organization chart? The company structure will then be quickly apparent, you will get the right face for every name and special positions such as fire prevention officers or company first-aiders will be quickly noted. Thanks to the practical adhesive surface on the back of the poster, you can hang the poster in a clearly visible place in your office in no time.

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