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Wall decorations Wall decorations

Your memories, your artwork. Your memories, your artwork.

All wall decorations at a glance:

Mini Wall Decoration

  • Available in 4 practical formats
  • Impressively stable yet light
  • Convenient magnetic wall mount
  • Material: Alu-Dibond
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The Mini Wall Décor brings the trendy collage look to any apartment
without needing to drill any unsightly holes. Not only that: thanks to
the practical magnetic wall mount, you can swap or rearrange your
pictures whenever you like. Decorating your wall has never been so much fun!

Adhesive Photo Poster

  • Adheres to almost all surfaces
  • Can be attached and removed without additional materials
  • Versatile and reusable
  • Great image quality
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The easiest poster: attach it without additional materials and remove it effortlessly. This self-adhesive poster sticks to all everyday surfaces and brightens up any wall.

Photo canvas

  • Genuine wooden stretcher frame including two wall hangers
  • NEW: Many new formats
  • NEW: Also available as 40x60 cm high multi panels
  • Inclusive wall mounts and assembly instructions
  • Rich colours, no reflection thanks to the special canvas structure
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Put a masterpiece on your wall: Namely your photo. Printed on real photo canvas and mounted on a genuine wooden stretcher frame you create gallery atmosphere at your home! Choose from different design template and create your personal photo canvas online now!

Delivery time: 5 working days

HD Metal Print

  • High resolution printed metal sheet
  • Pre-assembled wall bracket
  • Totally unique visual effect
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Discover your most beautiful pictures in “High Definition” with the new HD metal print. An ultra-thin, specially coated metal sheet is printed on using a high resolution sublimation process. The result is bright colours that guarantee an impressive first-class effect. The wall bracket is pre-assembled and creates a gap between your wall and the HD metal print that is not visible from the front. As a result, your photo seems to be floating on the wall. It looks unique and is amazing – see for yourself!

Delivery time: 6 working days

Gallery Print

  • Aluminum and acrylic glass combined
  • NEW: Many new formats
  • NEW: Also available as 40x60 cm high multi panels
  • Inclusive wall mounts and assembly instructions
  • Bright and elegant
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The noble Gallery Print lends a fancy character to your home. Your photo is printed onto an acrylic glass plate and bonded to an aluminium composite sheet. As a result, your photo is full of bright colours, spatial depth and high brilliance. This makes any photo and any wall a very individual item! Create your personal Gallery Print online now!

Delivery time: 6 working days

Acrylic glass plate

  • Acrylic glass plate
  • NEW: Many new formats
  • NEW: Also available as 40x60 cm high multi panels
  • Special wall mounts and assembly instructions included
  • Floats on the wall thanks to the special wall bracket, slightly transparent – extremely vivid
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Your photo on an acrylic glass plate gives brilliance to your wall. Thanks to the special wall mounting provided, your picture seems to float on the wall. This will grant a three-dimensional impression to the viewer. Order your photo printed on an acrylic glass plate online now! NEW! Formats 20x30 cm and 30x40 cm

Delivery time: 6 working days

Aluminium Dibond

  • Aluminium composite sheet
  • NEW: Many new formats
  • NEW: Also available as 40x60 cm high multi panels
  • Inclusive wall mounts and assembly instructions
  • No reflection – matt and elegant
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In style - your photo on your wall, matt-printed on an aluminium composite sheet which is characterised by low weight and high stability. Thus, it can be easily lifted and mounted to the wall. A photo printed on aluminium does not need a frame or covering glass - it has a direct effect. Order your personal photo online now! NEW! Formats 20x30 cm and 30x40 cm

Delivery time: 6 working days

Photo poster

  • NEW: Many new formats
  • NEW: Also available as 40x60 cm high multi panels
  • 8-colour inkjet printing
  • High-gloss paper
  • Unique effect – top value for money
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Print your favourite memories and moments with an individual photo poster that you can design online very simply. In lots of formats: square, portrait and landscape format. Printed with the latest 8-colour inkjet technology for the best brilliance. Turn your wall into a reflection of everything that you love, and express your creativity and imagination.

Delivery time: 4 working days

Wall display

  • Frameless wooden board
  • Available in various sizes
  • Mounting grooves on the back
  • Scratch-resistant and UV-proof plastic seal
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It is not only the impressive format that catches the eye - the frameless presentation and the special plastic coating gives the wall display a very vivid appearance and gives a special touch to every room. Create your personal wall display online now and embellish your walls!

Delivery time: 6 working days

Floater frames

  • The perfect upgrade for your photo canvas
  • Real wood frame with shadow gap – unique effect
  • Available in black and white
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Refine your photo canvas with the new floater frame. It frames your photo canvas perfectly – guaranteeing a unique effect. The new floater frame is available for all canvas sizes either in black or white. Your photo canvas is inserted to fit the real wooden frame exactly. The gap between the canvas and frame, the shadow gap, makes the photo canvas look bigger and 3D. A real eye-catcher for your home!


Delivery time: 5 working days

Multi-photo wall decoration

  • Three parts of the format 40x60 cm
  • Spectacular effect for your panorama pictures
  • Unique possibility for extra large images
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Our wall decorations are also available as multi-photos. If you would like to display one of your favourite photos or a panorama picture on your walls in a particularly large format, you can create a multi-photo wall decoration. Three parts of the 40x60 cm format of an ifolor wall decoration together form a spectacular multi-photo.

The most popular ifolor wall decorations

Classic, natural and vibrant

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Elegant, timeless and vibrant

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A varied selection of formats for your ifolor wall decorations

Design your personal wall decoration without being restricted in your choice of format. Whether it’s square, landscape or portrait, even creating a multi panel display yourself is child’s play with our ifolor Designer. Be inspired and create your unique gallery wall by combining different formats and photos with each other.


Your photo as a multi panel wall decoration

Our wall decorations are also available as multi panels. If you want to show off your favourite photos or a panoramic photo in real style on your walls, why not create a multi panel wall decoration. The ifolor wall decoration’s three 40 x 60 cm format panels make a spectacular multi panel display together.


Inspiration for your wall decoration

Although the right wall decoration is not a science how about a bit of inspiration for your own four walls? You photos are capable of much more. Mounted in a combination of formats as a gallery wall or even just in the right place – there are lots of options to get more out of your wall decoration. For example, the right photo detail is the first step for a wonderful wall decoration.

The best tips for your wall decoration

You can find the most helpful tips on the ABC of ifolor wall decorations here. We show you how you can make anything out of your great photos and how easy it is to create a wall decoration.

Hanging your wall decoration up correctly

The different ifolor wall decorations can be mounted really easily on the wall. We show you how you can hang the HD Metal Print, Gallery Print, Aluminium Dibond and acrylic glass up on your walls.

The right photo detail for the perfect wall decoration

Your wall decoration is particularly impressive if you choose the right photo detail for it. Your wall decoration instantly looks quite a bit better with the right photo detail.

For your own four walls


We show you lots of inspiration for your own four walls in our blog. We show you how you can create your wall decoration, combine different wall decoration formats with each other and the best way to mount and present your wall decoration. Be inspired by the many ifolor wall decoration options.

For any occasion

Individual gift ideas and inspirations

Discover personalized gifts and design tips for occasions such as Wedding, Pet Day, Sport Events, Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas, den the year in review, Mothersday, Baby & Birth, Birthday, Travel, New Year and a simple thank you.

Frequently asked questions about wall decorations

What kind of materials can I choose from when ordering wall décor?

ifolor's wall decorations come in a wide variety of designs. Using modern methods, we print your photos on to various materials best suited to impressively bring out the very best of your photos in their fullest, richest colours.

For our HD Metal Print we use a special metal plate for high-resolution photos. The Aluminium Dibond is made of an aluminium composite sheet; your print will appear without reflexion on a matte surface. For the Gallery Print, we use acrylic glass mounted to an aluminium panel, accentuating your photos charmingly. Alternatively, you can order the simple Acrylic Glass Plate, which seems to float on the wall thanks to a special wall mount.

The Photo Canvas combats reflection using a special structure, canvas on a real wood stretcher frame. The striking ifolor Photo Poster is printed on a high-gloss paper and presents your photos in a rich array of colour. For a particularly gorgeous effect, we also offer the Wall Display for which we use a frameless wooden board. Using a special seal, it is protected against UV exposure and scratches.

Which formats can I choose for my wall décor?

To best suit any habitation and image, our wall décor is available in 13 different formats. From the smallest 20x30cm to an imposing 75x100cm, you have a wide variety of choices at your fingertips, whether in landscape or portrait formats. Square formats in various sizes are also available to you. Create a striking triptych at home by having your 40x60 cm wall décor printed over three pieces of identical size. This is not, however, possible for HD Metal Prints or the Wall Display.

Are the matching wall mounts and hangers included in the order?

For several of our wall décor products, you will need a particular kind of wall mount to most effectively show off your photo in your home. As such, certain special mounts and their instructions are included in your order for, as examples, the Acrylic Glass or Aluminium Dibond products. Other products have pre-attached mounts or include necessary pieces, allowing you to assemble and mount the product yourself. On the Wall Display you will find hanging notches on the backside of the product on which you can hang it easily, not unlike a picture frame.

How many photos can be used for one wall décor product?

When designing your wall decoration, you have the option to add as many photo and text placeholders as you like. However, you shouldn’t overwhelm your product with photos—you want to be able to see them at their best. When designing, you will be offered a wide variety of layouts and displays for your wall décor. Regardless of which variety of product, you can create something in a classic style with one full photo or, using a different layout, with multiple photos.

Can I hang my decoration outdoors as well?

All wall decorations made of acrylic glass, metal, or aluminium are easy to clean and can easily tolerate a little bit of water or dust. When choosing a place to hang your product, however, you should avoid direct sunlight or rain, to preserve the colours of your product as long as possible. Covered balconies and terraces or walls with a canopy are the best places to display your wall décor. Photo Canvases, Posters, and the wooden Wall Display are not at all to be used outside, as the materials are easily eroded.

Design high-quality wall decorations really easily on your own with ifolor

How to create your personal wall decoration with ifolor