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  • Postcard created by the ifolor Postcard App for iOS

    iPhone Postcard App

    Preparation of postcards with the ifolor iOS postcard app

    Sending out greetings during your travels is not always so easy. Most people would rather send their friends and family back home a more personalised greeting that just the typical touristy postcards with their impersonal photos on the front. Also, depending on where you’re on holiday, it can take weeks for the postcards to arrive in the post. It can be aggravating to have your friends and family know you were thinking of them during your holiday long after you’re already back home.

    With the ifolor postcard app you can order your own individualised postcards designed with your own photos in the blink of an eye - fast international shipping is also already included in the price.

    You can find detailed information about our free postcard app here or in the App Store.

    The Postcards

    With the postcard app, you can order postcards in the classic format of 15 x 10.7 cm or panorama postcards in 20 x 10 cm format. The postcards are made of high-quality and robust 285 g/m2 paper. The double-sided glossy surface also gives your postcards a great feel.

    How the Postcard App Works

    The app is very simple and intuitive to use. When you’d like to order a postcard, just open the app on your iPhone and touch the red “+” in the overhead menu. Then you’ll have the ability to choose between either a classic or panorama postcard. Once you’ve chosen your preferred format, you can select which template you’d like to use for your postcard. There are over 30 different design templates for you to choose from: from a full-surface print or a collage with text fields to creative seasonal templates. Just select the template you like most - should you change your mind while designing, it’s very simple to go back and change the template while creating your postcards.
    Templates for postcard design with one or more images
    Afterwards, just choose which photo(s) you’d like to use for your postcard. The app can access photos directly from your iPhone. You can also connect the app to your Dropbox or Facebook account to use those photos. Regardless of the number of photo fields in your chosen template, you can select up to 10 photos to use for your postcard.

    Design Options for Your Postcards

    Editing the Front Side of the Postcard

    Placing and Arranging Photos

    The app will automatically place your selected photos into the template’s photo field(s). Of course you’ll have the option to rearrange the photos. Just place your finger on an image and hold it down for at least one second. Now you can move the photo where you wish: either into another photo field or under the postcard, which will remove the photo from the template.

    Taking photos into the template is easy with the placeholders
    ifolor iOS App template front side
    On the right side (in landscape format) or underneath your postcard (in portrait format) you’ll find all of your selected photos. If you’d like to add more photos, simply tap on the red camera symbol on the bottom. Next to the camera symbol you’ll see an organiser. If you tap this, you can give your postcard a name, which will make keeping your postcards in order much easier after creating multiple postcards. You can also turn on/off the automatic image optimisation.

    Editing Photos

    In order to edit your photos, just double tap the one you’d like to edit. This will automatically bring you to your iPhone’s photo-editing mode that you are already familiar with. Here you can rotate and crop your photo. You’ll also have several filters available which you can use to make your postcards that much more expressive. Should you no longer want to use a certain filter, you can easy remove the filter by tapping on it again.

    Fotos können mit der ifolor App für Postkarten direkt mit Effekten versehen werden


    Some templates offer text fields on the front side to add your own personal greetings. Tapping on the text field will open the text-editing function. Then you can add your own greetings - it’s also possible to use emoticons.

    In the “styles” area, you can find further editing options - besides the normal options of font style and size, you can also adjust the font colour and alignment (right, centre, left) as well as things like bold/italics, etc.

    Designing the Rear Side of the Postcard

    Text and Drawings

    Now that you’ve designed the front side of your personalised postcard, all that’s left to do is add some vacation greetings. Just double tap on the postcard’s text field and write your personal message. Adding text to the rear side of the card is just as described above.

    ifolor iOS App Text
    ifolor iOS App back side

    You also have the option of adding drawings to your greetings. You can use this function to add a handwritten signature or even small icons. Why not spruce up your message with a hand-drawn sun or a cheeky smiley?

    It might take a bit of practice to get the hang of the drawing function. But have no fear: you can always undo your last action by tapping the back arrow located on the left or delete the whole drawing by tapping on the rubbish bin symbol located on the right. You can also change the colour of the drawing by clicking on the colourful circle in the middle.

    Personalised Stamp

    One highlight of the postcard app is the individualised stamp. Simply tap the stamp field and choose a photo from your camera stream. The photo can also easily be edited with your phone’s photo editing tools, e.g. rotate, crop, or filters, and then it’s all ready to be used as a stamp. This will make your postcard that much more one-of-a-kind!


    Now all you have to do is choose a recipient for your completely personalised postcard. You can either conveniently use one of your contacts directly from your iPhone or manually type in the recipient and address yourself. You can choose up to 9 recipients per postcard. This makes it easy to send your postcard to the whole family with hardly any effort.

    The last step is to send off your order. Just add your billing information and choose your preferred method of payment. You can pay by invoice, PayPal, or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). You’ll also have the option to enter in a gift voucher code before ordering should you have one.

    And… voila! In just a few easy steps you’ve created your own individualised postcard with your own photos! You’re sure to please your loved ones since they’ll have their postcards in just a few days.

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