• Creative holiday photos – Take holiday photos in a different way

    Creative photo ideas for your holiday greetings

    6 photo tips for unique postcard motifs

    Everybody knows how to take the same holiday photos: Selfies on the beach, landscapes on the alp or a quick snapshot in front of a famous building. In order for your holiday photos to be as unique as your trip, here are six ideas on how to bring your holiday to life in a creative and uniquely way.


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    Doing something different with photo frames - Using picture frames as a tool

    To give structure to the picture and focus the viewer on the essentials, it is always advisable to look for natural frames and leading lines in the landscape. How about a real photo frame? Use it to properly frame people or eye-catching landscape formations. In order to do this, hold the picture frame in your hand or place it in the landscape and adjust the focus of the camera accordingly. Finally, cut the picture and get a unique holiday photo.

    Keep an eye for details - playing with the camera focus

    Snapshots of important buildings or beautiful landscapes adorn each Photo book. To bring fresh air into your photo gallery, pay attention to the details. Put an interesting object in the foreground and make, for example, your fellow travelers somewhat blurry in the background. In this way, you make your vacation photos more interesting and the viewer has more to discover. To achieve this effect, you must focus the camera on the subject in the foreground and open the aperture. In this way, the background blurs and the foreground remains sharp.

    Silhouettes - skillfully using backlight and shadow

    Especially the early morning hours and the sunset light immerse a landscape in a soft light, which is ideal for photos. If you don’t want to end up taking the same sunset photos over and over, try using the soft backlight for a silhouette. In order for you create a silhouette effect, the sun must stand low. Place your desired motif directly in front of the sun to take advantage of the backlight. This creates a beautiful and interesting silhouette photograph.

    Mirror, mirror – capture reflections creatively

    Reflections are formed everywhere there is water accumulation: in the ocean, on lakes, in a puddle or even in a raindrop. If it did not rain and you still want to use this effect for your photo, then use your sunglasses as an aid. Mirrored sunglasses are best suited for this purpose. When you take the shot, be sure to focus properly and choose an angle at which the camera can capture the reflection. The result is a multi-layered photo that gives the viewer great pleasure.

    The picture in the picture - combining Polaroids and holiday photos

    The instant camera is a popular holiday companion. The pictures are developed quickly and easily, and the fun to experiment with them is great. But it is even better to connect your two favorite cameras. For the picture-in-picture effect, simply combine two pictures with similar or even the same motif. The best effect is achieved if the instant picture contains the motif and you replace it in the photo with the Polaroid picture. In this way, you can make your instant picture shot more multi-layered and immediately share it with your friends.


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    Do not be afraid of the water - capture moments authentically

    No matter if there is sun, rain, snow, wind or waves - use the weather conditions to your advantage. Each type of weather brings unique moods and motifs. Selfies in the water are especially authentic on vacation. Especially at the ocean, splashing in the waves is the most fun. The right equipment keeps water away from your smartphone or camera, so it's worth taking a quick dip in the cool water.

    If you have these six creative photo ideas, nothing can stand in the way of your unique holiday photos. Using the ifolor app you send them directly as a real printed postcard to friends and family. In this way, you create very personal holiday greetings that are guaranteed to provide joy. Have fun trying them out.



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