A photo book is a personal gift – check out 12 different ideas

A photo book is a personal gift

– check out 12 different ideas

A photo book can bring joy or comfort, be silly or even help you pop the question. It's a personal gift. Save these unique gift ideas for later!

A photo book is a unique gift in many ways. It’s a great gift for every occasion and every person, no matter what their age. Whether you want to remember your grandparents on Christmas, your godchild on their confirmation day or a colleague at their farewell party, a photo book is guaranteed to make people happy.

You can personalize your photo book based on what you or the recipient likes. The result is a unique, customized gift that you can’t get anywhere else. Thanks to high-quality printing, the memories preserved in your photo book will be kept alive even from one generation to the next. .

Inspiring ideas for photo book gifts

You can create a photo book on just about any theme. Here’s a list of photo book ideas that you may not have thought of before. Could one of these be the topic of your next photo book, either to give as a gift or to keep for yourself?

Family history book

Gift your family members a photo book that tells the history of your family over several generations. Include photos and stories that transport the reader from the past into the present. A family history book is also a great gift for other close relatives. The book will also be a meaningful keepsake for future generations.

Proposal book

Are you looking for a creative proposal idea? A marriage proposal wrapped in a photo book is a surprise your partner will not expect. Collect photos of special moments you have shared in the book and pop the magic question on the last page. You can be sure this book will be one of the most beautiful chapters of your love story.

Photo book for a retiring colleague

Photo book for a retiring colleague

A photo book is an emotional way to remember and celebrate a retiring colleague. Collect photos and memories from their career in the photo book. Greetings and wishes from other colleagues will make the book even more touching.

Comfort book for tough times

Is someone you know feeling low? How about surprising them with a photo book that offers consolation and words of encouragement as they are going through a rough patch? You can include photos and stories that remind them of moments of joy, strength and hope. Remember to be sensitive to the person’s situation when choosing the contents.

Book that shows you care

You can surprise your loved ones with a photo book at any time, not just special occasions and celebrations. A photo book is a great way to express your love and caring for the most important people in your life. Add photos of moments you have spent together in the book and tell the recipient how much they mean to you.

Photo book of shared adventures

Did you spend an eventful summer with a friend? Did it include trips or new hobbies? Celebrate your friendship with a photo book of the best bits from your adventures together.

Honeymoon book

Your honeymoon is one of the most memorable holidays you will take in your life. Give your spouse a photo book as a gift that features photos of romantic dinners, breathtaking sunsets, walking hand in hand and other shared moments from your honeymoon. This gift will ensure that the best moments of your honeymoon remain forever in your memory.


Expression of love to your parents

Expression of love to your parents

Having trouble finding a gift for your parents? Whether it’s for Father's Day, Mother’s Day, a birthday or a wedding anniversary, a photo book is an excellent way to show your parents how much you love and appreciate them. Select photos from all stages of your parents’ life and offer them an emotional trip down memory lane.

‘You did it’ book

A photo book is a great way to celebrate various accomplishments and important life events: confirmation, graduation, completing a tough project or even running a marathon. Every achievement is worth a photo book.

Silly book

Mishaps and blunders are a part of life. Select photos of funny incidents and situations when things didn’t go according to plan and turn them into a photo book. This personal gift is a reminder that there’s always room for laughter and humour in life.

Congratulatory book for a milestone birthday

A photo book is a great birthday present, especially for someone celebrating a milestone birthday. Collect photos and stories from the person's life in the photo book. You could also add surprising elements, such as congratulations from friends and relatives. No matter their age, everyone will love a surprise gift like this. Someone turning 20 will enjoy the book just as much as someone who gets it for their 70th birthday.

Recipe book for a foodie

Do you get a lot of compliments for your cooking or baking skills? Why not make your very own cookbook featuring your signature dishes and give it to someone who loves good food? Finish off your design with some mouthwatering photos and a sprinkle of useful tips. This recipe book is also the perfect gift for a young person moving out to live on their own.

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