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    Photo Book Tips – Creative work with the ifolor Designer (MAC OSX)

    Getting to a professional Photo book using ifolor Designer Hacks

    The ifolor Designer makes it possible for you to edit and save Photo books, Photo calendars, and Wall decorations on your Mac. You will have numerous exciting design options to create a unique Photo book. While editing, you can share the current version with friends or family so you can get other opinions as well.

    We will tell you how to customize your photo projects creatively with a free program and show you the most important hacks. Our manual and video tutorials will help you to create an individual Photo book which will give you that certain something in just a few clicks.

    If you use Windows instead to design your Photo book, you will find the fitting design software for your device, the Windows Designer manual as well as helpful video tips.

    The fitting motto for your Photo book

    You want to design a guestbook for a wedding, collect your best recipes or capture a trip in a Photo book? Whether it’s a review of the year or a travel diary, with the ifolor Designer you will find the fitting design for every topic. Furthermore, you can enhance your Photo book with theme-appropriate picture frames, clip arts, and backgrounds. At the same time you will give it a more professional look with a consistent motto.

    Design of a travel Photo book with the ifolor Designer

    Award winning: ifolor high-quality photo products

    Your most cherished memories deserve only the best. This is why we are very proud that our photo products have already won several awards. Satisfied customers are our number one priority, which is why we always test our products and get them evaluated. Find out more about our awards and our great customer satisfaction guarantee.

    Getting to the Photo book in no time – the Photo Book Assistant makes it possible

    With a self-designed Photo book you will capture the most beautiful moments for eternity and be able to reminisce at any time. If you don’t have the time to design an extensive Photo book, you can easily resort to the Photo Book Assistant. You will be done in no time and won’t have to redesign each page anew.

    Start by selecting and sorting the images you want in a folder on your Mac. Then open a new Photo book in the Designer under “New project” and put a small check mark in the Photo book selection in order to use the Photo Book Assistant. You will see plenty of templates from which you can choose the most theme-appropriate one. After selecting your pictures and the number of pages, click on “Finish project” and there it is: With the help of the Assistant there is no need to manually paste the pictures – it fills in the desired template and takes over the work for you. If time permits, you can then personalize the Photo book afterwards. Various speech bubbles and frames are available for the text design. There is also a selection of clip arts. Your favourite picture is well suited for the design of the cover.

    A young woman using the ifolor Designer to create an individual Photo book

    Our video tutorial for beginners accompanies you step by step in creating your Photo book and gives you an insight into the functions of the Assistant. You will find further tips and tricks for the time-saving creation of a high-quality Photo book here.

    Adding further designs to your Photo book

    You have looked at the designs, but have not found a suitable one yet? That may be because you have only looked at the default selection so far. Under the menu item “Frames, Backgrounds and Clip Arts” you will find a wide variety of further themes. If you discover something beautiful, you can add the desired design directly to your collection. We will show you how to go about that in both the video tutorial for advanced users and the manual.

    Importing photos from Facebook

    Maybe you are already familiar with this: You cannot find the photos of the last celebration or trip in a folder on the desktop as they are all scattered on Facebook. You do not have to browse through the platform tediously to collect the photos you want. With the help of the ifolor Designer you save a lot of time because it can access your online databases. All you have to do is click on “My images” on “Internet” in the menu item and log in on the pop-up window.

    Creating multiple pages with just one click

    If you want to transfer a specific frame and its look to the entire Photo book, you do not have to edit each image individually. The software makes it possible for you to create a uniform Photo book quickly. To use a design consistently, just right-click on the first picture with the frame. After that you can decide whether this design should be applied to all book pages or only to some. By the way: In the same menu there are also different backgrounds and clip arts.

    You can find information to all the important design options in our video tutorial for advanced users and the manual.

    Self-designed Photo book

    Conscious use of blank spaces

    A Photo book should not appear too cluttered. In order to bring out your photos even more clearly, you can now and then deliberately leave blank spaces. In this way you can feature your snapshots to your advantage. In addition, you can lighten up the pages with handwritten texts or souvenirs such as entrance tickets. To make the necessary blank spaces, you only need to remove placeholders or insert blank text placeholders.

    Sharing your Photo book via email

    You can easily share your photo book with your friends and family directly from the ifolor Designer! Simply click on “File” in the upper left-hand corner and choose the option “Share photo book”. A temporary website is then created for your photo book. Now you can send the web link to your friends via email, so they can take a look at your photo book before you place the order.

    How to share you Photo book via email


    To ensure the Photo book arrives as you have imagined, there is the option to click on “Preview” at the bottom right at any time. After browsing, you can decide if the photo book is ready for printing, binding and shipping.

    If your interest has now been aroused: You can read about all the hacks and step-by-step instructions either in our ifolor Designer manual or watch our ifolor Designer video tutorial.

    Video tips for beginners (Mac)

    Video tips for advanced users (Mac)

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