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    Photo Book Tips - Creative Work with the ifolor Designer (Windows)

    Useful ifolor Designer hacks to create a professional photo book

    With ifolor’s free ifolor Designer for Windows application, you can design unique, creative photo projects. The program enables you to edit, save, and share photo books, calendars, and wall décor from your own computer with all your friends and family. In our handbook and video tutorial, we’ll take you through the process of designing a photo book. Additionally, you’ll find the most important hacks for lending your photo book that extra je ne sais quoi in the following article.

    If you use a Mac instead to design your Photo book, you will find the fitting design software for your device, the Mac Designer manual as well as helpful video tips.

    Give Your Photo Book a Theme

    Your photo book will appear more professional if you have a theme. Whether it's a family yearbook, a travel photo book, a guestbook for your wedding, or a collection of recipes, our software’s countless options enable creativity for every topic. The ifolor Designer for Windows offers picture frames, background images, and clip arts for every occasion you can imagine.

    Use the Photo Book Assistant for Quick Use

    You want to keep all the photos of your holiday in one book, but have very little time to design a great photo book? You don’t have to create every page from scratch - in fact, that’s why we created the photo book assistant. 

    Sort your selected photos in a folder on your home computer. Open a new photo book in ifolor Designer for Windows and under ‘File’ click ‘Photo book assistant’. Here you’ll find complete photo book templates for any topic. Next, select your photos, design the cover, and the assistant will fill the chosen template with your photos. Afterwards, you can personalise your book further with text, clip art, frames, and speech bubbles.

    Award winning: ifolor high-quality photo products

    Your most cherished memories deserve only the best. This is why we are very proud that our photo products have already won several awards. Satisfied customers are our number one priority, which is why we always test our products and get them evaluated. Find out more about our awards and our great customer satisfaction guarantee.

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    In this video tutorial, we will show you how to use the photo book assistant. In our Inspiration post ‘Photo Book Fast’ you can find additional useful tips for a quick, high-quality photo book.


    Add Designs to your Photo book

    When the standard design options aren’t exactly what you’re looking for and you need additional clip art and backgrounds, the ifolor Designer for Windows offers you an even larger selection. By clicking the tiny marker under ‘Design’ in the menu you can find additional designs for various themes and add them to your collection.

    In this Video Tutorial, as well as in the Handbook, we show you how to add more designs.

    Photos from Facebook, Flickr, etc.

    We’re all familiar with the problem: everyone has photos all over the place. Your holiday pictures are on Facebook, the wedding photos for the guests are collected on Flickr, and naturally everything is saved in the Cloud. So you don’t have to paintstakingly collect your photos from each and every source you can connect the ifolor Designer for Windows to your online accounts and take your photos from there. To do so select in the menu ‘My Photos’, then ‘Online photo galleries’ as the source, and log on in the pop-up window that appears.

    Design multiple pages with one click

    In ifolor Designer for Windows you can find a wide variety of borders for your photos. For example, the jagged white retro frames remind one of the old black and white shots of passed decades. If you want to use this retro style for your entire photo book you don’t have to apply this to every photo individually. By right-clicking on the first photo with the frame, you can apply the same border to certain pages or all of your photo book.

    In the same menu, you can also find silhouettes and additional layout settings. In this video tutorial, we’ll show you all possible functions.


    shot over a womans shoulder working with the ifolor designer

    Review empty space in the preview

    You don’t have to fill every page with photos and text. Gaps and empty spaces make for suitable spots to add handwritten notes in a printed photo book. This is great for use as a wedding guestbook, or to affix the movie tickets from your first date in a photo love story.

    To ensure that you leave enough space for subsequent extras in your photo book, you can either delete placeholders or specifically add text placeholders to the pages. What’s important is that, before ordering, you review your photo book page by page in the preview. Your photo book will be presented to you exactly as it will appear when you receive it at home, printed and bound by ifolor.

    Sharing your Photo book via email

    Are you impatient to show your personalised photo book to your friends and family? Then share your finished project via email directly from the ifolor Designer! You simply need to click on the option “Share photo book” on the tab “File” and a temporary website for your photo book will be created. Send this web link via email to your friends and family, so they can browse through your photo book.

    How to share you Photo book via email

    All hacks and additional tips, as well as simple step-by-step instructions, can be found in our ifolor Designer Handbook. You can also simply check out our Designer video tutorials.

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