Winter holiday photo book with wintery landscapes

Your Individual Winter Moments

Your Winter Holiday Photo Book

Winter is a time for taking photos. During the winter holidays while in the mountains on the ski slopes on a sunny day: it’s the perfect time for taking plenty of brilliant snapshots. Why not gather together your best photos in a winter holiday photo book and keep your special moments alive?

Holding on to Shared Experiences

Whether taken with a digital, action, or smartphone camera, photos of the whole ski group, a steep descent, dancing at après-ski, or panoramic mountain views are quick to be stuffed into a drawer somewhere and forgotten. After the winter holidays you’re sure to be left with a large number of photos that are just waiting to be edited, sorted, and displayed.

Tip: Try to thematically sort your pictures while going through them. This will make it easier to retrieve them later when creating your photo book.

Skiers in a pure snow landscape featured in a photo book

Variety Is the Spice of Life: Tips for Selecting Photos and Arranging Your Photo Book

Selecting Photos

Variety will make your photo book that much more alluring. Here you can let your creativity take over. Try out a small photo collage, a mountain panorama during sunrise/sunset, or perhaps pictures of the slopes. Maybe this was the winter when your child first learned to stand on skis? Pictures of them in ski school and the beginnings of a new alpine downhill champion should definitely have a place in the photo book. Mix it up in between with pictures of funny small mishaps while on the slopes. This will ensure looking at the photo book with friends and family will always be a pleasure.

The Arrangement: Chronological, Thematic, or All Mixed Up?

Once you’ve selected which photos you’d like to use, the next step is to arrange your photo book. Here, everything is possible whether it’s a classic chronological progression of the winter holiday, thematically organised (e.g. arrival, lodging, ski slopes, building a snow man with the kids…), or even everything mixed together. Using a mixed-up arrangement can help really bring your winter holiday photo book to life since neither chronological nor thematic barriers will be there to limit you.

Photos of wintery landscapes in a photo book

Your Personal Photo Book with the ifolor Designer

The First Steps: Selecting a Photo Book and Format

With the ifolor Designer, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to lend your personal touch to the photo book. Start off by choosing a suitable photo book. The Photo Book Deluxe, with its high-gloss finish hardcover binding, is especially well suited for featuring your photos in the manner they deserve. The Photo Book Premium Photo Paper in A3 landscape format is perfect for bringing your mountain panorama photos to life. The flat-lying pages ensure your panorama photos come into full view and will really catch the attention of the beholder. This format is also perfect for featuring collages of up to 9 photos.

Designing Tips: Individualise Your Winter Holiday Photo Book to Your Heart’s Content

The ifolor Designer has a multitude of tools at your disposal to give your photo book an especially individual note. Personalise your photo book, for instance, by making use of the design and editing effects. Mix it up in between your “normal” photos with a photo with a sepia or “old film” filter. Things like nostalgia and mountains always go well together. You can also have some of your photos overlap each other. You don’t always have to arrange your photos perfectly level and neat. Try it out for yourself and be inspired by our various page templates.

Tip: Wintery landscape photos can serve as the perfect page background for your winter holiday photo book. In addition, you can use the standard “blend” effect to ensure your background photo stays in the background and doesn’t stand out too much. For those of you who’d prefer to use an illustrated background, the ifolor Designer offers a multitude of templates or you can also download a suitable background for free from a download portal such as pixabay.

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