Your personal wedding gallery
Your personal wedding gallery

Wedding gallery in a shabby chic photo frame

Create a modern vintage look with our retro prints

Besides the wedding planning, you should also think about how are going to display your memories beforehand. Photos of your memories don’t just look good in photo books – we show you how to create a wedding gallery for the living room.


You said I do and have great memories of the party afterwards. Wow, what a party! Family and friends danced until they dropped and countless photos were taken. A day that you want to look back on and remember time and time again as a couple. Particularly successful photos of the bridal couple, for example, in front of an impressive backdrop, the first dance or at the altar are edited and perfected by the wedding photographer. At the end of the day, every kiss, every smile and every tear of joy should be captured! Afterwards, the photos are put nice and neatly in an elaborately designed book of memories (for example, like this one here from Bärenhochzeit). However, snapshots taken by the guests themselves are often particularly funny. So why not create a photo gallery using these snapshots?

Collect the guests’ photos

Getting hold of the guests’ own photos can sometimes be quite a feat. However, the “Sam said yes” app provides assistance – in future you won’t have to chase after your guests’ wedding photos any more as they are all conveniently collected in the app. Your loved ones capture little and great moments in an incomparably authentic way and can share all the photos instantly in the app. Creating unique wedding coverage with a surprise factor as a bonus!

White picture frame for the wedding gallery
Materials: String, pegs, adhesive tape and small nails

Back to the wedding gallery that we’re going to create with snapshots of the party:  the wedding gallery can be uniquely created perfectly using ifolor retro prints. They exude the nostalgic charm of the past and can be individually labelled (using a permanent marker). 

How to create your wedding gallery in a photo frame

What you need:

- One large, old photo frame – preferably in white (after all it is a wedding)

- A roll of parcel string Sail clips or wooden clothes pegs

- A black or silver permanent marker

- Adhesive tape or small nails


Here's how to make it:

Before you start getting creative, you have to order the ifolor retro prints. You receive 24 photo prints on premium photo paper in a stylish designer box. 

Tip: Horizontal photos

You need photos in 9 x 7 cm format for the retro prints. It is therefore worth focusing on horizontal pictures when selecting the photos – it will be easier to choose a suitable image frame.

Your personal wedding gallery
Your personal wedding gallery
Your personal wedding gallery

There is space for up to 10 photos per row, depending on the size of the picture frame. We opted for 4 rows and 6 photos per row with ours – so exactly the number of pictures in the designer box.

Once we’ve fixed 4 rows of string in the frame, we can simply hang up the retro prints using clips or pegs. The picture frame is then hung up in the living room – the wedding gallery is finished! The advantage of this is that you can conveniently swap the photos whenever you’ve had enough of them.

Wedding Gallery

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