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Life hack: Two photo books in one

Registry office wedding in Switzerland and destination wedding on Majorca as a reversible book

A photo book captures an event’s most wonderful and exciting moments. But what can you do if you want just one album of two different but somehow related experiences? For example, with a registry office wedding and wedding reception at different times, with a holiday in two countries, for the annual winter and summer holiday or with a bachelor and hen party. We had exactly this challenge with the photo book for our Baerenhochzeit wedding. The civil ceremony was on 7 January, 2017 with a small gathering in Switzerland and the destination wedding party on Majorca was on 1 July, 2017 with relatives and friends. We solved the photo book problem with a simple life hack. In this blog we at Baerenhochzeit exclusively reveal to you how to do this!

The idea of a reversible book

A reversible book, as the name already reveals, means that it can be flipped over and looked at from the other side too. As a result, two stories are told in one book: when you look at it “totally normally” from the front you discover the first story up to the page where the second experience ends. If you then turn to the back page of the book and flip it over 180 degrees, the second story is told. Sound complicated? It’s really easy to do though…


Design tips and tricks

We have of course put together the most important tips and tricks for you to create a reversible photo book in the ifolor Design Centre:

Upside-down second story: To make the photo book readable from both sides, you have to insert and design the photos for the first event from page 1 as usual. For the second story you start designing the photo book at the end. At the same time you turn all the photos upside down by 180 degrees in the ifolor Design Center and start working back to front. The two stories meet somewhere in the middle.


Thinking in reverse: You have to think back to front for the story that starts from the back. The photos are not just upside down but the pictures that are seen on the left in ifolor Design Centre, will be on the right when looked at and vice versa – obviously as the book is then flipped over. :-)


Two cover pages: With the cover, the right-hand side of the cover is for the first story and turned upside down the left-hand side of the cover is for the second story. Take two exceptionally beautiful photos for the cover pages.


Selecting layouts: Not all layouts in the ifolor Design Centre are suitable for the reversible book. Unless you are so creative that you can manually reverse the designs or like us, create your own layout adapted to the wedding colours. Our tip: It’s better to choose a simple design.


Important final check: Right at the end we recommend that you mainly check the upside-down section once again very carefully to make sure that it really corresponds with what you want. To make it easier you can simply flip the screen over.

Decisions regarding your ifolor photo book

Many may be asking why we didn’t just have the wedding photo book done by a photographer straight away. Our decision to create the Baerenhochzeit photo book ourselves was to enjoy revelling in the wonderful memories together once again. As a result, we were really able to express what the party was like, could accentuate what we wanted and laugh over one or two stories again.

It wasn’t easy at all to find the right provider in the jungle of photo books. We opted for ifolor because it is a Swiss provider with top quality photo books. After all, we wanted superb print quality and an outstanding finish for our unique day. The short delivery times were also a decisive factor for us. It must also be mentioned that despite the book being 120 pages and having a huge number of photos, the design software never crashed!

The best days of our life in one book

We are more than happy with the result, our gloss landscape photo book Premium A4 with hardback cover! The album tells the story of our winter civil ceremony with the wedding at the registry office, a photo shoot in the snow and brunch with 27 guests at home from one side. The other side takes the reader straight to Majorca in the summer on a traditional wine estate where we celebrated a get-together over paella and wine with 80 guests on Friday. The story of getting ready for the big day, the ceremony, the chilled barbecue and wild party at the sophisticated wedding finca on Saturday is told. Brunch on Sunday on a golf course with sea view and the photo shoot after the wedding at one of the most beautiful spots on Majorca round off the photo book. Our reversible book created with ifolor has become a fantastic and creative memento of our weddings in one practical book.

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