• Creating an ifolor wall calendar as a unique review of the year

    Creating a photo calendar as a review of the year

    12 months full of favourite moments from the past year

    At the end of each year, colourful snapshots mostly pile up on smartphones, cameras and so on. A great family outing, a special trip, loads of fun with your favourite pet and much more: The countless photos testify to the many beautiful experiences and special moments that you have collected throughout the year. Review your year month by month with your photos and perpetuate the best memories in a photo calendar from ifolor. In this way, you can revive your favourite moments from the past year as a personal memory for yourself or as an individual Christmas present for your loved ones.

    Selecting photo calendars and layout

    For the design of your own personal review of the year, there are different photo calendar formats available at ifolor. The ifolor wall calendar is a real classic and offers a lot of space for the presentation of your photos. You can easily make this online or in the free ifolor Designer. Just choose the size you want, portrait or landscape, and glossy or silk-matt calendar pages. Then you can choose from a variety of designs ranging from classic to playful. Depending on the selected template, you can illustrate each month with up to 12 photos. You can customize each calendar page as well as the cover page and vary the background colour and the number of pictures.

    Creating your photo calendar as a review of the year

    Creating your photo calendar as a review of the year

    After you have decided on a template, you can start with the design of the photo calendar and click on the “Design now” button. If you use the ifolor Designer, just click on “Get started”. In the Designer, you can also change the design of the calendar at any time during the design.

    Now upload first the selected images from your hard drive or, for example, from Facebook or into the Designer. To make it easier to create calendars, it’s best to sort your photos from the previous year to match the calendar pages and save them in an extra folder for later uploading.

    Using design templates for photo calendars

    You can easily drag and drop the photos into the image placeholders on the individual calendar pages. You can also do simple image editing with your photos, such as colour effects, rotating or mirroring. In the Designer, it is also possible to move, rotate, add or remove the placeholders as desired. In this way, you can vary between full-screen pages and small collages to make a more diverse review of the year. Especially successful shots are best displayed as full screen or decorated with a pretty frame. You can also place your favourite photograph from last year on the cover sheet as an eye-catcher.

    Frames, clipart and more

    In the ifolor Designer, you can also add frames, clipart or speech bubbles to the photos and vary the background colour. Freely placeable text placeholders also allow for a dedication, a small anecdote or a title for the photos. In this way, you can highlight special snapshots or capture your memory of the origin of a particular snapshot. However, with all the varied design options you should be careful not to overload the calendar pages – less is more.

    Designing calendar pages with collages

    If you want to design some pages with multiple photos, you should pay attention to the compilation and arrangement of the images to get the optimal effect. Collages are especially harmonious if the photos have similarities despite their different content. These can be, for example, similar motives such as photos together with friends, or different shots of the same event. Alternatively, a harmonious effect will emerge, if the pictures have a similar colour world, such as the warm autumn light or the cool blue at the ocean. If you edit your pictures with a filter, you can also subsequently synchronize the colours of the pictures.


    In the ifolor Designer, you can add important personal data by using the feature “Add events” (Mac) or “Edit holidays” (Windows), e.g. wedding days or birthdays of family members and friends. In this way, you highlight important days of the year with just a few clicks.

    Look back on the year with a photo calendar

    Finishing and ordering photo calendars

    After finishing designing your photo calendar, it is best to check the individual pages for completeness and any typos in the labels. Also pay attention to the display for the resolution of the individual pictures. A green frame or a green check mark stands for an optimal picture resolution. If a yellow or red warning appears, the picture quality may be affected by pressure. Especially in the case of large photos you should consider a high resolution. If this is not enough, you can reduce the size of the photo or placeholder until the warning disappears.

    We wish you a lot of fun creating your own personal year in review as a photo calendar and, of course, have fun also giving it to someone as a gift!

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