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A girl lying on a sheepskin in front of the tree drawing a Christmas picture

Create a Personalised Photo Calendar with Your Own Kids’ Drawings

The year is coming to an end and you’re still on the search for a special Christmas gift for your family? This year, why don’t you create your own personalised photo calendar from your favourite drawings of your kids? The joy of seeing your children’s drawings every day will be sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face for the whole year to come.

Choosing the Pictures - Drawings and Photos of Your Kids

For generations children have loved giving self-made drawings to people on all sorts of occasions. These are often collected and stored by parents and family members just to be searched for at a later point in time, which allows them to look back on the past with pleasant reflection.

This year, however, you can gather together your favourite drawings from your kids, use them to create your own personalised calendars, and then give them to family and your closest friends. You can also combine their drawings with photos of pleasant memories and events from days past. Use your own creativity to design a calendar that will be end up being a very special Christmas gift.

When creating your calendar you can use motifs that fit the season of that particular month: trees coming back to life and blooming flowers for spring, sunflowers and butterflies for summer, a pumpkin and colourful leaves for autumn, and perhaps a snowman and Christmas tree for winter. These are perfect motifs for children to draw and you can complement their drawings with a photo of them taken in that particular season. You could also add some ingredients from Mother Nature such as dried out flowers and/or leaves, some moss, and voilà! You’ve got all you need for your calendar!

How to Digitalise Your Children’s Drawings

The traditional method of digitalising children’s drawings and handicrafts is to just use a scanner that is connected to your computer. Choose to save the scan as an image file and then begin scanning. In just a few seconds you’ll have your child’s drawing saved as a digital photo on your computer.

For drawings that have some extra materials on them that make scanning implausible, taking a picture of your child’s work of art yourself is the way to go. All you’ll need to do this is a good camera and an environment appropriate for photographing. Make sure you have decent lighting and that you won’t be photographing any possible reflections of your camera’s flash. It’s probably easiest to take the picture with your smartphone’s camera.

Optionally, you could also use an app to help you with the digitalisation process. For a small price you could use the recommended app CamScanner+ for iOS or the free Android version of CamScanner here.

Product tips:

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