• Photo calendar in an exclusive format: the portrait wall calendar Panorama.

    Great images each month for the whole year

    Your favourite extra-large portrait photos on the Wall calendar Panorama

    With the portrait Wall calendar Panorama, you'll always have the current month and your coolest photos in view with the impressive 60x35 cm size. The large calendar pages offer you plenty of space for your design. Read on to learn some ideas we have collected for you.

    A sunny yellow wooden house in front of an impressive mountain by a lake - a great image for the portrait Wall calendar Panorama.

    Nature photos for the portrait Wall calendar Panorama

    The unusual format of this wall calendar is perfect for nature shots. Breath-taking mountains, ancient trees, or a river course from a bird's eye view are shown in full glory with the portrait Wall calendar Panorama. In addition to landscapes, frontal shots of animals are also suitable for the 60x35 cm portrait format of the wall calendar. A stag with his magnificent antlers or a giraffe from the zoo or safari can be shown in full size on the calendar pages.

    Wall calendar in extra-large portrait format with your favourite family photos.

    A family year in a large format

    The portrait Wall calendar Panorama is a great way to show off your best family portraits and make your hallway or kitchen a little warmer. A different portrait each month, great family photos with loved ones, or great snapshots of your shared experiences. Use special photos in full portrait format for your calendar pages or use templates and image placeholders in the ifolor Designer app to create collages.


    For large formats, you should pay extra attention to the resolution of your photos so that they can be printed perfectly and sharply on your portrait Wall calendar Panorama. If the resolution is too low for optimal image quality on the selected photo product, you will be informed of this with an automatic warning in the app.

    Extraordinary motifs in portrait format

    The 60x35 cm portrait format is ideal for showing off pictures from unusual perspectives in a unique way. Special architecture, a frog's eye view of a tall building, the detail of a great skyline, or completely abstract designs: use the wall calendar Panorama, portrait as a stage for your special works of art.

    Capture unforgettable travel moments in the panoramic calendar in portrait format.

    Your most beautiful travel moments as a noble wall calendar

    Unique travel experiences are remembered forever, and we always look back on them with fond memories. With the portrait Wall calendar Panorama, however, you can keep your most beautiful travel moments alive, because the extra-large format means they are always visible in your home. Design the cover page and the twelve-monthly pages with your most beautiful photos of beach holidays, your favourite sights, special encounters, great views or extraordinary architecture and let your travel experiences accompany you throughout the year.

    Individually designed wall calendar Panorama, portrait.

    Your design online

    You can easily create your wall calendar online in our design editor. Simply select the desired layout and whether the calendar should run vertically or horizontally along the edge of the calendar. The design editor will then open. Next, upload your photos and place them on the calendar pages. In just a few steps you have created your portrait Wall calendar Panorama. Very practical: choose any month as the starting month of your calendar. This makes it a great gift idea or for your home.

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