Get your photo calendar in an exclusive panorama format:  panorama wall calendar.

Great images each month for the whole year

Your best photos in panorama format on a wall calendar

You will always be up to date thanks to the exclusive panorama format (35x60 cm) wall calendar, which will show the current month and your favourite photo for that specific month. The large calendar pages offer you plenty of space for your design. We have put together a few ideas to help you get inspired.

Wall calendar in panorama format with some great photos.

Impressive wildlife photos in panorama format

The unusual format of the wall calendar available in portrait or landscape format is perfect for impressive wildlife photos. The panorama wall calendar will show wildlife photos of breathtaking mountains, ancient trees or rivers from a bird's eye view to their best advantage. In addition to landscapes, frontal shots of animals also work well on this wall calendar thanks to the extra large formatting. Impressive photos of animals such as a stag with magnificent antlers or a giraffe from the zoo or safari tour can be presented in full size on the calendar pages.

Extra-large wall calendar with your favourite family photos.

A family year in a large format

A panorama wall calendar with your favourite family photos will really stand out and it is ideal for hanging up in your kitchen or hall at home. Each month there are different photos of your shared experiences or great family photos with your loved ones. Use special photos in portrait or landscape format across the entire length of your calendar pages or use templates and image placeholders on ifolor Designer to create individual collages.


When using a large format make sure to have very high resolution on your photos so that they are visible and so that they can be printed easily onto your panorama wall calendar. To ensure optimal image quality whilst designing your wall calendar the resolution cannot be too low, otherwise you will be notified with an error message indicating that the resolution on the selected photo is too low.

Wall calendar in panorama format

Brighten up your everyday life whether its for at home or in the office. This XXl calendar will look fabulous on your wall thanks to the sturdy calendar pages and the high-quality digital printing.

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Presenting unusual motifs impressively

The wall calendar’s large panorama format is also ideal for impressively presenting pictures from unusual perspectives. Use the panorama wall calendar to showcase your great photography skills and display your photos of architecture, skylines, abstract motifs or even photos from a frog's-eye view of tall buildings.


The photo calendar helps you to look back on a great year. Reminisce about all the good times over the past year by looking back at your photo highlights in a panorama wall calendar, which makes a great gift for loved ones or as a little something for yourself. We'll show you how to put one together in the following article.

Displaying your best holiday memories on a panoramic calendar.

Your most beautiful travel moments as a noble wall calendar

Everybody enjoys looking back on great holidays they have been on. You can display your best holiday photos on the panorama wall calendar. Reminisce about your best holiday memories anytime you are feeling nostalgic. The wall calendar will look great at home thanks to the extra large formatting. Design the cover page and the twelve monthly pages with your favourite photos from beach holidays, your favourite sights, friends you have met along the way, great views or extraordinary architecture. You will enjoy flicking through the wall calendar and looking back on all the great holidays you have been on.

Individually designed wall calendar in panoramic format.

Your design online

You can easily create your wall calendar online in our design editor. Simply select the desired layout and whether the calendar should run vertically or horizontally along the edge of the calendar. The design editor will then open. Next, upload your photos and place them on the calendar pages. In just a few steps you can create your own individual wall calendar in panorama format. Very practical: choose any month as the starting month of your calendar. This makes it a great gift idea or for your home.



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