Countdown to Christmas: an individually designed photo flip as an Advent calendar.

Photo flip Advent calendar

Get creative during Advent

Advent always marks the start of the countdown to Christmas. The last four weeks over the festive period are very busy as everyone is getting ready for Christmas. People are wrapping presents for their relatives, decorating their flat for Christmas, planning Christmas the dinner and so much more. A personalised Advent calendar is not only a treat for children, but it is also a little something for partners, parents or good friends. Surprise your loved ones this Advent with an original Advent calendar made out of a photo flip. We'll show you how you can easily create your own personal Advent calendar.

Would you prefer a more traditional chocolate Advent calendar? Then take a look at our Lindt chocolate Advent calendars, which are quick and easy to design and will arrive in time for Advent!

LINDT LINDOR Advent calendar

Discover the different designs and create your own Advent calendar filled with delicious Lindt mini truffles.

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LINDT TEDDY Advent calender

This Advent calendar is designed with your favourite photos and it is filled with delicious chocolate teddies and little chocolate bars. The LINDT TEDDY Advent calendar is a lovely surprise for your loved ones.

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Winter themed designs for a picture-perfect Advent calendar

Select your favourite Christmas pictures from the last couple of years to use for the cover of your Advent calendar as well as the 24 doors. You could use photos of you and your family and friends going sledging together, going on walk in the snow or having a fun snowball fight. If you are thinking of getting your grandparents a personalised Advent calendar, then why not add one or two Christmas drawings from their grandchildren. This is easy to make all you will have to do is simply scan the drawing or take a photo of it with your smartphone and upload it.


You can use Christmas poems, song lyrics or a personal message to design your cover page or the individual calendar pages of your Advent calendar. By using Canva you can combine a text with your pictures and designs. Simply save the file as a JPG and then upload it to ifolor and place it on the photo flip pages.

An Advent calendar door with a folded piece of paper with a Christmas recipe on it.

An Advent calendar full of delicious recipes

Behind each individual door you can put a Christmas recipe. All you have to do is print or write down the recipe on a nice piece of paper and fold it into a small envelope that you can then put into the calendar. This way, the person who opens the door can take the small piece of paper with the recipe on it and treat themselves to something delicious by trying out a new recipe and once they are finished with the recipe, they can simply add it to their recipe book or hang it on the fridge.

You can find more inspiration for creative ideas at Christmas time below:

Christmas crafts with photo stickers

The ifolor photo stickers are perfect for your DIY Advent calendar or for decorating gifts and Christmas cards.

Advent calendars made out of different photo products

Create a personalised Advent calendar with 24 special surprises by designing small and practical photo products with your best memories.

Design your own individual Christmas presents

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Here you'll find lots of great gift ideas with a personal touch.

Advent calendar doors with mini chocolate bars on them.

Sweet little surprises behind each calendar door

It's not only children who enjoy eating the chocolates from their Advent calendar. Mini chocolate bars and similar small sweets are perfect for a nice little surprise to enjoy Advent. The chocolate bars should be as flat as possible so that they don’t take up too much room. Simply stick the chocolate bars to a suitable spot on the picture using double-sided adhesive tape or a self adhesive photo corner.

Putting small vouchers onto your Advent calendar

Why not add a small personal voucher to each door on your individual designed Advent calendar. These are great ideas for children who would enjoy vouchers such as "Choose what we are having for dinner" or a "film night", but these are also a great idea for surprising your partner. Surprise your partner with personal vouchers such as a ‘’relaxing massage’’ or "breakfast in bed". If you are designing an advent calendar for some friends, then an invitation to a ‘’game’s night’’ could be the perfect voucher. Whereas if you are designing an Advent calendar for your parents, they would love to receive a personal voucher for a day out together.

Gift vouchers are aways a fantastic gift, especially if you are not sure what to get someone as a gift. Why not get your family or friends an ifolor gift voucher?

A calendar page with the ingredients for making a hot chocolate on it.

Small treats to warm up after an afternoon in the cold

A hot cup of tea or hot chocolate is the perfect way to warm up and relax after going for a walk in the cold or a long afternoon of sledging in the snow! Individually wrapped tea bags or a sachet of hot chocolate, sugar and mini marshmallows are perfect for your individually designed photo flip Advent calendar. Put some tea bags or sachets of hot chocolate on the calendar pages and add a small note on how to prepare them, e.g. how much hot water or hot milk you will need to make them and then the brewing time.

Designing a photo flip online as an Advent calendar

On the ifolor website you can easily create your own individual photo flip as an Advent calendar. Start by selecting the photo flip, which you can find under "Photo gifts" and then click on the "Create online" button. Now you can choose between portrait or landscape format and then you can start designing your own individual photo flip.


Make sure when you are choosing your photos for your calendar doors that there is enough space in the picture to add the door number and a little something in the corner or on the edge.

You can upload your photos directly from your hard drive or smartphone. Simply drag and drop the images onto the individual pages. Here you can also edit your images such as adjusting the image detail or rotating it. When you are choosing your photos, make sure that the image quality is as high as possible so that the pictures on the photo flip are easily recognisable and do not look blurry. If the photo has the correct resolution, then this will be indicated by a green tick.

You can insert the numbers on the calendar doors or a short text in a predefined textbox in the upper or lower area of the image. To do this, select the corresponding design template at the bottom right next to the preview of your photo flip. Alternatively, you can make the 24 numbers out of paper and stick them on later. You can do this by writing them down or you can stick small wooden numbers on the doors. You can find mini wooden numbers in craft shops and online shops.



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