• The Photo Flip as an Advent Calendar

    The Photo Flip as an Advent Calendar

    Christmas Craft Idea for Advent

    Every year, the Christmas season is ushered in by the first day of Advent. The last four weeks before Christmas are a busy time of making preparations for Christmas Eve: getting gifts for relatives, hanging up Christmas decorations, planning Christmas dinner as well as many other tasks. A personalised advent calendar is sure to bring a smile to the faces of children as well as your partner, parents, and good friends. Sweeten the days before Christmas for your loved ones with an original advent calendar in the form of a photo flip. We’ll show you how easy it is to create your own completely personalised advent calendar.

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    Winter Motifs for a Picture-Perfect Advent Calendar

    Look for your best photos from previous Christmas celebrations to use for the 24 small windows and cover. Other winter photos that really work well for this craft idea could be the family going sledding together, going hiking in the snow, or a humorous snowball fight. If creating an advent calendar for the grandparents, add a Christmas-themed drawing from your children to really bring a smile to their faces. Simply scan the drawing or take a picture of it with your smartphone.

    Christmas Adages for the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    Adding a nice Christmas poem or a fitting saying for the Advent season is another idea you can use to creatively fill up the calendar pages. You can use free photo editing tools, such as the online tool Fotor, to easily add text to photos. To ensure the poem is easily readable, you should choose a background photo for that page of the photo flip that is clear and bright. A snow-covered winter landscape, for instance, would work well here. You could also get creative and perhaps arrange some Christmas decorations to create a fitting background photo. If using a photo of something with a lot of small details, such as a decorated Christmas tree, you should edit the photo to make it a bit faded to ensure the text in the foreground is legible.

    In order to lend your Christmas poem a bit of a personal touch, you could alternatively add the poem to your finished photo flip by hand. If going with this option, you should also make sure while designing your photo flip that the background you choose to do this on is rather subdued. Silver or gold pens that dry quickly and don’t smudge are perfect for giving your poem an extra Christmassy feel.

    Sweet Surprises in the Calendar Windows

    Sweet Surprises in the Calendar Windows

    Kids aren’t the only ones who are happy to find sweet surprises waiting for them in the calendar’s windows. Small chocolates and other little treats make the perfect sweet surprises for your Advent calendar. To ensure the photo flip’s pages don’t bulge too much, the chocolates should be as flat as possible. Simply attach these sweet treats to a suitable place in the photo with double-sided tape.

    Small Gift Vouchers in the Advent Calendar

    Small Gift Vouchers in the Advent Calendar

    You could also add your own personalised gift vouchers to supplement the Christmas photo motifs. Ideas for children could be perhaps being able to choose what’s for dinner or a trip to the movies; for your partner, a few ideas could be a relaxing massage or even breakfast in bed. For friends, you could invite them to your place for a game night or, for parents, you could invite them along for a family outing.

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    Design a Photo Flip as an Advent Calendar Online

    Design your original photo flip as an advent calendar with ease online on the ifolor website. Start out by selecting the photo flip from the “photo gifts” menu and click on “create online.” Then you can choose between landscape and portrait format and get started designing your photo flip.

    You can either upload photos directly from your hard drive or even from your Facebook account. Simply drag and drop the photos to arrange them on each page of the photo flip. While doing this you can also make small edits to your photos, such as cropping or rotating the image. When choosing which photos to use, make sure they have a high enough image quality to ensure they can be clearly seen and they don’t appear blurry. If the resolution of a given photo is optimal, it will be labelled with a green checkmark.

    You can add the respective calendar window number or a small text to an available text field in either the upper or lower portion of each photo. Simply choose the corresponding design template located at the bottom right of your photo flip preview.

    For a really original effect you could craft the 24 different numbers yourself and add them to each individual page after receiving your finished photo flip.

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