Individually designed wedding anniversary gifts with a personal message.

The Perfect Gift for a Wedding Anniversary

Individually designed gifts for a silver, golden or first wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate all the years a married couple have spent together. Big milestones such as a silver or golden wedding anniversary are very special. We have compiled a few creative ideas on how to create a very special gift for your loved ones or partner for their wedding anniversary.

An individually designed greetings card with your best wishes for a wedding anniversary.

Sending Your Best Wishes for a Wedding Anniversary

You can pass on your best wishes in a photo greetings card in addition to your silver wedding anniversary or golden wedding anniversary gift. You can individually design a photo greetings card with your best wishes for a wedding anniversary. Use one of the many templates and personalise your greetings card, for example, with a suitable saying and a picture of the bride and groom on the front. If you attended the happy couple’s wedding you could use some of the photos from their wedding for the design of your individual greetings card. This way you can pass on your best wishes with some great photos of an unforgettable wedding day.

There are several photo greeting cards to choose from to pass on your wedding anniversary wishes. We recommend using folded single greetings cards, which you can individually design on the front and print your best wishes on the inside of the card. The folded maxi card is a great choice for a silver or golden wedding anniversary because it offers extra space for adding photos and you can also put it into a photo frame.

Single Folded Greetings Card

The classic folded greetings card is a great choice for passing on your best wishes for a wedding anniversary because you can add text and images on both the front and inside of the card. You can also choose from different layouts and the card comes with a matching envelope.

Folded Maxicard

This extra large greetings card in A4 format offers you plenty of space for a picture of the anniversary couple or some great photos from their wedding. On the inside you can add your best wishes and a poem for their golden or silver wedding anniversary.

Wedding anniversary gift ideas: individually designing your own photo tin.

Turning Your Individually Designed Photo Tin into a Sweet Surprise

The ifolor Photo Tin is available in different shapes and it is perfect as a wedding anniversary gift. You can design the lid with a great photo of the anniversary couple. The glossy effect ensures a high-contrast image quality. Fill the photo tin with homemade treats or the happy couple's favourite chocolates. You can also order the ifolor photo tin filled with Lindt chocolates.

Instead of filling the photo tin with sweets and chocolates, you can use it as a gift box for a voucher, a romantic weekend away or a meal. After eating the chocolates or redeeming your voucher the tin can be kept as a souvenir or it can also be used as a biscuit tin or for storing small bits and bobs in.

For a golden anniversary:  a photo canvas decorated with gold paint.

Individually Designing a Photo Canvas

Show off a special photo of the anniversary couple on a stylish canvas. You can add an extra personal touch by adding the couple’s initials, some words or a large number ‘25’ or ‘50’ in either gold or silver paint to match the golden or silver wedding anniversary. This will make a great sentimental gift that will look stylish and can be hung up to decorate the happy couple’s home.

A golden Wedding anniversary album: tell a little story of the past 50 years.

Creating a Photo Album for a Golden or Silver Wedding Anniversary

Design an individual photo book full of memories and put the photos in chronological order to look back on all the great memories the happy couple have shared together! Include the biggest milestones such as their wedding, getting their first home, having children, their first big holiday and even some pictures of their grandchildren. In between the funny snapshots and anecdotes, add some pictures of family celebrations, some beautiful moments from everyday family life and much more. The premium photo paper displays your photos in the highest quality.


Add a message or a short anecdote to each picture in the photo album to make the story really come to life.

A photo poster in a chic wooden frame is a great gift for a golden wedding anniversary.

Framed Photo Poster as a Wedding Anniversary Gift

For you individually designed photo poster you could use photos such as an unforgettable photo of the newlyweds, a nostalgic collage full of different pictures or a current picture of the anniversary couple. You can use these photo to design an individual photo poster and optionally choose a matching frame in black, white or oak. The photo poster comes framed and you can hang it up straight away.


You can use simple photo editing programmes such as Canva to give your photo a passe-partout in the shape of a number depending on the wedding anniversary (e.g. a 50) or you can also do this with your individually designed photo collage. Save the result as a JPG file and upload it to onto the Design Editor to create your own individual photo poster.

Creating a Wedding Anniversary Photo Memo

Choose 24 photos of unforgettable experiences and your biggest marriage milestones and create an individual photo memo. The 24 photos are printed in pairs on sturdy hard cardboard cards that display your images in high-contrast colours. As you play memo games together, you can reminisce about your fondest memories over and over again. This fabulous gift idea is ideal for your parents or grandparents if they are celebrating their wedding anniversary. If you have some great photos of them from the last couple of years you can use these to create an individual photo memo.

Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

Get inspired by our creative wedding anniversary gifts.

Matching Partner Mugs

Design an individual photo mug for the both of you. Use an individual photo of you both, a photo of you and your partner together or a personal message. The individually designed partner mugs will show that the two of you simply belong together.

An Extra Large Photo Collage in a Gallery Frame

Put your milestones and favourite memories together and create an individual photo collage. Choose from different layouts and your very own individual photo gallery will be delivered in a chic wooden frame and all you will need to do is hang it up. This is a fantastic gift for a wedding anniversary.

Individually Design a Mug with a Personal Message

Reminisce about your wedding day and declaration of love that you made to each other by individually designing a photo mug with those special words. This will bring back fond memories every time your partner has a cup of tea or coffee.



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