• Customised golden or silver anniversary gifts with a personalised message.

    Wedding anniversary - the perfect gift for the anniversary

    Create a unique gift for a silver, golden, or special wedding anniversary.

    The wedding anniversary is a time to celebrate each year for many married couples. This is especially so for big milestones like the silver or golden anniversary. We have compiled a few creative ideas on how to create a very special gift for your loved ones on their wedding anniversary. Let us inspire you!

    Your wedding anniversary congratulations in a personalised photo greeting card.

    Wedding anniversary congratulations

    Create a personalised card to send with an anniversary gift for married couples. Use one of the many templates to create your greeting card, for example, add a few words along with a personal photo. If you were a guest at the wedding of the anniversary couple and perhaps still have a few snapshots of the event, they would be perfect for the card. This is a great way to combine a nice anniversary message with a reminder of the big day.

    For a golden anniversary: a photo canvas decorated with gold paint.

    Personalised canvas

    Show off a special photo of the anniversary couple on a stylish canvas. You can add an extra touch by adding the couple’s initials, some words or a large number ‘25’ or ‘50’ in either gold or silver paint to match the golden or silver anniversary. This will make a great sentimental gift that will look stylish on the couple’s wall.

    Golden wedding photo album: tell a little story of the past 50 years

    A photo album for a golden or silver wedding anniversary

    Design a Photo book full of memories and create a unique look-back of the years of the golden or silver couple’s marriage! A chronological style that includes memories of the path they have taken together would be a good format to tell the story of the long marriage. Include the biggest milestones such as the wedding, the first apartment or home, the birth of the children, the first big trip and even some pictures of their grandchildren. In between the funny snapshots and anecdotes, add some pictures of family celebrations, some beautiful moments from everyday family life and much more. The premium photo paper displays your photos in the highest quality!


    Add a message or a short anecdote to each picture in the photo album to make the story really come to life.

    Photo poster with a passe-partout as a golden anniversary gift.

    Photo poster with a passe-partout

    You can create a unique wedding anniversary photo gift using a photo poster and craft card. First, find a nice photo of the anniversary couple and create a photo poster for the silver or golden anniversary couple. The square format works best as you can add a very nice passe-partout with numbers 25 or 50 on it. The size depends, among other things, on the resolution quality of the photo: the higher the image resolution, the larger the poster can be while maintaining a sharp and crisp finish. When selecting the photo, also make sure that the people are as large and cantered as possible, so that they are visible after the passe-partout is added.


    Alternatively, you can make a great collage using 50 images for a golden wedding anniversary gift (or 25 for a silver wedding anniversary) and add a fancy frame.

    Small wedding anniversary gifts for your partner

    Is your anniversary coming up and you want to give your partner a special surprise? Create a personalised photo gift for your anniversary using some of your favourite photos together.

    Create a wedding anniversary Photo memo

    Pick out 24 photos of unforgettable experiences and your biggest marriage milestones and create a unique Photo memo. The 24 photos are printed in pairs on sturdy hard cardboard cards that display your images in high-contrast colours. As you play memo games together, you can reminisce about your fondest memories over and over again.

    Wedding anniversary gift for your partner: romantic photo mugs with matching photos.

    Give a pair of matching partner mugs as a wedding anniversary gift

    Create a custom pair of Photo Mugs, each with a beautiful photo of the other person, a lovely couple shot of you, or a loving message. Together, personalised partner mugs show that you two simply belong together.

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