Showcase your ifolor Photo Collage with a gallery frame, which will make your best memories and favourite photos stand out.

A Photo collage in a stylish gallery frame

Showcase your best memories as a collage in a picture frame

The ifolor gallery frame allows you to always keep a selection of your favourite photos in view while displayed in a stylish frame. You can choose between three, four or six large square or small format photos. We will show you four ideas that you can use to design your framed collage.

Your best travel memories presented as a Photo Collage in a frame.

Your best travel memories as a Photo Collage

Have you just returned from a very special holiday, which you have been looking forward to for months or have you just finished travelling around on your gap year? If so, put your favourite travel photos together and create a lovely collage in a black or white with agallery frame! Depending on the size you choose, you can use 24 or even 52 photos. If you're a big fan of travelling, you can create a Photo Collage of each holiday and create a fantastic collection of your very best travel memories for your home.

Showcasing special projects

Have you spent weeks or even months working on a project? Capture the progress of your project in an exciting collage to keep track of your work. You can show off your campervan conversion, your house renovation, your new garden, a treehouse for the children and so much more! Tell a story by showing each step of the journey.

Your favourite wedding photos in a Photo Collage with a photo frame.

Your favourite wedding memories

In addition to the fantastic shots of the happy couple, there are lots of great memories associated with this special day which will tell a heartfelt story. Put together your favourite wedding photos and create a wedding themed collage made up of your best memories, which you can display in a gallery frame. This is also an ideal gift for your first wedding anniversary.

Your baby’s first year in pictures

Babies seem to grow up very quickly as the first year flies by. Everything revolves around both the small and big milestones: the first night at home, the first visit to the grandparents, the first family day out, their first bowl of porridge and not forgetting their first tooth. Dedicate a Photo Collage to your youngest family member and capture the best memories from pregnancy, the first hours together at home to their first birthday.

Track your pregnancy journey with photos in a stylish photo collage in a gallery frame.

Personalise your collage in a gallery frame

Choose between two sizes 50x70 cm with 4, 6 or 24 pictures or 40x110 cm with 3, 4 or 52 pictures. In both sizes your 24 or 52 pictures will be arranged symmetrically in a square shape with a white border, which will give it a fantastic Instagram feed look. This is perfect for your home as it will really stand out. You can order the frame in black or white. We will deliver your finished personal gallery including the frame. All you will need to is hang it up or put it in a suitable place.

Just choose the format, upload your pictures and choose in which order you would like to have your pictures. Voilà, in no time at all your unique photo collage full of your favourite photos is ready to go.

Your collage in a gallery frame
Your most beautiful travel moments as a collage


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