From self-portrait to selfie

From self-portrait to selfie

Interesting tips for great selfies

The self-portrait has had its own place in art history since at least the Renaissance period. Today the trend has exploded since the smartphone and social media. The term has been on everyone's lips since the Oscars in March 2014, when presenter Ellen DeGeneres gathered stars like Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep for a group selfie with their smartphones.

Regardless of whether you want to reflect your inner self or show off your surroundings (me in the bathing hall, me at the Kanye West concert, etc.) how you look plays a big role. That's why we have some tips & tricks here on how you could present yourself even better in your next selfie portrait.

Selfie word in dictionary

First the camera, then the fun

Some people take selfies in advance, while others shoot & post them every minute. Either way, you must decide whether to take the photo with the front or the rear camera of your smartphone. The front camera offers more comfort (as you can see yourself in the display), and the rear camera offers more quality/higher resolution. Since selfies are usually only shared online, the front camera is often the lens of choice.

Flattering daylight

Spontaneous or not, without the right light, smartphone pictures can look noisy and/or blurred. The general rule is the lighter the better. Tip: Don't look directly into the sun and don't take pictures around midday, as this can sometimes be dazzling and often produces harsh shadows. A good way to see if the light is too strong: if your own nose looks twice as big because of a shadow, you should try again.

The double chin says hello

It is better to photograph yourself slightly from above than from below, as this gives a more favourable image of most faces, for example, making the eyes appear somewhat larger and double chins will disappear. So, hold the phone above eye level. Please don't take selfies in the mirror. At first glance, this is appealing, but the photos rarely "work" and always look strange. People usually don't know where to look (at the display? In the mirror? Maybe even in the camera?) and often people don't want to see what it looks like in other people's bathrooms or bedrooms.

Keeping your posture

It's all about posture: good photos also depend on how you are positioned. This also applies to selfies because you always see a bit of the (upper) body. Pro tip: Wear high heels. Or simply stand on your toes. This way your body automatically tenses and your posture will improve.

Find your best side

Everyone has a ‘best side’ and if you don't know yet, you'll find out after a few selfies.

Pay attention to facial expressions

Again, just take a few selfies and see how you look. Open mouths (duckface) and other grimaces rarely make a picture better: just smile and everyone will like the selfie.

Look into the camera lens

A common selfie mistake is looking at the phone display instead of the camera. This one is not difficult to get right: the little round thing on the smartphone is the camera. You look there (and only there), and that's it. If you want to look somewhere else, then look deliberately and carefully.

Apps and filters

Hipstamatic and other filter effects can make a selfie even more exciting. There are so many photo apps that everyone can make up their own mind.

iPhone and Android.


And now: Happy Selfie!

woman takes selfie with mobile phone camera


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