Digitize children's drawings and use them for photo gifts

Use creative children's drawings for photo gifts

Small works of art make it big

Strong colours, creative chaos and boundless imagination: Your children's little works of art are certainly colourful and uplifting. The best thing about it: hanging your children’s masterpieces on the wall is easy. We will show you how to digitize children's drawings and how to stage them to perfection.

Simple: Digitise children's drawings

All you need is a scanner. If you don't have one, that’s OK: a modern smartphone or a digital camera will also give really good results.


Put your child's drawing on a white surface and photograph the drawing 1:1. If this is not possible due to the aspect ratio of the original, select a larger section and then crop the picture with a photo editing program.

 Digitize children's drawings with a cell phone

Photo gifts: Children are the best designers

Use your kids' digitized artwork to create a unique photo gift. The designs are only limited by your imagination. How about a unique Desk Calendar or a cute Photo Mug? Of course, decorated with your children's unique drawings.

Create a custom Photo Mug and SIGG Bottle

An eye-catcher at the breakfast table, during afternoon coffee or as a pen holder: The photo mug, designed by your children. With a few drawings, you can easily create a full Photo Mug set for the whole family. Use our online editor to choose the appropriate orientation for your image. Our Photo Mugs have enough space for one or more works of art.

Children's drawings on Photo Mug and SIGG Bottle

The SIGG Bottle is equally as practical for travelling, school, or in the office. Whether as a gift for your grandparents or the little artists themselves - use your children's works of art to create a very unique drinking bottle. The lightweight drinking bottle light can be designed with just a few clicks using our online editor.

A Photo Calendar with special memories

The grandparents will be especially pleased with a Photo Calendar made from their grandchildren's drawings - it also makes a great gift for Christmas. We have many different calendar templates to choose from. A chic wall calendar shows off the little ones' works in the best light. With our kitchen calendar, you always have an eye on important dates, just like with our practical desk calendar for the desk. You can find more inspiration here.


Photo calendar for the desk with digitized children's drawings


Handwritten messages are a welcome change to the usual emails and text messages, especially during the Christmas season. A photo greeting card with a child's drawing stands out amongst the usual daily mail in the letterbox.

Photo Books made with children's drawings

Particularly enthusiastic little artists collect many masterpieces over time. Dedicate a whole Photo Book to them tagged with the creation date, a snappy title, or even a small story connected to the picture. Keep your child's creative pictures alive and create a very special memento that the little artist can enjoy when they are older. On top of that, grandparents would love a Photo Book full of pictures and memories of their grandchildren.

Individual Smartphone Case and Photo Coaster

You can have your child’s artwork with you at all times with a custom-designed Smartphone case. This works especially well with portrait format photos. It’s easy to add your photos to the case with the help of our online editor. You can turn your iPhone or Samsung device into a real eye-catcher. Julia will show you her cute design idea using fingerprints.

Smartphone Case and Photo Coaster designed with children's drawings

How about photo coasters to preserve your children's artwork forever? The useful cork coasters are perfect protection against glass rings on the table, and they add a personal touch to any table decoration. They are also ideal for your next children's birthday party: Just have your child draw a picture for each of their friends at the party. The photo coasters are perfect as a unique gift for the guests.

If you want to go on a time travel: All this also works with the drawings you created as a child. Maybe you are still looking for a gift for your parents?

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