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  • Various Christmas gift ideas for your parents with photos

    Design Christmas Gifts for Mom and Dad

    The annual Christmas gift for mom and dad should always be something personal and thoughtful. The best gifts given on Christmas that bring the most joy are ones that come from the heart. What about giving them something like a self-designed photo book, a wall calendar, or a different photo gift featuring your best family photos and shared memories? Use your own brilliant photos to create really special Christmas presents for your parents or in-laws and cherish these unforgettable moments for years to come.

    A high-quality photo book is always a great gift idea for Christmas. Design a photo book premium with real photo paper to create a one-of-a-kind Christmas present for your parents. The high-grade hardcover binding lends the photo book an especially classy look and the book pages lie flat when opened. This allows you to arrange your most brilliant photos across two pages. To make your thoughtful Christmas gift for mom and dad complete you can also add a chic gift box to your photo book directly while ordering.

    Take a moment during ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ to show your parents your appreciation for everything they’ve done for you and dedicate a whole photo book to them. Combine your most memorable photos from your childhood with current pictures of time spent together as a family. You could, for instance, digitalise your first baby photos and commemorate all the important family milestones in the photo book. This will make your Christmas gift for mom and dad something really memorable and full of cherished memories from both past and present.

    Surprise your parents with a chic wall calendar that showcases the most memorable times spent with the family and other brilliant photos from the past year. Available in A3, A4, or 21x21 cm square format, the ifolor wall calendar offers you enough space for your favourite photos of your most cherished moments shared together. The calendar pages are available in either a silk-matt or high-gloss finish. Then, simply choose which month the calendar should begin on and you’re all set to get started designing your personalised Christmas gift for your parents.

    Design a photo calendar as a completely personalised year in review for your parents this Christmas. Summarise the whole year and gather together photos featuring all your family’s highlights. You can then prominently feature these in the calendar either in full-page format or as collages on the 12 calendar pages. You could design each month in the calendar with photos fitting for each season or thematically arrange photos throughout the calendar corresponding to memories shared together such as an unforgettable celebration or a trip taken together. Use one of our various design templates from classic to playful and lend an especially personal note to this Christmas gift idea for your mother and father.

    A self-designed Christmas greeting card is as individual as your Christmas greetings to your parents or in-laws. Thanks to the high-gloss finish and our special printing process, the photos featured on the greeting card are especially eye-catching. Our quality postcards can be designed with your Christmas greetings printed on the reverse side or you can alternatively add them later by hand. You could, for instance, design your Christmas card with a nice family photo from last Christmas or a photo of something like a memorable family winter stroll. To ensure there are enough Christmas postcards to go around while sending them to your loved ones, we’ll send them to you in a practical pack of 10.

    Instead of using them as a classic Christmas card, you can also use our photo postcards as personalised gift tags. Choose one of our classic layouts to add one or more of your photos or perhaps use one of our numerous Christmas motifs. You can also use the reverse side to print your Christmas greetings or a seasonal poem. You can then add each gift recipient’s name later by hand before attaching your self-designed gift tags to their respective presents.

    Individualised Gift Wrapping for Your Parents’ Christmas Gift with Our Photo Stickers!

    Use photo stickers designed with your own pictures to add an extra personal touch to your Christmas gifts. The ifolor photo stickers are especially adhesive and are thus perfect for affixing to many various kinds of gift packaging. Order your stickers in either rectangular or circular format to decorate your Christmas gifts.

    You want to create an especially original Christmas gift for your parents? Then the ifolor photo puzzle is exactly what you’re looking for. Use one of your own photos as the motif for the puzzle. As a Christmas gift for mom and dad a nice family photo or a picture of an especially memorable experience shared together work especially well here. Order your completely personalised puzzle in 20x30 cm format with 50 pieces or in 30x45 cm format with 196 pieces and give them something fun for the whole family. To ensure the best quality, premium photo paper is affixed to hard cardboard and matt laminated. A chic gift box is included with the puzzle and perfectly ‘wraps up’ this personalised Christmas gift for your parents.

    Use your photo puzzle to draw out the suspense while unwrapping gifts with your parents and design it as a gift voucher. For this idea, simply look for a nice family photo or a photo thematically suitable for the voucher and select the template “Gift voucher Puzzle” during the design process. Afterwards, simply add some fitting text or Christmas greetings and your gift voucher photo puzzle is already finished.

    An acrylic glass wall decoration is an especially neat Christmas gift idea for the parents. Special wall mounts give the acrylic glass plate the illusion of floating and make it especially eye-catching. Your chosen photo is printed on the acrylic glass with high-quality UV direct printing and will radiate in high-contrast colours. You can even order your acrylic glass wall decoration as an elegant multi-panel display in three 40x60 cm plates. Such a gift will enable your parents time and again to delve into wonderful memories of time spent together as a family.

    A new spin on our acrylic glass wall display: transform this wall decoration into a self-designed board game perfect for the whole family. A classic board game such as “Ludo” as a personalised family version is an especially original gift idea for the parents. Design the board game with photos of family members and you’ll be ‘ready to roll’ and have some family fun right after unwrapping.

    The ifolor Photo Coasters are a great idea if you want to make your parents or parents-in-law happy with something both personal and useful. You can individually design each coaster and buy them in sets of 4 or 8. The square photo coasters have a robust and non-slip, hard fibre cork underside. Give an original gift this year with a personalised coaster set made with family photos.

    Design a Photo Coasters as creative place cards for Christmas dinner. A great idea is to put a photo of each guest on a coaster, so everyone can quickly find their spot at the table. The coasters can double as a small gift that they get to take home as a reminder of the special day. You can create a whole set with different family photos as a great gift for your parents. The set includes a designer box that is stylish and adds some real quality to the gift.

    The most beautiful memories always at arm’s reach: give a self-designed Photo Pillow to your parents for Christmas. The ifolor Photo Pillow comes in three sizes 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm or 50x50 cm and in various designs. Choose your favourite photo to design the cushion or use several photos to create a colourful collage of special memories. The pillow arrives complete with inner pillow inside, ready to use. Just add a final touch like a ribbon and you have a Photo Pillow for your parents for Christmas.

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