Decoration tips and tricks: painting photo canvases

Decoration tips and tricks: painting photo canvases

Creative decoration for photo canvases

Photos on canvas make an excellent wall decoration, which can be further enhanced with a paintbrush and colour. Crossover technique has now become a trend and is great fun for the whole family. In a few steps, we explain to you how you can highlight details with acrylic paint or create magical backgrounds with watercolour ink.

How to choose your picture

Before you print a picture on photo canvas, think about the theme a little. Is the picture suitable? Are there areas which can be accentuated? Does the picture offer any free space that would let your imagination run wild? Colour also plays a role: a black and white photo offers different possibilities from a theme that is already rich in colour, for example.

In the influence of the eras

Repaint your printed detailed image and choose the style and the shade of colour which best suits you. Allow yourself to be inspired by the great artists and great eras of art. Thin the colours for romantic painting effects, for example. In this context you should use products with a 'glazed colour application'. Smaller colour details enable black and white photos to look more modern.

With short brush strokes and pastel shades on an acrylic or oil base, you could give your photo an impressionist touch! If you prefer stronger contrasts then experiment with different shades of black and white. If you blur the contours a little, it is easy to create a more fuzzy picture, in the style of Gerhard Richter.

Painting photo canvases

Be creative together

Would you like to have a unique family portrait which really characterizes your family? Then allow all of your family members to paint with you! You don't just have to use paintbrushes. You can add highlights to your picture with finger paint and create witty patterns. What about creating some dishevelled hair, for example, using colourful finger paint?

Additional effects can also be achieved with straightforward aids. With a simple sieve and toothbrush, for example, it is possible to create fine and colourful paint spatters on the canvas. With a little adhesive you can also decorate your picture with additional images and materials such as dried flowers or newspaper cuttings, but don't overdo things, otherwise your picture will end up looking overloaded. Remember that by adding the colour, a plastic effect will occur anyway.

Finally – if necessary – glaze the colours with a special varnish from your specialist painting supplies – and your personal work of art is finished.

Mother and her child painting photo canvases

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