Celebrating an anniversary with friends.

Celebrate an anniversary

Gifts, party decorations, & ideas for those big occasions

A big company anniversary, milestone birthday, silver wedding anniversary, and other anniversaries are good reasons to celebrate. You can choose to celebrate your anniversary with lots of guests at a rented location, invite people to brunch in the office, organise a casual barbecue party, or invite a few friends and family to a cosy get-together at home. Regardless of how big your party is, personalised gifts play a big part in the celebration. We have collected a few ideas on how to hold a successful anniversary party, choose matching decorations, and giving unique anniversary gifts.

Use a checklist to help plan your anniversary party.

Planning an anniversary party

Proper planning is crucial to ensure that your anniversary party is a success. Answering a few basic questions will help define a rough framework for your celebration:

  • What is your budget?
  • How many guests do you want to invite?
  • Can or should the party take place at your home, in a restaurant, or at a rented location?
  • When should the anniversary party take place?
  • How do you want to celebrate? (Brunch, afternoon tea and cake, or an evening dinner?)

By answering these questions, you are an important step closer to planning your party. You can find more planning tips and a useful checklist in our article on party planning.

Anniversary barbecue with personal charm.

Celebrate your anniversary with a summer barbecue

If you plan to celebrate your anniversary in the summer with a few guests, an outdoor party is a good idea. If you don't have a garden yourself, ask friends or family if you can use their garden. Alternatively, there are barbecue sites that you can rent in many parks. Make the perfect party with some cool drinks, tasty barbecue food, a decorated table, or simply a few cosy picnic blankets and cushions. To liven things up a little, bring along some outdoor games. Got some more inspiration from our tips for the perfect summer barbecue article!

A summer anniversary party with fun decorations.

Anniversary party decorations

A successful party needs to have the right decorations. With personalised photo products like the cool Photo stickers, Coasters, or Square Prints from ifolor, you can add a personal touch to your decorations. You can also make fantastic garlands with your own photos for a cool ambience. And don't forget to send out invitation cards early with all the important information, so your guests can keep the date free. Take a look at our decoration ideas for your party and some tips on how to design personalised invitation cards.

Cool party photos from the unforgettable anniversary.

Cool photos from your unforgettable anniversary party

It's not every day that you celebrate a special anniversary, and some are once-in-a-lifetime anniversaries. It is important to keep your memories alive from this special time, so take lots of photos, so you can relive it time and time again. Get creative and try some fun shots as well as the usual group photos. Photo booths are particularly popular, as they are lots of fun and usually make some great photos. Instead of renting a professional photobooth, simply set up a camera on a tripod and a remote shutter release in a small room or the corner of the party. Make a nice background and add some props and the guests can have some fun and take as many shots as they like!

After the party, order prints of the photos from the party and send them to your guests as a memento, or perhaps order them as a Photo Booklet using the ifolor app on your phone.

Give personalised gifts at an anniversary.

Anniversary gifts

Milestone birthdays or important wedding anniversaries are special events that require special gifts. To celebrate these special milestones, give the persona celebrating a special treat by making an individual and personal gift. Get some more inspiration from our gift ideas for a milestone birthday.

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