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Designed greeting card for Valentine's Day

The Perfect Candlelight Dinner Table with Photo Greeting Cards

What’s better than indulging your partner with dinner prepared by yourself on Valentine’s Day? You can give your dinner a bit more of a romantic touch with a lovely decorated table with personal greeting cards. Here we’ll give you tips for making the perfect arrangement.

The Basics for Arranging Your Candlelight Dinner Table

Candlelight is an integral part of any romantic dinner. Tea candles fulfil this purpose especially well when they’re placed in glass jars garnished with sand. For those of you who want to add a bit more of an eccentric touch, you can take a wine glass, flip it over, and place a candle on top. An especially romantic idea is to surround your sweetheart’s plate with tea candles in the shape of a heart. Another special decorative idea to use is the photo candle.

To really bring the ambiance to life for your romantic dinner, using the right colour combination is key. Red, for instance, is the classic colour of Valentine’s Day. Red flower petals scattered across a white tablecloth are especially well accentuated. Simple white plates and napkins positioned on a placemat with delicate rosy colour tones provide a lovely contrast. A bouquet of flowers in a stylish vase placed in the middle of the table will make your decorations that much more eye-catching. Red roses are always fitting for Valentine’s Day or you could always use your partner’s favourite flowers.

Romantic candlelight dinner table with red roses, wine bottle with photo label and photo card.
Romantic candlelight dinner table with red roses, wine bottle with photo label and photo card

Tips for Decorating with Photos

A self-designed photo greeting card will lend your dinner a personal touch and will serve as a wonderful memory of your evening spent together. Placed either directly on the plate or above it, it will be the centre point of your arrangement. You could use a romantic photo of the two of you together for the front side of an ifolor folded greeting card in landscape format. After choosing which greeting card you’d like to use, all you have to do is upload your photo(s) and select a fitting card design for Valentine’s Day. You can use the inside of the card to handwrite words of love or perhaps the menu of your candlelight dinner.

Another creative alternative for presenting the menu of your dinner is the Maxicard. Design your own with a photo of the two of you and cut them out in the shape of a heart. On the reverse side you can then list the menu items of the evening. Then set your menu cards in little cardholders to make them the highlight of your table decorations.

For those feeling especially romantic you can take your favourite photos of the two of you together, cut them into the shape of a heart, and arrange these on the table. An exquisite wine will top off your decorations. Just remove the wine label from the bottle and attach a romantic photo of you two in its place. You can also cut out the photo in the shape of a heart and make it into a little pendant for the bottle. It’s worth noting that an empty wine bottle also makes a great candleholder.

Decoration idea for Valentine's Day: A tealight on a turned wine glass
Decoration idea for Valentine's Day: A tealight on a turned wine glass

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