The perfect candlelight dinner

The perfect candlelight dinner

Inspirations for table decorations

What could be nicer than pampering your partner with a self-prepared dinner on Valentine’s Day? A lovingly decorated table with a personal greeting card creates a romantic flair. Here we’ll give you tips for a romantic evening for two and show you cute DIY ideas for the perfect table decoration.

Romantic table decorations for Valentine’s Day

Tips for romantic table decorations for Valentine’s Day

In order to stylishly stage a romantic dinner in your own home, you need to have a feel for the right table decoration. Matching napkins and table runners in natural colours together with your partner’s favourite flowers create a cozy atmosphere. When choosing the dishes and decorations, make sure that they match in terms of colour and style.

Photo coasters for loving memories

Our photo coasters are a creative idea for a romantic table decoration for Valentine’s Day. The customizable coasters made of cork not only prevent stains, they also give your table decorations a personal touch. Decorate them with lovingly selected pictures and show your partner which moments you particularly like to remember.

Photo coasters for a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day

Photo greeting card as a message of love

A self-designed photo greeting card gives the dinner a personal touch and is a nice reminder of the evening spent together. If you place it on or directly above the plate, it will become the centre of the arrangement. For example, you can use a romantic photo of the two of you to design the card. It is best to use our single folded greeting card with a practical envelope. A selection of suitable Valentine’s Day designs is available in the online editor. This will make designing the greeting card a piece of cake. On the inside you will have enough space for a personal handwritten message of love.

Photo greeting card as a romantic love message for Valentine’s Day

DIY idea: the menu card with a difference

Present your menu in a special way. Create an individual menu card with the help of our photo greeting cards. There are no limits to your creativity when it comes to the design of this card – whether you use a nice photo of the two of you, a nice font or playful ornaments. Designing the menu cards is particularly easy with our ifolor Designer. In addition to images, you can also use a pure text layout and a variety of clipart to design your menu cards.

Design creative menu cards for Valentine’s Day with the design software

DIY idea: Decorate the menu cards with a beautiful picture of the two of you. Our retro prints look particularly modern. For example, you can attach these to the menu cards with a nice ribbon and a small eucalyptus branch.


When designing menu cards, greeting cards, and other photo products, make sure that you use the same fonts and ornaments. In the end, this will result in a harmonious overall picture. Uniform image processing also works well for getting the perfect look.
DIY idea: Creative menu cards for Valentine’s Day

Photo stickers for loving details

Including personal details will help you create the perfect romantic atmosphere: Give your table decorations that special something with individual photo stickers. For example, stick our photo stickers on tealight holders or the wine bottle and put them in the limelight. If you use cutlery bags or if you creatively wrap the cutlery in a folded napkin, you can also use photo stickers for personalization. Design the photo stickers with carefully selected pictures or with a beautiful saying. You can use our design software, the ifolor Designer, to decorate the stickers with little love messages.

Create your individual photo stickers with a personalized message

First upload a coloured background as an image file and then insert a text placeholder. In addition to the script, you can also use clipart for the design.


Before you attach the stickers to the glasses, clean the glass surface with a little bit of window cleaner. Then simply put the stickers on the dry glass and you’ll have a special decoration.

DIY idea: Decorate candles with a sweet love message

Original deco-confetti from a Photo puzzle

Instead of spreading rose petals on the table, you can conjure up a particularly creative deco-confetti from a photo puzzle you have designed yourself. Use a floral pattern or a photo with a detailed flower motif so that the flowers can also be seen on the individual puzzle pieces. Insert a subtle text field with your love message or a special voucher that your sweetheart will only recognize after completing the puzzle. If you do this, you will be combining two great things: an original table decoration and a little activity with a surprise, while you, for instance, will be finalizing the dessert in the kitchen before serving it.

A romantic evening for two

It is well known that the way to the heart is through the stomach. For the romantic meal to be a complete success, there are a few things to consider during the preparation. First, come up with a great menu. Several courses are ideal for the romantic feeling. Ask yourself which dishes and foods your partner is particularly fond of. You can use Pinterest as a source of inspiration for the recipe search. There you will also find new and unusual recipes. Is your partner more down-to-earth when it comes to food? No problem, then you can be a little more creative with your drink selection. If you like to try something new that evening, you should try cooking the recipe beforehand. Nothing would be more disappointing than an overcooked dinner.

Once the special menu has been set, you can design and order your photo products and the individual menu card. You should also make a selection of music for the evening and have all your favourites ready in a playlist. Once the preparations have been completed, the flowers have been obtained and your photo products have arrived, you are all set for the candlelight dinner to come.

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