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  • The best wedding trends from recent years

    The best wedding trends from recent years

    Do you want your wedding day to be really special? Get inspiration from ifolor! We’ll introduce you to the wedding trends from recent years.

    These wedding trends will turn your wedding into a real highlight

    For many people their wedding day is the most beautiful day of their lives. To make your day really special, take inspiration from past wedding trends. It is always worth looking at pictures and ideas from other weddings. This way, you can often find out what you like and what you don't. After all, some of these wedding trends are ones we consider an essential part of today’s weddings! Check out our favourites in this article. If you’re looking for more up-to-date wedding trends, we also have this year’s 2022 wedding trends. Be inspired!

    Here are our favourite wedding trends from recent years

    Whether boho wedding or unusual floral decorations: some wedding trends are eternal classics. In our list you will find the most beautiful wedding ideas from recent years until today, which are guaranteed to turn your wedding into an eyecatcher:

    Eternal wedding trend: a boho-style wedding

    Eternal wedding trend: a boho-style wedding

    In recent years, the boho wedding has been pretty much the most popular wedding trend. Delicate natural shades combined with colourful, bright accents, rustic furniture, light chains and decorative elements of lace, macramé and feathers compose this romantic look, and instantly emanate lightness and casualness. Boho weddings are particularly photogenic because they have a very special charm. Colourful wild flowers are an essential item in boho-style weddings. As a table decoration, in the bride’s hair or as a bouquet, they are real eyecatchers on your special day. Combine wild flowers with dried flowers and pampas grass to add a playful touch to the overall image.

    Floral arrangements for dreamy accents

    There is hardly any other celebration that features flowers in such a central role as weddings. They look particularly striking and elegant as impressive and luscious arrangements – on tables, on benches or in the shape of a rose archway beneath which the couple says “I do”. The bright colours of the blossoms also add playful accents. Our tip: to create a balanced and harmonious overall image, you should match the arrangements to the colours of the rest of the decorations.

    Feature a variety of bridesmaid dresses for a playful look

    Feature a variety of bridesmaid dresses for a playful look

    Gone are the days when bridesmaids had to wear the same dresses at a wedding. It’s much more modern to choose bridesmaid dresses that don’t match. You have various options:

    • It is particularly popular to choose one single colour for the bridesmaid dresses, and to only change the cut of the individual styles. The advantage of this is that each bridesmaid can choose the cut that is the most flattering for her.
    • One casual variant is to determine one main colour, and to then select the dresses in various shades of the main shade. This creates a harmonious look, but also adds a touch of excitement to the overall image. We recommend using a light, medium and dark shade of the colour.
    • The third possibility is to choose the same cut for the bridesmaid dresses. In this case, it is perfectly okay to have the dresses in different colours. But it is best to pick colours that complement each other. For example, pastel shades are a particularly good choice.


    Our favourite: the greenery wedding

    At a greenery wedding, two colours play the leading roles: green and white. This style is particularly characterised by decorations of plants and leaves. Eucalyptus, ivy and ferns are very popular for decorating the room as garlands and table decorations. Wooden furniture and decorative elements skilfully complete this natural look. Details in metallic shades such as copper, gold and silver, as well as glass, also beautifully complement this greenery style. But note: the cleaner the overall image, the better.

    Wedding walls as cool statement pieces

    Wedding walls as cool statement pieces

    The wedding walls trend originated in the USA, and a few years ago it spread to us in Europe. We’re glad it did because wedding walls are an absolute eyecatcher at every wedding. You can unleash your creativity here: whether flowers, champagne, doughnuts or balloons, the different walls always look really cool! They add an individual touch to your wedding, and offer the perfect backdrop for fun wedding photos.

    Sustainable weddings

    The topic of sustainability is ever-present in all areas of our lives. In recent years, it has also taken the wedding industry by storm. More and more couples are opting for a “green” wedding. But how can you sustainably say “I do”? According to wedding planners, this already begins with the wedding preparations. For example, small weddings are much more environmentally friendly because fewer guests means less food, fewer gifts and thus less waste. And when it comes to food: if you would like your wedding to be as “green” as possible, you can resort to regional products when choosing food and drinks, and maybe even opt for organic meats and wines. When it comes to decorations, less is more. Or even better: rent instead of buy.

    These wedding trends are very hip in 2022

    If you’ve had your fill of the older wedding trends on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media, you may prefer the latest wedding ideas for 2022:

    • Stylishly say “I do”: a wedding without a wedding dress? Inconceivable. In 2022, this wedding trend proves to us that this is in fact possible. More and more women are marrying in a chic two-piece trouser suit! This looks both cool and elegant. 2022 grooms, on the other hand, are still donning the classic look. More light fabrics such as linen are being featured, and the wedding look is being accessorised with a casual waistcoat and bow-tie.
    • Tiny wedding or XXL wedding: this year, too, small weddings with just your family and closest friends are gaining popularity. Elopement weddings where the future married couple privately sneaks away to say I do are particularly gaining ground. The equally popular XXL parties with more than 100 guests stand in stark contrast to this.
    • Get married where others go on holiday: what is more beautiful than spending your unforgettable day in the bright sunshine?! Whether Greece, Italy or Spain: it’s true that getting married abroad requires a little more organisation, but the reward is a unique dream wedding. Getting married in Denmark is also bang on trend. Ideal for all Scandinavia fans!
    • Modern urban wedding: an urban wedding with a modern touch contrasts with the boho or greenery style because it features typical city elements. Particularly metallic colours such as rose gold, silver and copper are the stars, which are combined with tile and concrete accents to give your wedding an extravagant look.
    • 2022 decorative highlights: the matching decorations are absolutely essential at your dream wedding because they add an individual touch to the overall image. Now as in the past, floral decorations are also a must. In 2022, trendy wedding plants particularly include dried flowers, pampas grass, baby’s breath, wild flowers and pussy willow branches. You can brighten up your decorations with colourful blooms and fresh leaves. Another highlight is hand-crafted decorations such as DIY place cards or guest favours.
    • Long tables instead of round tables: round tables are one of the absolute classics at wedding receptions, but your wedding will look even more extravagant with a long and festively decorated table. In recent years, another trend has emerged: guests get to choose their own seats. We recommend this more for weddings with a manageable number of guests.


    These wedding trends are very hip in 2022

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