Switzerland’s most Instagrammable locations

Fabulously photogenic: These are the most Instagrammable spots in Switzerland!

Snow-covered peaks, luscious lakes and amazing architecture: Switzerland has quite a few highlights to offer. So it’s no wonder that the country attracts several million visitors a year who come to admire the breath-taking landscape and culture. These places are above all one thing – fabulously photogenic! Both in winter and in summer, you will find gorgeous motifs in Switzerland to liven up your Instagram feed with the flash of a camera. Whether idyllic mountain peaks, heavenly lakescapes or lovely house façades: ifolor has put together Switzerland's coolest Instagrammable spots for you.

1. The most beautiful photo spots in the Valais

In the southern canton of the Valais, you will find several Instagrammable locations to explore and photograph:

Zermatt – Instagram-hotspot number 1

Zermatt – Instagram hotspot number 1

An absolutely classic photo that definitely deserves a mention on our list is Matterhorn. The 4478-metre-high peak in the Swiss canton of the Valais features a unique panorama that will enchant every onlooker, making it one of Switzerland’s most popular travel destinations. One of the best spots to take a photo of the Matterhorn is by the Riffelsee lake because this is where the idyllic mountain is reflected in the water. Particularly at sunrise, you will find a breath-taking photo backdrop that will make your Instagram followers green with envy. To reach the Swiss landmark, you can drive to the nearby municipality of Täsch and park your car in one of the multi-storey car parks there. The municipality of Zermatt, where the Matterhorn is located, is a car-free zone. This is only a 12-minute train ride from Täsch.

Zermatt itself ranks among Switzerland's most attractive holiday villages. Both in summer and winter, you can partake in countless activities such as skiing, climbing or paragliding, and have a fun time in one of the numerous restaurants, bars and cafés. Besides, these activities are ideal for taking special photos from your vacation!

Just like a Wes Anderson film: Hotel Belvédère

Just like a Wes Anderson film: Hotel Belvédère

Hotel Belvédère on the Furka Pass in the Valais is the ultimate Swiss Instagram motif. Built at the turn of the 20th century, it ranks among the most popular Belle Époque hotels. Meanwhile, Hotel Belvédère is no longer open. However, every year, it attracts thousands of photography fans, wanting to capture the building. This is mainly attributable to the hotel’s breath-taking location on the panoramic street of the Furka Pass. To reach Hotel Belvédere, we suggest staying at a hotel in the nearby municipalities of Realp in Uri or Obergoms in the Valais.

Braving the heights of the Goms Bridge

Braving the heights of the Goms Bridge

The hanging bridge, Goms Bridge, connects the municipalities of Fürgangen and Mühlebach, and is an ideal destination for hikers and bikers. In addition, the 280-metre long bridge offers a perfect setting for beautiful Instagram pictures. Particularly in autumn, when the trees turn red, orange and yellow, the Goms Bridge becomes an absolute highlight that you simply have to feature on your Instagram feed.

The Aletsch Glacier, a miracle of nature

The Aletsch Glacier, a miracle of nature

The Aletsch Glacier is quite close to the Goms Bridge – a very special miracle of nature. It is the longest glacier in the Alps and has been recognised as a UNESCO Natural World Heritage site since 2001. Of course, the impressive landscape is also very popular with photographers. Would you also like to dedicate an Instagram post to the Aletsch Glacier? On one of the four vantage points of Eggishorn, Bettmerhorn, Moosfluh and Hohfluh, you will have a wonderful view of the glacier to capture the perfect shot.

2. Popular Instagram places in Berne and the environment

Berne has a whole lot of cool photo spots. Particularly the old town features an enchanting charm, and is definitely worth a trip. The city’s highlights include the Bundesterrasse terrace, the Marktgasse street with the Zytglogge clock tower, as well as the view from the Bern Minster. However, the nature around Berne is even more impressive. Discover picturesque landscapes that have the potential to become ideal Instagram shots.

Our favourite: Blausee, a lake in Bernese Oberland

Our favourite: Blausee, a lake in Bernese Oberland

You will capture what is probably Switzerland's bluest Instagram photo at Blausee. This lake is a gorgeous paradise for nature lovers, and should definitely be on your Swiss bucket list. Located in a small municipality in Bernese Oberland, Blausee shines a fascinating turquoise thanks to its crystalline waters and offers visitors delightful photo motifs all year round. Although admission costs about 8 to 10 Swiss francs, it’s definitely worth it. You will find numerous footpaths around the lake, which invite you to explore the idyllic mountainscape. At the various picnic and barbecue spots, you can relax in the sun with a view of the lake. You can also go boating and diving in Blausee – so it certainly won’t be boring here!

3. Mediterranean feeling: Our favourite Instagram places in Ticino

Here you will see a blend of Swiss natural landscapes with Mediterranean charm: Ticino. The Italian-speaking region in Southern Switzerland is particularly popular thanks to its special architecture, cuisine and culture, which are strongly influenced by Italian lifestyle. Whoever would like to capture the Swiss dolce vita in a photo should travel to the following locations:

Idyllic Valle Verzasca

Idyllic Valle Verzasca

Valle Verzasca is a valley nestled in a dreamy mountain world, which attracts hikers, mountainbikers, etc. One absolute highlight is its emerald green river, which in summer becomes a meeting point for numerous swimmers and sun worshippers. It’s no coincidence that this place is affectionately dubbed the “Maldives of Switzerland”. Over the river you will find the “Ponte dei Salti” bridge with double arches – a real eyecatcher that makes an impressive Instagram photo.

A magical place: Lugano

A magical place: Lugano

Lugano is the biggest city in Ticino and, together with Lake Lugano, a very beautiful region in the Alps. You will find amazing Instagrammable photos everywhere, particularly the view of the old town with the lake in the background. Other must-visits are also the charming village of Gandria on the eastern slope of Monte Brè, which is known for its romantic pathway along the shore of the lake, as well as the house façades with their colourful shutters, and Morcote, a former fishing village with picturesque architecture from the Middle Ages. Incredibly Instagrammable!

4. These are Zurich’s and Geneva's coolest places for Instagram pics

Whoever strolls through the streets of Zurich will soon notice how photogenic this city is. Narrow alleyways with colourful houses, traditional buildings, creative city life and the unique location on Lake Zurich are what make this metropolis a must-see on your photo tour of Switzerland. Here is our summary of the most Instagrammable places in Zurich:

  • Banks of the Limmat: The banks of the River Limmat are perfect for amazing sunrise photo shoots.
  • Augustinergasse: The Augustinergasse is a mediaeval lane lined with pastel-coloured houses. It looks like something out of a fairytale and is a very popular photo motif in Zurich.
  • Umbrella Alley:On Geroldstrasse you will find colourful umbrellas floating in the air, which don’t just look incredibly cool in pictures.
  • Muensterhof Fountain: Our tip: Arrive at Münsterhof Plaza early in the morning because it will be practically empty.
  • Lindenhof: On the Lindenhof hill, you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the city. Here, too, you can take really eye-catching photos of the sunrise.

The most Instagrammable places in Geneva

Welcome to Geneva! There is hardly any other city that is as multi-faceted as the French-speaking capital of the eponymous Swiss canton. This also makes it a popular destination for passionate photographers. Do you just want to liven up your Instagram profile? Geneva and its surroundings offer you a whole lot of beautiful locations:

Jet d’Eau
  • Jet d’Eau: The fountain is one of the landmarks of the city of Geneva. It was built in 1886 and, at 140 metres, ranks among the highest water fountains in the world. Whoever would like to take an unusual photo here can hire a pedal boat to take a close-up of the Jet d’Eau.
  • Broken Chair Sculpture:The iconic sculpture by Daniel Berset is a real eyecatcher and perfect for a special picture for your Instagram feed. It is located across the street from the main United Nations building.
  • Musée Ariana: The castle-like construction looks incredibly romantic from the outside. Make sure to follow an extensive photo session with a visit to the Museum’s ceramics and glass collections.
  • Carouge: The municipality of Carouge is a suburb of the city of Geneva, which is particularly renowned for its artist and bohemian scene. Everywhere you will find enchanting buildings and picturesque streets that emanate Italian charm and offer a beautiful backdrop for Instagram photos.
  • Chillon Castle: On the other bank of Lake Geneva in the canton of Vaud, you will find the cultural monument Chillon Castle on a rock. The old water castle takes you back in time, and should definitely be on your Geneva bucket list.

These are Lucerne’s best places for cool, Instagrammable pictures

The city of Lucerne is another popular Swiss travel destination for shooting beautiful, Instagrammable pictures. This is particularly thanks to its classic cityscape with a large number of attractive sights, as well as its idyllic natural setting with mountains and Lake Lucerne. Discover Lucerne’s essential sights and take your camera with you:

  • Chapel Bridge: Chapel Bridge is Lucerne’s landmark and the city’s number one Instagram spot. As the oldest wooden bridge in Europe, it offers a romantic setting for photos, particularly when the old town is reflected in the water.
  • Mount Pilatus: Are you in search of a unique mountain experience near the city? If so, pay a visit to Mountain Pilatus, to the south of Lucerne. Here you can look forward to a wonderful view, amazing hiking trails and, of course, beautiful photo spots.
  • Wine Market: In Lucerne’s car-free old town, you will find many beautiful locations that will look wonderful posted on your Instagram. Our favourite is the picturesque Wine Market that is known for being the location of one of the city’s oldest fountains.

On your photo tour of Switzerland, you will have captured a lot of pictures that not everybody has on their Instagram! Why not make the most of this? With ifolor you can design photo albums, calendars or wand decorations that will perfectly stage your photography creations!

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