Une utilisatrice en train de participer au Research Lab avec son smartphone et son ordinateur.

ifolor Research Lab:

Take Part and Tell Us What You Think

Your feedback is important to us. We’re committed to constantly improving your experience as a user on our digital channels and bettering our photo products. Your feedback is helping us to set new targets and make improvements.

Anyone can take part!

ifolor’s Research Lab.

In our Research Lab, we not only scrutinise our products and applications, but we also keep the following questions in mind on how we can make improvements.

  • How users perceive our products and brand
  • Products that users would like to see added to the ifolor range
  • How user-friendly our website and applications are (ifolor Designer and ifolor apps)
  • How easy it is to understand the information we provide and how intuitive our user flows are
  • How we can improve our customer experience

Over the past few months, we have had the opportunity to discuss a number of projects with our customers and incorporate their insights into developing our products. In this way, for example, we were able to significantly improve the user interfaces of our ifolor Designer for Windows and Mac

A group testing different photo products.

In a further survey on the ifolor app for Android, we tested how our new mobile design editor for photo books was received by our customers in terms of usability, simplicity and how easy it was to understand.

ifolor Research Lab: a group taking part in a survey.

Interested customers (newcomers are also welcome) can register as members for our Research Lab via our website. You will then receive a short survey from our partner testingtime. The survey serves as a tool to allocate you to the correct target group for future surveys and has a few short questions about your personal profile (gender and age), what devices you prefer using and also your preferences regarding photo products. For the above-mentioned survey on the Android app, we invited users who regularly use an Android smartphone and have already created a photo book.

If a survey is planned to take place on site at ifolor (e.g. a usability test), users come to our office in Zurich or Kreuzlingen on the day of the survey. We will explain the process and participants are then asked for their feedback. Your feedback and ideas are important to us and are discussed with our employees. Participants tell us what they like and what they think is less user-friendly. There are no right or wrong answers. We value all your opinions and incorporate them into the development of our products und user flows.

A group doing a test.
Feedback on an ifolor photo product.

We would thank those of you who actively contribute to the design and improvement of our products. Depending on how long and complex a survey is, we will give Research Lab members an ifolor voucher of up to a total value of CHF 60 to say thank you for their participation.

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