Crafting with photos: a heart-shaped collage with brilliant photos

The Photo Heart: A Photo Collage for the Wall

Memories with heart

Stacks and stacks of beautiful photos of special memories are often just stored somewhere in boxes or remain saved on your hard drive. Make use of your photos and create your own heart-shaped collage for your wall. We’ll show you how to create a heart shape out of your photos and how to attach them to the wall.

How to Create a Photo Heart in Just a Few Steps:

  • First pick out photos that depict your best memories that you’d like to see displayed on the wall. Photos from your last vacation, for instance, can be used to add a bit of a relaxed ambiance to your home. All that you’ll need are some photo prints and adhesive strips (or double-sided tape). The number of photos you’ll need depends on how large you want to make the heart; we recommend having 50 - 70 photos on hand to keep your options open.
  • To ensure you end up with the general outline of a heart, it’s best to take a pencil and lightly sketch the shape where you want it on the wall. You can also create a cool optical effect by positioning the axis of the heart in the corner of two walls with each half on a different side to give it the appearance of being folded between the two walls. Afterwards, make sure your heart is symmetrical by observing the heart from a distance.
  • Look for double-sided adhesive strips. For walls with wallpaper on them, make sure to use adhesive strips specially designed for such walls to ensure you’re not left with any unsightly tears later. This will also make it much easier to take down the photos at a later date. If you want to position the photos in a certain order, just lay them on the ground first in the correct position before attaching them. Then all you have to do is attach the adhesive strips to the photo and press the picture firmly to the wall. Whether you want to attach the photos starting from the outside or the centre is completely up to you.
Crafting with photos: a heart-shaped collage made with individual photos

Tips for the Arrangement

Depending on your mood and preferences, you can arrange the photos according to small nuances, a mix of black and white photos, or just make a huge intermixture of colour. You can also use different photo formats to provide a certain degree of variety. You could, for instance, place a large square photo in the middle of the heart and attach many smaller photos around it. The heart will be especially eye-catching if you arrange the bordering photos in landscape format seamlessly aligned and overlapping each other a bit. This will ensure you end up with a well-shaped and even border. Try to keep the distance between each photo consistent to guarantee the end result looks good on the wall. Alternatively, you could just throw caution to the wind and place the photos wherever you want.

You can attach fairy lights along the edge of your photo heart to make it really come alive at night. Your illuminated photo heart displayed in a dark room will be sure to catch the eye of everyone who sees it.

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