Decorate your home with your favourite memories from your

Decorate your home with your favourite memories from your

Memories with heart

Who doesn't have plenty of photos of nice moments lying around? However, we often don't have them on display. You can change this simply and creatively: design your memories in such a way that they will not only delight your heart, but also make your home nicer! This is extremely easy with photos from ifolor!

Quickly create your little work of art

First, search for photos of you and your friends and family, of your shared experiences, etc.

Upload your photos

Your photos will be developed on premium paper within one to two days and then sent to you by mail. Receive the photos by mail. The only things you now need are double-sided tape and a lot of cheerfulness!

Choose the size

Choose how big (or small) you wish to make the heart and where in your home you want to put it. You should order at least 50 to 70 photos, in order to be suitably flexible. You will need more small photos than larger ones, but this way you can of course use more photos. It is best to combine different sizes, as the visual change in dimensions makes it even more exciting to look at individual photos.


Decorate your home with your favourite memories from your

Attach the photos

Start in the middle and glue row-by-row to the outside. Don't forget to take symmetry into consideration when making your creation: take a few steps back at regular intervals.

A few tips

You can also design the heart using photos of different sizes. Black and white photos can look very elegant on a coloured wall. Smaller hearts are perfect for putting on the inside of your wardrobe.

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