The philosophy of photography.

The Philosophy of Photography

Photography is a visual language which makes it the most understood language in the world and the most important aspect of photography is its content. Yet many people tend to judge photography by its technical execution. However, even the perfect picture can be viewed as boring and meaningless. Thus, as early as the 1980s, the philosopher Vilém Flusser saw the technology of the camera as the strongest opponent of photography.

Finding the Perfect Moment

Photos are subject to different interpretations and the photo technique is not entirely unimportant. Used correctly, it can enhance a photo and make it indispensable. The technical and creative aspect from a photographer cannot be attributed to the technique or the camera. Photography is about capturing a moment in time that represents thoughts, ideas, visions and feelings.

An expressive photo taken in the evening.

In the Right Place at the Right Time

Even with a simple camera and a bit of inspiration you can take great photos. Most of the best photos are taken when you go out and explore beautiful places. If you take your time, you can often find the perfect frame and wait for the right moment. Being in the right place at the right time is an important requirement for a successful photo. In particular expressive photos are taken in the evening or before or after sunset or sunrise. Good lighting and the right moment will turn any motif into a unique photo even without using lots of camera accessories.

The philosophy of photography.

Perception and Originality

Every person has a different perception which therefore makes every single photo unique in its own way. The art of photography is not to be dependent on the camera. However, if the light and the right camera settings are not enough for the perfect snapshot, image editing is always an option. Modern photography is thus a combination of traditional photography and technology. A photo does not have to be completely real, but it has to look that way. It can sometimes be very difficult to distinguish an edited version of an image when comparing it to the original. "The eye makes the picture, not the camera" (Gisèle Freund). Philosophy of photography is all about taking some time out to reflect and gather some ideas in a world full of technology.



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