Craft ideas with children for Mother’s Day - photos, construction paper, and picture frames

Crafting with Children for Mother’s Day

Instructions for Three Craft Ideas

Crafts made by children always bring a smile to a mother’s face and children also have their own fun while making a gift for mum. Here we’ll show you three craft ideas for Mother’s Day with instructions on how to make them. The craft ideas shown here are suitable for doing with children ages three and up.

Fold-Out Heart with Photo Collage

For this craft project you’ll need the following materials: colourful construction paper of your choice in DIN A5 format, scissors, a glue stick, colourful ribbon, photos for the collage, and a hole punch.

How it’s done:

  • Draw a heart on the construction paper and cut it out. Cut out a second heart using the first heart you cut out as a guide so you end up with two identically shaped hearts. Both hearts will later be glued together.

Tip: If you decide to go with a darker colour for the heart shape, you can cut out another somewhat smaller and brighter heart to glue to one of the larger dark hearts to give you a bit of a brighter background for your photo collage.

  • You can now create your photo collage on one of the hearts. You can beautify your collage with some extra decorations or ribbon. Use your creativity to come up with something special.
  • Then cut through the other paper heart so you’re left with two congruent sides and glue each of them to opposite sides of the heart with the photo collage. Now you have a fold-out cover for your collage.
  • After that, take the hole punch and punch out holes on the sides of the two heart pieces on top of the photo collage. You can then use ribbon to tie both sides of the heart together.
  • You can also decorate or draw on the outside of the heart photo collage to really spruce it up.
A fold-out heart photo collage for Mother’s Day

Tip: Order a large photo in 13x18 cm format or several smaller photos in 9x13 cm format and later cut them out accordingly if need be.

Photo Flowers in Muffin Cup Frames

For the photo flowers you’ll need the following materials: paper muffin cups, suitable photos, 20x30 cm picture frames, A4 construction paper in a pattern of your choice, green construction paper for the flower stem, scissors, a glue stick, and photo stickers.

How it’s done:

  • First take the A4 construction paper with pattern and cut it down to size to fit inside the picture frame.
  • For the flower blossom cut out your selected photos so they fit inside the muffin cups. It looks a bit nicer if you use several muffin cups for each photo. Just use photo stickers or a glue stick to glue the muffin cups stacked in one another. Afterwards, just affix the photo on the inside of the upper muffin cup.
  • Then use the green construction paper to cut out the flower stems and petals and glue them to the patterned construction paper that you’ve already placed inside the picture frame.
  • Finally, take the muffin cups with photos inside and glue them on top of the flower stem as blossoms.
 A picture frame with muffin cup flowers

Stone and Wire Photo Stand

For the photo stand you’ll need: a stone of your choice, acrylic paint and brush, felt pens or glitter markers, thin wire, colourful beads, as well as a photo or greeting card.

All you’ll need to do is:

  • First start out by cleaning off the stone.
  • Then creatively paint and design the stone with something like a fanciful pattern or perhaps with loving words or short quotes. Both you and your child can turn the stone into your own personal canvas and come up with something really special.
  • Next, take about 50 cm of wire. Take one end of the wire and wrap it around the stone and over itself so the stone is held securely in place.
  • You can then decorate the wire above the stone with beads in a pattern of your choice.
  • Then take the upper portion of the wire and form two hearts next to each other or a spiral.
  • Now just stick a photo or Mother’s Day greeting card in between the wire hearts or spiral. All done!
Self-made photo stand with beads and stones

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