Design Balloon Release Cards for Your Wedding

Design Balloon Release Cards for Your Wedding

Love is in the air…

The release of helium balloons is a beautiful wedding tradition—even more so when attached to greeting cards. Each guest receives a helium balloon as well as a greeting card on which they write their wishes for the bridal couple. These cards are then attached to the balloons, and together the guests release them at the same time. The finder of the card and balloon can then send the card with their own well-wishes back to the happy pair, who experience a lovely moment when opening their post-box to find a reminder of the best day of their lives.

Today we’ll show you how you can design your own cards for a balloon release, and what you need to know ahead of time.

Design Tips for Your Personalised Release Cards

To allow the balloon to fly high and far, the attached card should be as light as possible. For this we recommend designing one of our postcards (which come in a practical set of 10).

Let your creativity fly free: put a picture of you (the bride and groom) on your card, or some other design that matches with the theme of your wedding. In a moment, we’ll deliver practical tips for creating your release cards quickly and easily.

Prepare the cards for your wedding balloon release

Personalised Balloon Release Cards with a Picture of the Bride and Groom

If you want to make your postcards very personal, design them with a photo of you, whether engagement photos or your favourite shots together from your last holiday. Perhaps you would like something more stylised—a picture of you holding each other’s hands is also a great idea.

Whether you have chosen but one or many pictures, with the help of our design templates, in just a few clicks of the mouse you can quickly and simply embellish your cards with an inscription or your names.

options for your balloon release postcards
Design template: “Heart, transparent.”

Apps are also helpful when designing your postcards. With help from the Rhonna App, you can decorate pictures with captions, icons, or clip art in suitable colours.

Balloon release cards designed with the help of apps

Design Your Own Postcard

Of course with the help of a professional graphic programme, you can create your own design, but it’s simpler with an app. The aforementioned Rhonna Designs app is a great tool for editing your photos, as well as designing your own graphics and scripts. Thanks to the multiple design options of the app, in mere moments you can adjust the card to the colour scheme of your wedding. Just open the app and, rather than uploading a photo, choose a white or colour background. With the help of clip art you can also add flower tendrils, flowers, and other graphics.

Design your own postcard with the help of the Rhonna App

The Back for Well-Wishes

Once the front has been designed, now it’s time to turn to the back. Upload your design image or photo online in our Photo Service App. On the back of the postcard, you can add text or pictures.

Save your guests a little time by preparing the back side of your postcard beforehand with a formula they can quickly fill out later. We recommend some of the following:

  • Name of Guest(s):
  • To the happy couple:
  • My wishes for you:

Also add a message for the finder of the card so s/he knows what to do with the card. Encourage her or him to write a name, date, and location where the card was found before sending it back:

 “To the Finder of this card: please send me back to the newlyweds.”

The design of the back side of the postcard

Tips and Suggestions for Releasing Helium Balloons in Switzerland

This is naturally a lovely tradition, but before you send hundreds of balloons to the heavens, there are a couple things to make sure of. Find out if balloon releases are permitted in the area of your wedding, and find out if you need to apply for a permit to do so.

In addition to the above, make sure your postcards are addressed and stamped before the release. In order for the balloons to travel high and far, it’s critical they’re also light. Foil balloons are of course more expensive, but they release less gas and typically fly higher. Latex balloons, however, will suffice. Make sure they are filled as full with helium as possible, as they will slowly lose gas over the day.

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