Clippings from a chat history in a photo book

Creating a Photo Book out of Chat Transcripts – A Unique Valentine’s Day Gift

Turn your shared history into a truly memorable and valuable gift

The chats you have exchanged over time with your partner or your best friend are definitely a part of your shared history. Whether over WhatsApp, Facebook, or text message, a shared chat history usually contains real treasure. Immortalize the history of your relationship with selected chat sequences und great pictures of unforgettable moments in a picture album. Here we show you how to do just that.

The Beginning of a Love Story as a Photo Book

Think back to the start of your relationship, whether the inaugural meeting or your initial date. From the beginning encounter to your first shared apartment — you’ll definitely find tons of funny, romantic, or meaningful conversations with particular sentimental value in your chat history, not to mention pictures you’ve exchanged, or places with special, mutual significance. Encapsulate these memories in the form of a rare picture album and surprise your partner with it on Valentine’s Day.

The Chat Photo Book for Your Best Friend

Among friends, the discussions found in the chat history reflect events and adventures planned. Immortalizing your shared chat history isn’t just a nifty gift for your sweetheart; this is also a special trip down memory lane with real value for your best friend. What has your friendship created and what experiences have you shared with each other? Turn your best chat moments into a matchless Valentine’s Day present for your best friend.

How a Chat History Becomes a Photo Book

It’s important to look for particular chat sequences in your history, in order to fill the album with particularly memorable highlights. The very first messages are naturally a must, but the special compliments, funny moments, or first date are highly suitable for a photo book.

Make Screenshots of Your Chats

The simplest way to capture your chat history is to make screenshots of the selected chat sequences. The screenshots can be easily fixed, cropped and pasted into the photo book later. With free online tools like Fotor you can crop, edit, perfect, and save the chat pictures in just a few clicks.

Complement with Photos of Happy Memories

Your chat history alone is a great monument to your relationship, but with pictures you can bring a memory to life. Perhaps you have a corresponding photo from the day or experience you corresponded over? Maybe your photos come from the chat itself. Party pictures, theater tickets, or that first selfie together next to the consequent messages will complete your album as a keepsake.

Double pages with chat extracts and photos

Design an Album with Your Chat History and Pictures

Design your album online or use the vast array of design tools from ifolor Designer, which is available to you for free in our download center. Pick out any one of the ifolor photo books that suit your Valentine’s gift. As an example, the Photo Book Deluxe comes in four different formats. In hardcover with a robust binding, it’s a classic among photo books.

Design Your Page Layout

Now with the help of templates and image placeholders you can design your album with chats, photos, and clip art. Complement each page with a picture and chat conversation and frame them elegantly. It’s better to think ahead of time on a theme that runs throughout the whole album, ensuring a good flow. You can save the page layout as single- or double-sided and apply this throughout the whole album.

Albumpages with chat extracts and photos

Choose a Background

Use the chosen pictures as a background on the corresponding pages by dragging the photos with your mouse over the margin until the background lights up. In the context menu of the background image you can adjust the picture to the page, for example by fading the photo in order to bring out the foreground. Alternatively, you can leave the background white or, under “Backgrounds,” choose a fitting color or structure. Likewise, you can adjust the color and intensity of these backgrounds.

Add Text

To give your chats chronology and bring your personal history together, it’s a great idea to add captions to some or all of your pages. This is useful for explaining the backstory of your chats, sharing your personal thoughts at that moment, or briefly reminding the recipient of what happened after that conversation. Place a text field simply by dragging and dropping at the desired spot, and adjusting the background, font, and text color by preference.

Design a Cover

Almost anything is possible for creating your cover. Use a beautiful photo of you together, or create a collage from your favorite moments for your title page. Various frames and clip art can be used to embellish whatever you choose. Provide your special photo book with your names and a fitting title, and your Valentine’s surprise is ready.

Cover of a photo album for Valentine’s Day

Allow your chat history to tell your personal (love) story through the album. With this original Valentine’s present the recipient is really in for a surprise. We wish you lots of fun in the making and presenting of this fabulous gift.



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