Birthday Card Messages & Wishes

Birthday Card Messages & Wishes

Finding the Perfect Saying or Message for Birthday Cards

Happy Birthday! When our loved ones celebrate their birthday, we want to make them feel really special. In addition to a birthday present, a birthday card is a must-have for any birthday. However, sometimes it’s easy to feel lost for words when writing a birthday card. A lovely birthday message along with a suitable quote or a humorous saying always go down really well. This way, you can make your loved ones feel really special by adding a personal touch. We have put together some birthday wishes, quotes and sayings to help you get inspired for the next time you need to write a birthday card.

Designing Your Own Individual Birthday Greetings Card

At ifolor you can design a completely personalised greetings card for a birthday. The folded single greetings card is best suited for this or the folded maxi card for milestone birthdays. You can choose from a variety of templates for your design and then add your photos, best wishes and a suitable birthday message to your chosen templates. This can easily be done online on the Design Editor or you can download the app to create your cards with even more design options.

The greetings card is 20x10 cm and has a 20x20 cm format when unfolded. The classic folded card offers you space for photos and your personalised birthday wishes on the front and inside of the card.

Quotes and Sayings About Getting Older

Lots of people fear getting older, as we all get a year older each year on our birthday. However, getting older is something we should embrace and we should learn to enjoy each and every stage of our lives. Below we have listed some quotes and sayings that emphasise the beauty of ageing.

  • “Age is not a barrier to success; it’s a ladder to wisdom.” (Unknown)
  • ‘’Aging is not a curse but a privilege, and the good news is that we can all become better versions of ourselves with age.” (Mary Buchan)
  • “You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” (C.S. Lewis)
  • “Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be.” (Robert Browning)
  • “It is not how old you are, but how you are old.” (Jules Renard)
An individually designed birthday card is a lovely addition to any birthday gift.

Funny Birthday Wishes and Sayings

A birthday is all about celebrating and it should be a very special day that is full of lasting memories. If you know someone who loves to laugh, you can add a funny birthday message to their birthday greetings card to make sure they chuckle.

  • “Happy birthday to one of the few people whose birthday I can remember without a Facebook reminder.” (Unknown)
  • “It is scientifically proven that people who have more birthdays live longer. (Unknown)
  • “Happy birthday! Can you believe we used to think people our age were adults and had their life in order?” (Unknown)
  • “Congratulations on getting slightly older!” (Unknown)
  • “I regret to inform you that your childhood has EXPIRED.” (Unknown)
Writing a personal message in a birthday card.


Have your birthday wishes or birthday message printed directly onto your card. You can choose the font, colour and size and then use the text boxes for your text. Finish off your birthday card by signing it.

Birthday Wishes and Sayings for Milestone Birthdays

Milestone birthdays are very special and they are often celebrated in a big way. For these types of birthdays you should write a wonderful message to match the occasion. Below we have listed some sayings and wishes to help you get inspired!

  • ‘’If you don’t do wild things while you’re young, you’ll have nothing to smile about when you’re old. Happy 18th birthday!’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Getting closer and closer to the big 3-0 and when your responsibilities and choices will matter! Enjoy these nice and easy years ahead of you!’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Happy 30th! You don’t look a day over 29.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’40, the age you get your head together, but your body starts to fall apart.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’You’re proof that 50 is fierce and fabulous!’’ (Unknown)


The simple or folded maxicards are ideal for longer birthday messages. They come in A4 format, which offers plenty of space to write a lovely birthday message. Combined with fantastic photos, your family or friends can then pop their maxicard birthday card into a photo frame and enjoy looking at it time and time again as a great memento, or it can even be hung up on the wall.

Folded Maxicard

The extra-large maxicard is perfect for milestone birthdays or as an addition to a larger gift. They have an A4 format and when unfolded they have an A3 format. You can create a colourful collage of amazing photos for your birthday card and add a birthday inspired quote or saying.


You can individually design your maxicard in A4 format (29.7x21 cm) with your photos and any text you like on the front. There is space for your birthday wishes or a suitable saying on the back. Your design will look fabulous on the semi-gloss paper.

Birthday Messages for When You Are Lost for Words

Lots of people know how they would like to wish someone a happy birthday, but they are never sure how to find the right words. Below you will find some classic birthday wishes and sayings.

  • ‘’Celebrate not just another birthday, but another year of incredible experiences and opportunities.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Each birthday is not just an age, it’s a testament to your life’s story.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’In the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years.’’ (Abraham Lincoln)
  • ‘’Whatever with the past has gone. The best is always yet to come.’’ (Lucy Larcom)
  • “Don't just count your years, make your years count.” (George Meredith)

Birthday Wishes from Afar

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to wish someone a happy birthday in person or to attend their birthday party. However, an individually designed card and a personal message is a wonderful way to surprise that special someone on their birthday, especially when you cannot be there on their special day.

  • ‘’Treat yourself to something special today—because you ARE something special.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Another year older and you still look amazing! I don’t have to be in person to know THAT is true.’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Cheers to you on your birthday! I’ll be raising a glass in your honour. Maybe even three or four…’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Me here, you there. Not fair! But you’ll still have a fabulous day because it’s a celebration of how fantastic YOU ARE, Enjoy!’’ (Unknown)
  • ‘’Whenever you have a quiet moment today, know that I’m thinking of you and hoping your day’s the happiest.’’ (Unknown)

We hope that we have been able to inspire you with our collection of birthday wishes, quotes and sayings. Choose quotes or sayings for your individually designed birthday card that match the person’s personality. Hobbies, interests, achievements or even difficult chapters in someone’s life can help to give you some ideas about what you should write in a birthday card. This will help you to add a personal touch to your birthday card. With the right inspiration, you can get started right away and create a very personalised birthday card for your family and friends!

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