Bike to Work @ifolor: A challenge for health and the promotion of sustainable mobility

Bike to Work @ifolor: A challenge for health and the promotion of sustainable mobility

In 2021, the ifolor team again took part in the famous Bike to Work challenge from May to June. Due to the different circumstances, private trips by bicycle could also be counted this year as most employees still work from home. The current situation in particular is likely to have boosted employees’ motivation to take part in the Bike to Work challenge as with regularly working from home they long for more fitness in their everyday lives.

3,101 kilometres

Five ifolor teams took part in the challenge, cycling a total of 3,101 kilometres in 343 cycling days. A result to be proud of! A huge success and great fun for the employees taking part.

10 kilometres = 1 tree

It was not only the health of the employees that was promoted: To add even more incentive to the challenge, ifolor has also decided to plant a tree for every 10 kilometres cycled by each employee. As a result, the ifolor forest has grown by a few more trees. Find information on other ifolor company forest campaigns here.

Of course, by avoiding trips by car and going by bike more, employees were able to reduce CO2 emissions. A great project all around, and ifolor is already looking forward to the 2022 Bike to Work challenge.

Bike to work
Bike to work

What exactly is Bike to Work?

Bike to Work is a Switzerland-wide campaign to promote health in companies. Every year, more than 70,000 commuters pedal to work instead of using the usual means of transport. Thanks to Bike to Work, around 2,400 companies are strengthening the team spirit and fitness of their employees and committing themselves to sustainable mobility behaviour.

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How does the Bike to Work challenge work?

A company registers the business for the challenge and pays the entry fee. The company’s employees form teams of four and cycle to work on as many days as possible. The kilometres covered are entered online in the challenge calendar. Anyone who has used their bike on at least half of their working days will be entered into the prize draw. There are prizes worth over CHF 120,000 to be won.

Who’s behind it:

Bike to Work is a project run by Pro Velo Switzerland. The association Pro Velo Switzerland campaigns for the interests of cyclists. The aim is to promote the bicycle as an environmentally friendly, energy-saving and healthy means of transport.

More information about Pro Velo Switzerland:

Bike to work
Bike to work

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