• Black Friday: what is it actually about?

    In the USA, the Friday after Thanksgiving is referred to as Black Friday. Thanksgiving is always the fourth Thursday in November. The next day is therefore regarded as the start of the long family weekend and the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

    It is unclear how the word “Black” became added, but there are various theories about this. One theory is that the swarms of people who go shopping on this day look like a black mass from a distance. Another explains the name as being the day when retailers have the opportunity to get their figures out of negative territory – from the red into the black.

    In any case, Black Friday should not be confused with “Black Thursday”, the day of the 1929 stock market crash in New York. The name Black Friday came about back then because of the time difference: Friday had already begun in Europe while it was still Thursday on the other side of the Atlantic. This meant that the stock market crash occurred on a Friday in Europe, but on a Thursday in America.

    Our Black Friday & Cyber Monday tips for 2023

    • Create your ifolor product early
      That way, you just need to submit your order when the time comes.
    • Subscribe to our newsletter
      That way, you can stay up to date and find out about the discounts in good time.
    • Reserve your item
      Put the item you want in your shopping basket in the relevant online shop now. Then you just need to place the order.
    • Make a shopping list
      It is well worth doing your Christmas shopping on Black Friday. So, make a note in good time of what gifts you want to buy for whom.
    • Create a wishlist for yourself
      That way, you won’t forget anything and you can simply order the things you want one after another.
    • Start looking in plenty of time
      That way, you won’t lose any time and will know exactly what you need.
    • Be quick
      Most offers are for a limited time only.
    • Use secure payment methods
      When paying online, make sure that the internet connection is encrypted and that you use a secure payment method. You can tell this from the small locked padlock symbol or the “https” in the address line of your browser.