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When will I receive my prints?

We usually deliver your photos on premium photo paper within 1 to 2 days straight to your letterbox, with the invoice enclosed.

How long will it take before I receive my photo products?

We produce your photo products within 3-4 working days (photo book Premium, photo book Deluxe, photo book Soft: 5 working days) and then send them directly to the address you specify.

Can I send photos to my friends and relatives?

If you enter two different addresses for the delivery and the invoice, we deliver the order directly to the address you specify. We then send the invoice to the customer, i.e. directly to you. This is a great way to give pleasure to others while sparing yourself the bother of mailing the products. It’s ideal when things have to happen quickly!

Can I put text along the edge of a photo?

In digital exposure 3 % of the image height and width of your photo is cropped. If you want to add text to a photo, please make sure it is not right along the edge.

Why do photos and photo products different in exposure and print?

Photos and photo products are produced in different production processes involving different colour spaces, photos in RGB (Red-Green-Blue), photo products CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Key black).
If you compare the two processes, you may notice that the outcome is different. To provide our customers with optimum photo quality for photo products as well, we run an automatic image quality enhancement process prior to printing.

Can I make changes once I have submitted my order?

No. All orders are processed in an automatic process and cannot be changed, deleted or merged once an order has been submitted.

Can I reorder photo products?

Yes. Your photo products can be reordered within 30 days after your initial order by using the reorder link. Alternatively, just let us know what you would like to reorder by sending an e-mail to service@ifolor.ch. We only need your customer number and the order number of the photo product (you will find this on the reserve of the photo product) and the quantity required. Please mention in the object "Reorder".


Can I order different photo products at the same time?

Yes, it is possible to place a mixed order, including both an unrestricted number of digital photos and different photo products. Products that have been created online and offline cannot be combined.


Which type of digital images can I send to be processed?

a) using web upload and ordering software:

JPEG is the format currently enabled for sending images. Images in JPEG2000 file format will not be processed.

b) using a CD, USB stick or chip:

JPEG, TIFF and BMP are the formats currently enabled for sending images. Images in the file formats JPEG2000 and LZW-TIFF will not be processed.

There is something wrong with my order with GIF image files. What should I do?

The GIF-format is not suitable for imaging, which is why you are unable to send these files. Please save your image files in JPEG format to ensure that your pictures turn out well and you have no problems with your order, and send them to us again.

How long does it take on average for a photo to reach the photo lab via the Internet?

We cannot give an exact answer to this question. The time it takes to send digital images depends on the size of the individual photo, the amount of image data involved and your Internet connection. If sending the digital images takes too long, please also check the security settings.

What is the optimum image data size when ordering photos and photo products?

a) Ordering photos:

The optimum size or resolution in pixels (height x width) depends on the format of the photo you are ordering.

10 cm format, approx. 2 megapixels
11 cm format, approx. 2 megapixels
13 cm format, minimum 3 megapixels
20 cm format, minimum 4 megapixels

b) Ordering photo products:

Excellent results can be obtained with images as small as 1 megapixel (approx. 1280 x 960 pixels).

When I order photos using a CD, what kind of CD should I use?

Do not use an “-RW” CD.

The CD should be closed, i.e. not a multisession CD.
Please make sure that no special characters such as forward slash (/) or ampersand (&) appear in the file name. Images in the file formats JPEG2000 and LZW-TIFF will not be processed.

What do I have to watch out for when using a Mac?

Make sure that the CD you use is burned in ISO-9660 or hybrid mode. The file extensions .jpg / .jpeg / .tif or .tiff must be included. CDs without file extensions will not be processed.

Please do not use the iPhoto program to burn a CD-ROM. We are unable to properly process photos burned in this way.

What should I do if the address I enter is not accepted?

First check that the address really is correct and that all the mandatory fields (fields marked with an asterisk *) are filled out correctly. This includes entering a five-digit postcode for Germany, a four-digit postcode for Switzerland, and the @ character in the e-mail address, for instance. Make sure no special characters are used (e.g. []|'$&%). If problems persist, please contact ifolor customer service. If the postcode-city combination is indicated to be as incorrect, a field with the available combinations opens below the postcode.

Firewall and Viruses


Firewalls regulate the transfer of data from and to the Internet – sometimes too rigorously! To ensure that ifolor software can transfer data you should set your firewall to enable the software. Add ifolor to the list of trusted providers.

Where can I find out which security settings are activated on my computer?

You will find the security settings in your browser. In Internet Explorer for instance, you can assign access rights for software in the Security/Security Settings area of Internet Options. Please lower the security setting prior to download so you can download and install the ordering software. Please lower the security setting prior to download so you can download and install the ifolor Designer.

Make sure you configure your Internet Explorer to allow “Active Scripting and Cookies” for ifolor.net.

Virus scanners

Various virus scanners intervene in and disrupt active data traffic. This is often the cause of data transmission problems. Add ifolor to the list of trusted providers.

Technical Aspects

How high is the resolution of digital photos?

The resolution of digital photos is 300 dpi.

What is the optimum colour space for digital image files?

Digital image files only support the sRGB (Standard-Red-Green-Blue) colour model. Digital cameras automatically save data in the sRGB model.

Can I develop grey-shade images (black and white)?

Yes, as long as the image remains in the RGB model or was sent to ifolor stored in that model.

Can I print images from my video camera?

Yes, but please note the recommended minimum size:
10 cm format, approx. 2 megapixels
11 cm format, approx. 2 megapixels
13 cm format, minimum 3 megapixels
20 cm format, minimum 4 megapixels

Why do my photos have different sizes?

The aspect ration 2 : 3 (height to width) originates from small photos in analog photography. Other photo formats (e.g. 10 cm x 15 cm) are based on this, also with the ratio 2 : 3. Most digital cameras take photos in a ratio of 3 : 4, i.e. the photos are close to being square in shape.
We produce your images uncropped and without white edging, with a variable image length for the whole motif. The choice of format determines the height of the photo; the width results from the aspect ratio.

The length of the photo may vary as follows, depending on how the camera is set:
for format 9 cm: between 8.9 cm and 13.3 cm
for format 10 cm: between 10.2 cm and 15.3 cm
for format 11 cm: between 11.4 cm and 17.1 cm
for format 13 cm: between 12.7 cm and 19.0 cm
for format 20 cm: between 20.4 cm and 30.6 cm

What happens when a photo has a different aspect ratio (white borders)?

If you select a photo with an aspect ratio greater than 2 : 3 (e.g. a panorama photo), which means it would theoretically project beyond the maximum length in the selected format height, the photo is given a white edge along the two longer sides and is then produced in the format ordered.

A warning message appears – what should I do?

If you try to send a photo whose resolution is too low, a warning message appears. You can ignore this warning and still send your digital photo to be processed. However, the photo will not have the usual sharp quality.

I can’t download the software. What should I do?

Shut down your computer and reboot it. Try to download the file again. If it still doesn’t work, please contact ifolor customer service.

What should I do if I cannot get a connection to the ifolor server?

First check that you are on-line and that the ifolor ordering software has been able to set up an Internet connection. If you are sure that the problem is not due to the absence of an Internet connection, check the type of Internet access you have. It is important to have at least one fully functional dial-up connection already configured and in use (local networks are an exception; please see below). Providers such as T-Online and AOL do NOT provide a dial-up connection in the DAC configuration, only their own proprietary interfaces. However, all providers offer the possibility of setting up a dial-up connection (T-Online for example has a separate menu item for this in its T-Online software). If a problem of this nature should arise, you should contact your provider.

What should I be aware of when connected to a local area network (LAN)?

A common characteristic of local area networks and corporate networks is that the computer itself does not have a dial-up/Internet connection; instead, its Internet access is provided by another computer (gateway). To be able to use the gateway, the computer often has to use a proxy or there may be restrictions regarding Internet use. If this is the case, please speak to your system administrator.

What should I be aware of when using a proxy server/router?

In local area networks, proxies/routers are often used as a means for internal computers to establish an outside connection. In a typical local/corporate network the use of a proxy is mandatory, not optional. In such cases, the proxy must also be entered in the ifolor ordering software. If in doubt, use the same settings in the ifolor ordering software as those required in Internet Explorer. In the case of questions, please contact your system administrator.

What should I do when my connection is always interrupted at the same point?

Image transfer is interrupted after x minutes or image transfer always disconnects after the nth image (always the same images).
Check if the dial-up connection has been configured to disconnect automatically after a set amount of time.

Click the relevant connection under Start -> Settings -> Control Panel -> Networks and Dial-up Connections (e.g. T-Online, Swissonline, etc.). On the “Options” tab set the idle time to “Never” and confirm with “OK”. Please also check whether you try to transfer a particularly large image.

How to uninstall the ifolor Designer?

To uninstall ifolor Designer, please follow the steps for your operating system:

  • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
  • Double-click Add or Remove Programs.
  • Scroll down to find ifolor Designer and click it.
  • Click Remove, then Yes, then Finish.


  • Go to your Applications folder and search for the ifolor Designer application.
  • Right-click the ifolor Designer application icon and select Move to Trash.

Should you encounter any difficulties, please see the Installation errors section of this article.



How do I go about ordering a photo book?

1.    We recommend that you install the ifolor Designer in order to design photo books. You can download the ifolor-

       Designer by clicking here. First of all, draw up a kind of ‘storyboard’ for your photo book and select the photos you

       would like to put in it. First of all, draw up a kind of ‘storyboard’ for your photo book and select the photos you

       would like to put in it.
2.    Select your product and its design on-line.
3.    Transfer your photos.
4.    Create your own individual photo book with just a few clicks of the mouse.
5.    We will deliver your photo product including invoice straight to your door in 3–5 working days.

How does the Express function work?

The Express function can be used either after you have sent the images, i.e. right at the start, or while the product is being created. The Express function places as yet unused photos on the pages of your photo product that are still empty. You can either choose to have a variable number of images per page or specify a set number.

Does the Express function always load the photos in the order in which I uploaded them?

The size of each individual image often varies considerably, which affects the time it takes to upload them. The larger the size of the image, the longer it takes to upload. The software always detects the order in which you add your images for sending. However, due to the different image load times, the order in which your photos are uploaded may change. In other words, if you use the Express function, your photos are added in order (according to the image load times).

Does the photo book program recognise whether it’s dealing with landscape or portrait format?

No, the photo book program cannot recognise the photos as such. Please use the preview function so that you can make corrections if necessary before making your final order.

What corrections can I make?

There are various ways of making corrections, including rotating an image, moving, enlarging or reducing part of an image and correcting text.

Can I alter the number of pages and cover page when creating a photo book?

Yes, you can reselect both the number of pages and cover page as you create your photo book.

Can I alter the format of my photo book once I‘ve started creating it?

No, once you have started creating your photo book you can no longer change the format. In order to do so, please create a new photo book.

Can I use special characters in the text fields of the photo products?

Yes, special characters can be inserted into text fields of the photo products.

Can I make any corrections to the product order once I have sent it off?

No. As soon as your order has been sent off it can no longer be changed, because of the fully automated process.

Can I alter the format and style when creating a photo calendar?

Yes. You can switch between formats (portrait and landscape) and styles (black and white) while creating your calendar.

Can I order photo products on CD too?

Yes, provided you use ifolor Designer for Windows to create them. Please burn the book directly in the address mask.

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