Switzerland’s most beautiful campsites

These are the most beautiful campsites in Switzerland!

During the day, enjoy the sun on the lake or in the mountains; at night, sleep under the stars: Sounds like a wonderful break, doesn’t it? And you don’t even have to travel that far! For a few years, camping has been gaining popularity. We think this is great because what could be better than relaxing in nature? Particularly the Swiss campsites rank among the most beautiful in Central Europe, and every year they continue to be popular travel destinations for Germans, many other nationalities from surrounding countries. If you are also longing to take a holiday in the great outdoors this year, you are sure to find our list of Switzerland’s best campsites very helpful. Here are our 10 favourites:

Idyllic campsites on Switzerland’s lakes

For many people an essential part of summer is to bathe in the lake while basking and tanning in the sun. Particularly during the warm months, campsites by the water are absolute hot spots. Would you also like to stay cool on holiday? If you visit one of the idyllic campsites on Switzerland’s lakes, you are sure to enjoy a cosy and relaxing break:

Idyllic campsites on Switzerland’s lakes

Campofelice Camping Village by Lago Maggiore

In Tenero, on the Swiss shore of Lago Maggiore, you will find one of the most popular campsites in Switzerland. But the term campsite doesn’t do justice to the amenities of Campofelice Camping Village, which has a total of 581 camping spaces over 15 hectares, 107 rental accommodations, such as bungalows, cottages or holiday flats, and 130 long-stay camping spaces. That’s why Campofelice calls itself a Camping Village. What makes the Camping Village so special is its approximately 400-metre long private beach along Lago Maggiore. It's sure to get you in the holiday mood! In addition, the campsite scores points for its proximity to the towns of Locarno and Ascona, and is the ideal starting point for all outdoor lovers who want to explore Ticino by hiking or biking.

Luxurious: TCS Camping Sempach

TCS Camping is the largest provider of campsites in Switzerland, and features one of the most beautiful campsites for visitors: TCS Camping Sempach. Right on the shore of Lake Sempach in the canton of Lucerne, the campsite is ideal for simply kicking back and relaxing. Stroll along the beautiful beach promenade. The beach bar is a particular highlight at sunset. If you are feeling sporty, take a bike ride around Lake Sempach, and enjoy the gorgeous nature.

Camping Silvaplana nestled in the Grisons mountains

Not far from St. Moritz, in the Upper Engadine, Camping Silvaplana particularly stands out due to its wide variety of leisure activities. Lake Silvaplana is an absolute water sports paradise because its Maloja wind makes it perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing. In the idyllic mountain world around the campsite, hikers and bikers can enjoy wonderful trails. The water trail “Ils Lejins”, which takes nature lovers through the unique lake and plant world of the High Alps, is highly recommended.

Camping Silvaplana nestled in the Grisons mountains

Camping in nature at the Seeli Campsite on Lake Seelisberg

Crystal clear water and a flat sandy beach are some of the delights of the Seeli Campsite on Lake Seelisberg in the canton of Uri. This is particularly suitable for families because various playgrounds, a rowing boat rental and beach volleyball courts offer fun activities for both children and adults. From 1 June to 31 December, hobby anglers can even go fishing here! This campsite is particularly quiet because no vehicles are allowed on the campsite. Instead, there are countless beautiful footpaths that you can explore at your leisure, while leaving your car at the car park which is located at the entrance of the village.

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The most beautiful campsites in the mountains

Switzerland is particularly renowned for its dreamy mountainscapes. If you, too, would like to enjoy the beautiful views from Switzerland’s peaks, take a short break to one of its many campsites. Inhale the fresh mountain air, close to flora and fauna and far from any civilisation – for pure relaxation! These are our three favourite campsites in the Swiss mountains and Alps:

The highest campsite in Switzerland: Camping Arolla

Switzerland’s highest campsite is situated at a height of 1,950 metres: Camping Arolla. This is located in the canton of the Valais and, thanks to its beautiful mountain panorama, is an ideal destination for hikers, mountain climbers and mountain bikers. From June to September, visitors can enjoy the spectacular glacier view, and pitch their tents on the campsite in the middle of nature. Whoever prefers more exclusive camping can stay in one of the luxury tents, where you can find not only cosy beds, but also a wood-burning stove and a few kitchen utensils.

The highest campsite in Switzerland: Camping Arolla

Camp at the foot of a glacier: Camping des Glaciers

Camping des Glaciers is situated 1,600 metres above sea level. This is an idyllic campsite right at the foot of the Dolent massif and its glaciers. Particularly the calm location draws new holidaymakers every year who are looking to take a break in the unique Alpine landscape. The region truly lives up to its name of “Little Canada”. When temperatures rise, the cool glacier brook that flows past the campsite is a great place to cool off. In addition, this picturesque mountain world is the perfect place for passionate climbers. Are you with a group? How about a wonderful photo T-Shirt?

Camping Morteratsch – ideal for winter sports enthusiasts

Can you only camp in the warm months? Camping Morteratsch in the Grisons proves that this isn’t the case. In the midst of an Alpine landscape, the campsite is also a wonderfully calming oasis during the cold months. When the snow-covered mountainscape glitters in white and the two mountain lakes are frozen over at Camping Morteratsch, this is a wonderful place for winter sports enthusiasts to take a break. Whether you’re passionate about skiing, cross-country skiing, sledding, snowkiting or ice-skating, we guarantee you’ll never get bored here. Completely in harmony with nature, the campsite also highly values sustainability.

Camping in the city: Our top 3

Many people regard spending time in nature as the epitome of rest and relaxation. But, if you still want to enjoy the hustle and bustle of city life, you can take a city trip with a camper van or caravan. In Switzerland, too, there are some beautiful campsites in many towns, most of which are located a little outside of the downtown area. However, with public transport, downtown is never far away, and you can still enjoy the energy and atmosphere of city life. And it’s just as easy to return to your cosy retreat in nature.

Fischer’s Fritz campsite in Zurich

Fischer’s Fritz campsite on Lake Zurich is just 10 minutes from downtown Zurich, and is a great place to kick back and relax. What makes this place so special is its typical maritime atmosphere, and particularly the spots on the shore of the lake really get you in the holiday mood. Passionate athletes can try their hand at wakeboarding or stand-up paddleboarding. The perfect way to end a long day in the sun is by dining at the campsite’s own restaurant. Every day, they serve fresh fish, which has been caught in Lake Zurich.

TCS Camping Genève-Vésenaz in Geneva

TCS Camping Genève-Vésenaz is also located right on the shore of Lake Geneva, and scores points for its amazing view of the city of Geneva, which is only about four miles from the campsite. Relax in the sun on the beautiful cosy meadow. But, if you want more action, you can find wonderful hiking and mountain biking trails around the campsite. Of course, you shouldn’t miss taking a short trip to downtown Geneva, which boasts a whole host of unique sights and great restaurants.

TCS Camping Bern-Eymatt in Berne

TCS Camping Bern-Eymatt is located near Berne, along the Aare tributary. The Aare is the longest river that rises and ends entirely in Switzerland, and is renowned for its beautifully idyllic nature landscape. You can explore this on one of the many hiking trails around the campsite. Or you can rent a stand-up paddleboard at the campsite, and explore the surroundings from a completely different perspective. Whoever wants to get to know the city of Berne with all its facettes and history can take a direct bus ride from the campsite to the old town and explore the pretty alleys with nice shops as well as restaurants and cafés.

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