Eco-Friendly Christmas Gift Ideas

Our Best Ideas for Eco-Friendly Christmas Gifts

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important topic for lots of people. More and more people want to adopt a more environmentally friendly approach to all aspects of everyday life. This will help stop climate change and also help to prevent us living in a throwaway society. This also especially applies to Christmas time. Gone are the days when people simply gave presents for the sake of giving presents. Gifts should be meaningful and personal and have as little impact on the environment as possible. At ifolor, we offer a whole range of environmentally friendly Christmas gifts, which are perfect for your family and friends.

Tips on how to choose sustainable gifts.

Eco-friendly Christmas Gifts from ifolor

ifolor is aware of its responsibility to protect and preserve the environment. We try and incorporate environmentally friendly business operations from the product development phase all the way through until the end product is finished. We don't think it's a trend for customers to shop more consciously and sustainably, but rather something that should become the norm. With our photo products, we stand for long-lasting quality and endeavour to make the entire production process as environmentally friendly as possible. We also strive to minimise our environmental impact as far as economically and technically possible. Our business operations are climate-neutral and most of our photo products are produced in Switzerland. Here are our best ideas for eco-friendly Christmas gifts:

Eco-Friendly T-shirts as a Christmas Gift

How about an individually designed T-shirt with a photo of your child for a proud grandparent? Or your best memories from your last city break with the girls, for your best friend? Or a great photo of your pet? Our high-quality photo T-shirts not only look fabulous thanks to our first class print quality, but they are also sustainable. The Swiss brand Switcher is known for its fair and environmentally friendly production and the product quality is also first class. Thanks to the 170 g/m2 organic cotton, the T-shirt is particularly durable and you or the person receiving the gift will be able to wear it time and time again. Did you know that organic cotton is not only produced without harmful chemicals, but also requires significantly less water than conventional cotton?

A personalised T-shirt is a very special Christmas gift. You can personalise it and bring a smile to your loved one’s face. You can wear the T-shirt with your favourite photo, which means that this type of gift is also very useful. It is available in seven different sizes for men and women (XS to 3XL) as well as six different sizes for children.

Eco-friendly and Minimalist Gift: a Desk Calendar with a Wooden Stand

An elegant desk calendar with a wooden stand is perfect for anyone that leads a minimalist lifestyle. You can get creative and choose a photo for each month of the year. In addition, you can individually design the cover page and choose between different layouts. This is a wonderful gift for a loved one who would like to look back on all the fantastic memories from the previous year. This gift is ideal for your best friend, partner, parents or grandparents. Everyone likes to reminisce and look back on fond memories. Our desk calendar also looks great on a kitchen table. You can look at your calendar every morning whilst having a cup of tea or coffee and reminisce about all your amazing memories. You could also put your calendar on a coffee table or sideboard. Our desk calendar not only looks fantastic, but it is also extremely environmentally friendly which makes it the perfect gift for Christmas. The wooden base is made from European oak wood, which is characterised by its durability, and the cards are made from wood-free natural paper. For our desk calendar we have dispensed with plastic and a spiral binding. In addition, you can also order your desk calendar without a wooden base. This gift will put a smile on your loved one’s face next year with 12 new monthly cards featuring the highlights of the past year that they can enjoy looking back on.

Decorative Poster Hanger Ideal for a Living Room

A snapshot of a fond memory for your grandparents, a great portrait or an unforgettable holiday photo of you and your best friend or partner, these are just a few photo ideas for your individual poster hanger. This is a fabulous gift for anyone who would like to have a decorative element with their favourite photo. This product is also environmentally friendly. The wooden strips are made of durable solid wood, which means the recipient can enjoy their gift for many years. The lime and oak wood used, comes from European forests and was manufactured in the EU. Part of the production of the poster takes place in Switzerland. The poster hanger is available in three colours and it will bring a modern touch to your living room, bedroom, children's room or office. The person receiving the gift will not only have their favourite picture in a stylish wooden poster hanger, but they can also choose to change the picture. This makes the poster hanger a perfect gift, as you can give your parents, partner or your best friend a new poster with the highlights of the past year, every year.

Bestseller: Our Eco-Friendly Wall Calendar

Our wall calendar is our bestseller and an all-round favourite Christmas gift. The plastic cover sheet was replaced by a thicker cover sheet around two years ago. This means that our calendars are now completely plastic-free. Wall calendars are very handy, thus they are a fantastic gift for anyone. They are great for looking back on the past year and are guaranteed to bring a smile to your loved one’s face. Christmas is all about spending time together with your loved ones and there is no better way to celebrate this than by reminiscing together. You can get creative with your wall calendar and choose between different formats and sizes. Various layout templates help you to create an unforgettable gift with all the highlights of the past year. You can also individually design your calendar with a specific theme, such as a recipe calendar with healthy, delicious recipes or a calendar with all the monthly highlights from your baby’s first year. In addition, you can also choose which month the calendar should start with.

Decorate Your Desk with an Environmentally Friendly Photo Flip

Do you want something that is timeless, decorative and will put a smile on your face all year round? Have you got several favourite photos? If so, our photo flip is a great choice! In April 2022, the previous plastic stand for the photo flip was replaced by an environmentally friendly cardboard stand. The plastic cover was also replaced with transparent paper. For your photo flip, you need to choose 25 full-page photos and can design them creatively with captions, funny comments or inspiring quotes. A photo flip is perfect for family photos for parents or grandparents, unforgettable memories with your best friend, idyllic landscape shots and adventurous holiday memories for your travelling companion or adorable baby photos. Our photo flip will allow you to reminisce about all the great times you’ve had with family and friends. It’s also the perfect decorative element to add a personal touch to your desk or living room.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?

ifolor is a carbon neutral business. This means that we accurately keep track of the consumption required to manufacture our products and offset the calculated emissions by supporting two climate change projects. In recent years, we have also set ourselves the task of halving our CO₂ emissions caused by waste, chemicals, business trips and electricity consumption during production. The good news is that we have been successful! In the coming years, these emissions are to be continuously reduced. We have had our CO₂ management audited by an independent organisation, Swiss Climate AG, and have been certified as ‘CO₂ neutral’ every year since 2012 and in 2022 for the 11th time. The projects we support are ‘Energy-efficient cookers in Ghana’ and ‘Forest conservation in the Congo Basin’. The energy-efficient cookers in Ghana reduce health risks, create jobs, reduce greenhouse gases, protect forests and biodiversity and massively reduce the consumption of firewood. Supporting the Congo Basin project provides the local population and a variety of rare and endangered animals and plant species with a sustainable livelihood and prevents the destruction of the rainforest in the centre of the Democratic Republic of Congo.



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