The Ifolor Square Prints as an eye-catcher for a slightly different photo wall
Preserve holiday memories in a retro look

Preserve your memories in a retro look

Your most wonderful moments on holiday for that holiday feeling every day

Who isn’t familiar with this? The holidays are over, school and the working week is starting again and everyday life already has us in its grip. We quickly forget the precious moments with our loved ones, the delicious food and all the wonderful intentions of integrating a feeling of freedom into our life.

Small moments can be preserved from your holiday with square and retro prints. Letting our memories of this wonderful time out last longer – and perhaps allowing us to take a break for a moment and dream. The little photos can be ordered quickly, if you like you can even place your order on the way home. So that the precious photos from your holiday don’t just gather dust on your computer hard drive again!

An eye-catcher and the arrangement are important

Instead of leaving them in the pretty package, you can put your prints on the wall so you can visualise your holiday memories too. Here are a few tips to get the maximum effect out of the 24 photos:

1. The photos should go well with each other: Whether it’s a summer holiday on the beach, hiking holidays in the mountains or a short break with relatives – all these wonderful moments are worth capturing. Simply make sure that the photos go well together and are not too busy.

2. How the 24 prints are arranged is important: It’s best to lay out the photos on the floor first and group them how you like them best. This could be, for example, in groups of 8 or 6, or you could create one big picture using 4 x 6 photos.

3. You need an eye-catcher: You can integrate one or more eye-catchers so that the photos don’t just become one mass. Here it’s flowers in test tubes. But it could also be aerial roots (that you spray with water from time to time) or little souvenirs from the holiday.

The Square Prints can be arranged and sorted together with flowers in any order.
Flowers in a test tube are a perfect match for Square Prints by ifolor

Prepare and fill the test tubes

You can buy test tubes in various sizes online, I like the classic, thin tubes. So that I can fix them on the wall, I wrap a lovely ribbon around the test tubes and tie it tight at the top. You can also quickly fix the ribbon to the back of the test tube using a bit of strong glue, to make sure that nothing slips. As soon as you know how you want to arrange the pictures, you can fix them to the wall together with the test tubes. I use self-adhesive, removable adhesive strips for the photos and really small nails for the test tubes. You can of course play with the choice of flowers: olive branches, white cloves, pink roses and fragrant lavender go well with my photos from the South of France.

The Square Prints from Ifolor are delivered in a pretty box with a cactus motif.
Thanks to the pretty packaging, the Square Prints also make a good gift. The packaging design may differ from the design shown.

More ideas for a flower wall with beautiful prints

When I look at my photos now, I instantly remember the warm and earthy scent in the South of France. The delicious treats I discovered at a little bakery in Uzès. The produce I bought on the market and cooking with the fresh ingredients. Then in my mind I’m wandering through the narrow, old lanes again. And listening to the children laughing by the pool, when there’s really loud splashes as they jump in.

There are of course lots more wonderful moments in life you want to capture. This kind of arrangement can also be made with photos of a christening. Or to remember your own wedding day. You can also compile the funniest and most beautiful family pictures in this kind of gallery. Or capture a newborn’s first moments and then give the photos to the new parents.

The pictures can be stored wonderfully in a pretty box. As a result, you can relive the memories once again later on, perhaps combined in a different way.


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