• Photo gift wrapping paper

    Photo gift wrapping paper

    Double the joy when giving gifts

    Make unwrapping an experience and wrap your gifts in a personal photo. We show you how.

    Wrapping a gift is a philosophy. The choice of paper and decoration is already supposed to demonstrate what the person giving the gift was thinking when selecting the gift. On the other hand, gift wrap is expensive and not exactly environmentally friendly, if it is only used once.

    Many people are therefore turning their backs on standard wrapping and looking for high-quality magazine or newspaper pages as an alternative. However, there is an even more exclusive and personal option: choose a photo motif that links you to the person you are giving the gift to and create a photo poster with it. The paper and formats from ifolor are ideal for wrapping small (30 x 40 centimetres) and large (50 x 70 centimetres) gifts.

    To really show off the gift wrap to the full it is important to choose a design template with just one photo placeholder. This should be one single large motif. One alternative that requires a bit more planning when choosing and editing the photo though, is several motifs that are gradually revealed as they unwrap the gift. As a result, a story can be told using a photo poster, for example of a holiday together. Making the unwrapping a gift too.

    Photo gift wrapping paper

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