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The Photo Bookmark

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Not just for bookworms

Books are still among the most popular gifts. To give the present a personal touch, use these individual bookmarks – because what could be better when reading than having a beloved person there as a bookmark? It could be your grandma, aunt or best friend from kindergarten that will be putting it in their picture book, these bookmarks are a beautiful surprise – and they are very quick and simple to make.

DIY photo bookmark

Alels für das Foto-Lesezeichen: Fotos, Sprühkleber, Faden, Schere

1. Photograph the model

Photograph the person who is to be depicted on the bookmark while they are stretching one or both arms up into the air – this is important for the small ribbon to be glued onto the bookmark later. Photos in which children are shown leaping are especially suitable.

2. Print it

Now get the photo printed as a photo poster in the 30x40 cm format. This format is particularly suitable, because this way you can get several photos – which have been copied next to each other with an image-processing program – printed on one poster at the same time. If you do not have any kind of image-processing software, you can of course have the motif developed as a photo. Both products are printed on very high-quality premium photo paper, which is easy to work with. It is recommended that the person on the photo is depicted between 7 and 12 centimetres high – this way the bookmark will fit perfectly into any book.

3. Material needed

The only materials that you will need are:

  • the already printed photo poster or photos
  • scissors
  • glue (spray adhesive is best)
  • white cards
  • a little ribbon and
  • perhaps beads for decoration.
Foto-Lesezeichen - Vorlage zuschneiden

4. Prepare the template

Use the scissors to cut out the rough outline of the depicted person. Spray the back of the picture evenly with glue.
Fotolesezeichen - Vorlage aufkleben

5. Glue the template

Now fasten the small ribbon, a piece about 20 cm long, between the bookmark motif and the cards.
Foto-Lesezeichen - Vorlage zuschneiden

6.Tailor the template

Then cut carefully around the contours of the bookmark motif using the scissors. The thread is fastened between the photo and cards so that it sticks out at the top of one of the hands.
Fotolesezeichen - Vorlage aufkleben

7. Decorate the ribbon

Finally, thread some pearls onto the small ribbon – your personalized bookmark is ready!

About the author

Julia Marre is a features section editor with a penchant for photography and design. She writes the Kommando Karottenbrei blog.
She plays around with photo products for ifolor and writes about these DIY projects and self-styled gifts.

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