Create your own menu cards

Your own menu cards

More than photo greeting cards: your own impressive menu cards

Cooking for friends can be very enjoyable –- especially if it's something you're good at. Apart from the food and the good conversation, to make sure an evening is remembered a little longer, you can also give your friends something to take home with them: an individual menu or place card.

Self designed menu cards are an impressive start when your guests take their seats at the table. They also mean there is something to admire straight away and something to talk about while you might be getting the drinks or making a quick trip to the kitchen.

On the front of the menu card you can add an attractive photo, and on the reverse side, the order of courses, an appropriate saying or something hand written. This means every guest can take their memories of a special evening back home with them.

Your own menu cards

Which template?

Use the maxi card from ifolor for the menu card and cut it round and to size according to the size of the dinner plate. The single greetings card is also suitable for this purpose. It is available with a fold either on the long or the short side. Folding on the short side provides an attractive panorama format. This card is also great to send as an invitation. The single greetings card with the fold on the long side is also great as a wine or drinks menu.

The folded greetings card, square is ideal for encasing the serviette and cutlery. To do this, stick together the side which is opposite the fold.

Your own menu cards

Individual for each person - special for all

Many pictures are gathered over the course of long friendships. In this way you can create a personal card in the form of a collage for every guest.

From the numerous design templates at it is possible find the exact design that best suits the corresponding person. Whether it's something simple or loud and colourful - you have to be creative, as you know your guests the best. Lettering, such as quotes for instance, are great when positioned under photos.

And if you don't necessarily want things to be so individual (you have to fit in your cooking after all): a discount is also available on the ifolor maxicards if you buy several copies of just one card.


There is space for the guest's name on the envelope so that they can find their place at the table. This means your personal gift to your guests remains a secret - but only until the food begins, since you can present the order of courses on the flip side of the card. This is also very easy as the flip side and interior sides of the ifolor greetings cards can be printed on with text.

Just a couple of clicks

It is child's play - and your creativity is what makes it so great: you choose the photo, decide on a card and a design, upload your photos and in a few clicks, can design a personal, individual greetings card.

Your own menu cards

Try it out!

Ideal for a dinner with your friends: the maxi card or the folded maxicard.

The ifolor maxicards are available from one copy upwards and each come with an elegant white envelope.


Your individual photo greetings will be delivered to you just a few days after you make your order. You can then give your cards that final polish and provide them with a personal message, as the ifolor photo greetings cards can also be hand-written on.

The only thing that needs to work now is your food! You have now ensured a lasting impression. Bon appetit!

P.S. If you would like to say thanks your an invitation, send a greeting card! It is certain to be remembered longer than an email. And you'll be sure to get an invitation to the next dinner party as well ...

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